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    OpenComputers have GT recipes on the mod itself, its a config option. Same for computronics (adds compat for OC and GT and some other misc stuff that is very interesting).

    Yeah I've read about that already,but I can't seem to find that option (Im probobly just blind, gonna check tomorrow (already sleepy right now))
    computronics looks quite interesting, gonna take a look at that :) thanks for the suggestion

    I am removing the IC2 Cables and Energy storages , so you need to use Gregtechs power transportation/storages:
    because I am removing the cables, I also need to change the recipes for the following items:
    Advanced RE-Battery(IC2), OV Scanner(IC2), OD Scanner(IC2),Range Trigger (NC),Advanced Information Panel(NC), Small Power Unit (IC2), Cropnalyzer(IC2), Coil (IC2), Text Card(NC), Color Upgrade(NC), Single-Use Battery(IC2), Advanced Miner(IC2), Overclocker Upgrade(IC2), Range Upgrade(NC), Tesla Coil(IC2), Electric Jetpack(IC2), Molecular Transformer(ASP), Carriage Translocator(RiM)(caution, crash when looking at it in NEI don't hover over the recipe output(the translocator itself)), Web Upgrade(NC), Pneumatic Generator(PC), Electric Compressor(PC), Teleporter(IC2), Lapotron Loader Upgrade(RC), Energy Counter(NC) and finally the Average Counter(NC)

    Feel free to make some suggestions, I also got some so maybe I'm going to combine some (singel items I should use in certain recipes, can also be helpful :thumbsup: )

    By the way :

    To be honest, I was not expecting the resource pack to work that well...! Especially given the fact it's far from being some kind of higher res textures or anything.
    My thanks to people who spread the word.

    I don't think that the resolution is that important, what is most important (atleast to me) that the textures look good, but most texturepacks don't really apeal to me when having low resolutions(they just don't look good)
    but I really like your textures, even though they don't have high resolution, they still look really great
    So keep up the good work :)
    I got one thing I don't really like in this pack and that are the ores, but other than that everything looks really good (maybe you could change them somethime in the future)

    No it doesn't , normally it shouldn't take more than 10-15 minutes (6 for me) but this is completly dependent from your hardware
    How much memory do you have? You need atleast 2GB of RAM to start (top right Gear on the Launcher under the memory tab)
    If you can't select 2 GB , you either have to install Java 7 64 bit or you may not have enough ram inside your Pc

    I'm not familiar with this mod, but I am going to look what it does and how much tweaking it needs :), already busy updating this weekend
    don't know how long it takes :)
    Your are free to give suggestions on what to teak and maybe how if you got good ideas (It should fit what the item does, so if something pumps items, like a pipe, please don't use something like iron bars xDD I think you know what I mean (bad example but I think you get the gist of it))

    Edit: This does look quite Interessting, but that sure is alot of work..ALOT^^ gonna ask in this Thread, don't know if someone will do somehting this big, but asking is nothing bad :thumbsup: balancing this out seems pretty hard, I mean you can quadruple your ores in mid to end game, and you can double it right of the bat

    Okay guys, you don't seem to have anything todo, so how about playing our modpack? :thumbsup:
    this conversations/discussions are not going to result in anything but upset people, so why bother with it?

    Nah I don't want people which complain about stupid this, so don't want these kind on my server :) everyone else is fine, so make me happy and join our server :)

    If my posts (by any chance) are getting on the nerfes of moderators, just say it :)
    I hope we can talk about more important stuff now :whistling:

    Edit: jup you are right Cell^^ so talking about this mdpack to make it more popular i guess?

    Hey Pyrolusite, I really like your Textures for IC2 and Gregtech and a few of my friends and people on the Server also really like it. :thumbsup: Keep up the good work.
    So I am going to put the Gregtech / IC2 textures inside the modpack itself, just wanted to let you know.
    And while im at it, this is our Modpack

    Greets from Germany

    I found on a old wiki, that the OV scanner scan 9x9 blocks around the player. Is that still true? Because I was standing in exact center of 12x12 area actually, at level 40, and the OV scanner still showed some bauxite and aluminium ore, which it shouldn't since that ores spawn at minimum level 50. So my guess is that it scans further than 9x9.

    the OV scanner does a 12m radius from the block you are standing on , so a 25 diameter horizontal,13 between the highest block(including the highest, but excluding the one you are standing on) and the one you are standing on, and 11 blocks down(including the lowest block , but excluding the block you are standing on), resulting in a 25x25x25 cube around the block above the one you are standing on aka a 12 block radius around the block your feet are, not the one you are standing on, for the OD scanner it is a 6 block radius around your feet block(again, not the one you are standing one, one above that) resulting in a 13x13x13 cube around it. (tested on IC2 650,gt 5.05.13)


    You can actually reenable loss, that's new in 1.7 , but it's still experimental :P

    dunno about you, but I rather turn it off :) I think the Gregtech system is way more difficult, so for my preference and our modpack I am going to disable and modify the recipes :) (the IC2 once of course)
    but thanks for the info :thumbsup: