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    I got a little problem here, we updated to Gregtech 5.05.12 the other day and we are using Minetweaker and modtweaker with it, but when I try to reload the scripts (or without scripts doesnt matter) I get a error in the console. Also when someone joins the server once everything works fine, but if he disconnects and joins a second time he cant join an get the following message(I haven't tried that on my own, thats what I was told by our admins/players) :

    [Server thread/ERROR]: Skipping event FMLServerAboutToStartEvent and marking errored mod ModTweaker since required dependency MineTweaker3 has errored
    [Server thread/ERROR]: Fatal errors were detected during the transition from AVAILABLE to SERVER_ABOUT_TO_START. Loading cannot continue
    restarting the client and then joining the server again works, its not a error which is very serious but it sure is annoying

    (this one I teste myself, and I think thats the issue from which the other occures):
    when i remove gregtech 5.05.12 the error vanishes, but when I just put IC2, gregtech, modtweaker and minetweaker inside the mdos folder, the error also doesn't occure anymore.
    using gregtech 5.05.10 we didn't have this issue, so my first guess would be that the error lies within gregtech conflicting with something it didn't do before.
    I would be grateful if someone could help me to resolve this error :)
    I tried upgrading/downgrading minetweaker and modtweaker but that didn't had any effect

    minetweaker reload error

    Edit1: Ok thats strange, I put the 5.05.10 file in isnt working now, maybe after all thats not the real cause.... damn ok gonna check on that

    Maybe it's just not what he wants to do with his mod, I can understand him a little bit, I mean he is doing the work so he can deside what he likes and put it in to his liking , i wouldn't be any diffrent in that matter. I also only use things in my modpack that I like myself and I change the recipes to my liking, not the other ones which play with me. They only give me ideas what may be changed and if i like it I change it/add it and if I don't like it I don't put it in :) (because i am the only one making/adjusting the pack(everyone working on it has more power on what to put in and we would have to debate/discuss it))

    Edit: did he already say that he doesn't add it? Don't remember reading that

    okay somehow that did not work for me, I used:
    import mods.railcraft.BlastFurnace;
    I also tried :
    mods.railcraft.BlastFurnace.removeRecipe(<Railcraft:ingot:0>); but didn't work either
    I used this with and without the import line but after reloading I still can make steel in the blast furnace, is there anothe rplace for the modtweaker config/script?

    ohh yeah I think that helps, the problem is I can't remove blast furnace which already exist so I also need to remove the recipe inside it :) thanks gonna try that then :)

    yeah thats what i want, I like the progression through gregtech alot. i think it balanced the game quite well and you don't get into the endgame to fast.
    I think I am going to disable the blast furnace, but if someone knows a better solution(don't think so, but its worth asking) im gladly gonna accept it/try it
    its not about wanting to have 2 types of steel, i dont want people which want to use railcraft needing to make a blast furnace but i also don't want people to be able to skip the bronze blast frunace/electric blast furnace but i guess there is no other choice.

    Edit: can I remove the recipe for steel/items inside the railcraft blast furnace ? and if how exactly do I do it :)

    I have a little problem that someone here might be able to solve:
    My problem is that you are able to put railcraft steel ingot/nuggets etc. into gregtech machines and take them back out (without processing) and get gregtech steel (machine ore unification, i believe) so i removed all entrys for steel except for gregtech from the ore dict, so gregtech steel is the only steel oredict but I can still change railcraft steel to gregtech steel via the machine like mentioned above.
    gregtech steel should be only obtainable by using a blastfurnace from gregtech
    Basically I just want gregtech steel to be cut of from other mods steel which is easy to aquire without removing their items (railcaft blast furnace for example).
    I hope someone can help me with this :)

    I think i just want to be on the EV site too :)
    just noticed what i need for advanced circuits now xDD I thought "he said nerf...I don't think it doesn't mean the same to him than to me xDD" but I do quite like that change even though it takes a while :D
    Still waiting and hoping for the fusion :)
    If you want to answer Greg go ahead if not..well its up to my imagination then xD: Did you start with the fusion and what do your plans for it look like :)
    pretty sure its up to me i think, but you never know until you ask :thumbsup:

    Hey GregoriusT, I want to thank you for beeing such an amazing modder, leting other people use your mod in modpacks and your prizeless work for the community of modded minecraft! I allways was a fan of Industrialcraft, starting when Industrialcraft 1 for 1.7.3 beta was released nd started playing with Gregtech since FTB Ultimate. Keep up with your amazing work!

    Ich möchte mich mitunter gleich mal für mein schlechtes Englisch entschuldigen... Kannst ja ahnen aus welchen Land ich komme :D
    [Text above means "Sorry for my bad english"]

    there is only one country in which the gramatik is so damn hard, stupid and it's words are so diffrent from all other languages....und ich wohn hier...verdammt 8o

    Are you sure you dont need initial magntic rod for first polarizer / first steam turbine? Because having hand recipe has some purpose. I think you will need some to do that way, so blocking it makes no sense :P
    BTW. Why to block it, when it is really EXPENSIVE recipe compared to machined one?

    Yes i am pretty sure, you need some tin wire,steel plates a bit of rubber and iron rods(normal ones) so no magnetic iron required, i think its kore about the diffrent steps you need to make and not the material cost in the first place, i personally think something is harder to make if it needs more steps and not about making it just more expensive resource wise, thats why i disabled the one with redstone :)

    you can get magnetic iron/stuff made of iron/steel/itc by processing it in polarizer, not by fiding one in world
    therefore it should not be spawning in the world

    yeah i know that, but somehow I thought I needed a motor for the polarizer :) should have looked that up first I guess
    but then the recipe for making magnetic iron with 4 redstone + iron rod is totally useless (in my opinion) and makes the polarizer pretty much not needed right?I thought I read something about magnetic iron ore spawning and the redstone recipe was only for worlds that were already rendered/borderd I just disabled it now on our modpack :)
    thanks for the info^^

    ohh ok that sounds pretty interessting then :) ok that got my hopes up a little^^
    and a little question on the magnetic iron rod, does magnetic iron spawn atm? i mean in 5.05.03? if yes, is it intended for worlds that generate the magnetic iron to have the 4xredstone+iron rod recipe to exist? if it is only for worlds without magnetic generation(because they are to old) i would disable that via minetweaker for our server :)

    Does someone know how the nuclear reactor in ic2 works in 1.7.10? the last time I used one was in 1.6.4 or 1.5.2 , not sure which one it was
    I found some things about 5x5x5 nuclear vessels around the 6 chamber reactor and something about heating up fluid to produce steam. I could need a tutorial which explains how it does work in the 1.7.10 version.
    Is there a working ic2 1.7.10 reactor planner?
    what I've read about it so far, looks like it is not really worth making one, or did the Output rise?

    Greets xF4m3

    Does anyone know why Greg Changed ores to tile enteties? Im kind of curiouse on that :D
    My best guess was that it is easier to change the ore spawns to what it is now (I'm no programmer so I don't know if this even makes sense)
    im done trying to figure it out :wacko:…p/Main/AppliedPhlebotinum

    Basically a cliche plot device. See also Unobtainium :P

    Ahh ok cool :D thank you

    Another Question, again about the OV/OD scanner and miner's:
    I have ic2 640 now with gt 5.04.02 installed and when I trie to add the gt ores to the ic2.ini config it doens want to accept it and doesnt even initialize the game. Are they now accepted without adding them to the config? or is my edit in the config wrong, I tried: (1017 are the gregtech ore id's for me, and meta id 32 is iron ore)
    1017@* ; 1017:32 ; gregtech:gt.blockores@* ; gregtech:gt.blockores:32 I even tried to add the <> around the one's before but all 8 things didn't work, Id didn't want to start

    does anyone know what im doing wrong? or how it is supposed to be? or look like? :)

    that would be a big help :D