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    I'd like to ask if there is an block/cover which allows you to check how full a batterybuffer is? Id like to check if a batterybuffer with max batterys inside is full, so it would emit a redstone signal (max strength of 16 if full ; 15 and lower if only partially filled, 0 when empty). I tried the Energy detector cover, but it seems to only consider its internal storage and not the batterys inside it.

    It is aproxamitly every 5h or so sometimes 11h and sometimes 3h and its in diffrent bases so that should be okay
    I was just curious, I ignored it along time but today I was wondering again and decided to ask :D
    thanks for the quick answer :)

    I just got a little question:
    I got this message and wondered about it a long time , now's the time to ask :D

    ~120 ms for each block is way to much so I dont really understand how that impacts on server performance, everything above 50ms is lag the client will notice but what does the ~120 ms in this message tell me about each of those blocks? and is that something we should take a look at?

    I got some thingys for you :) with 5.07.07 here is our mod and version list if that helps/is necesarry (just for informations sake^^)

    There is an AE2 one and an ThermalFoundation one in there, that seems strange to me so I dont know how relaible that is (because I think that would have already been reported, I dont have Thermal Expansion, just Thermal Foundation for Redstone Arsenal)

    I've got a question concerning Minetweaker and Gregtech:
    Basically i want to add a recipe which takes 2 plates and 1 Extruder shape(Gear)/mold(Gear) and make a Gear out of it, but when i use minetweaker, the shape/mold gets used too in the process.
    I would like to know how you(Greg) made it so the mold/shape doesnt get consumed? just like the gregtech recipes. Is that even possible with minetweaker or is it something in your code?
    would be nice to get that working :D

    I never used the simple Solar Boiler, usually the Small Coal Boiler at the beginning, but I wanted to try the simple solar boiler this time.
    When I set it up, It took quite some time till it heated up to 100°. Is there something I need to do that it heats up faster?
    And how much steam does it produce when it is at full heat? does someone know? if is is decent I think sleeping away the night would be a good compromise :D
    Would be nice to know how you guys start out in Gregtech 5. Otherwise Im just going to use the Small Coal boiler for the first few days.

    Greets xF4m3

    ComputerCraft (with OpenComputer items)

    Steves Factory Manager

    Forestry Extras Easy Sticks/Rods removed

    I also removed some ore dictionary items, like tinkers aluminum and gregtechs aluminium, aswell as removing steel from railcraft being interchangable with Gregtech, those are mostly just to fit our modpack :)

    It is not the problem that I can't :) im just very busy managing a modpack and a server (with a friend of mine) :) I already twaeaked a lot of recipes, its not that I don't know how, it is just that my time is very limited (I also am in my exam phase so ...yeah limited time)
    I just thought that maybe someone has time (and fun doing it) to modify Resonant Induction :)

    I just gave up about the soldering iron at the moment.
    Maybe greg needs to add a new metaitem to fuel the soldering iron and that is complicated?

    Anyways, you don't need a buffer under every machine, adding a matching battery to their battery slot is enough to serve as buffer.

    ok never thought nabout putting a battery in there xDD mhh ok I could try that (maybe when im In Endgame and i don't have anything better to do I will put a buffer under everything ^^hehe)
    I have never found any naquada yet ;( so no naquada reactor for me I guess
    @Soldering: yeah could be, we will see :)

    Fusion will come back once Greg feels like doing it. Asking for it may or may not impact on it, positively or negatively, who knows.


    ULV (8V) : Tantalum Capacitor
    EV (2048V) : IC² lapotron crystal (You can use IC² batteries on GT battery buffers, so for HV you can use the energy crystal aswell, for example)
    IV (8192V) : Lapotronic orb
    ZPM (131kV) : Zero Point Module (this is not really a battery, but a "generator")

    Okay thank you :) still thinking if I want to talk about the fusions xD
    I have a feelling mentioning it too often is ...well you know :D mhh ok gonna think over that
    ok so upgrading to 2048 was a good thing then xD not gonna upgrade to ZPM then, haven't found one yet so probobly not a good Idea (I want a buffer under every machine)
    Also something I am curious about for quite a while, what is with the soldering iron, I don't think it would be to hard to implement one so are there any ideas maybe on what to do with it, maybe changing to something else or things it should do aswell? I don't need it , just curious :)

    One doesn't.
    At least not until we have the fusion reactor back.
    We have "material" Plasma for nearly everything, don't we?

    Tell me...please tell me... is the fusion already in the making? or is it down on the list? (I assume that this is not an easy machine/multiblock to make).
    Also are there any plans for some battery? 2048 and up? ore are there already 2048 batterys I don't know about? :)