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    * IC2
    - Removed renaming of items.
    - Returned default GT reactor, reactor chamber, reactor hatch and crop harvester recipes.
    - Added back cropmatron recipe
    - Fixed coolant recipes
    - Fixed dusts recipes (+added few)
    - Small fixes (yes, I add this everytime)
    - Added recipe for IHL Transmitter thingy
    - Returned Miner recipe
    - Tweaked Advanced Machine Casing recipe.
    - Tweaked Drills recipes.

    * Gravisuite
    - Small Advanced Drill tweak.

    * Railcraft
    - Handcraft now uses wood plates instead of oak planks

    Forestry config changelog:
    - Fertilizer now lasts 2,5 longer in farm.
    - Buffed a bit biomass yield.
    - Buffed mulch yield from fruits.
    - Lowered a bit energy consumption by all machines.

    Script changelog:
    * IC2
    - Nanoarmor is fixed and now cheaper (MV)
    - Added more efficient Implosion Compressor recipes for Carbon Plates and Advanced Alloy Plate.
    - Lapotron crystal is fixed.
    - Small fixes.

    * Applied Energistics 2
    - Now you can use pure certus quartz in recipes where normal certus quartz was required (the most notable - 1K Cell Component)

    * ExtraCells 2
    - Made 1, 4 and 16k Fluid Components cheaper (they require different processors now)

    * Railcraft
    -Added assembler recipe to most of the machines. (most of them are cheaper)
    - Anchors are now requiring ender eye lens instead of just endereye.
    - Small fixes.

    Next RC machines were added to assembler:
    - Wire Frame Support
    - Steam Oven
    - Water Tank
    - Steam Turbine Housing
    - Smoker
    - Iron Tank and Steel Tank parts
    - Liquid and Solid Fueled Boiler Firebox
    - Low and High Pressure Boiler Tank
    - Engines

    Fixed Gauge recipe - new RC script is here:
    Fixed GregTech shutter module recipe (not my fault) - new IC2 script is here:

    We have multiple ways to store liquids - Quantum Tanks, RailCraft Tanks and ExtraCells are the most notable of it.
    About ExtaCells - it's hard to decide which material is fitting in here.
    Don't forget about the fact, that you can make industrial diamonds.
    Titanium is truly hard to get and might be an overkill;
    So I suggest for players to chose the most right one in their opinion.

    Just don't forget that ExtraCells are supposed to use different material from AE thus stainless steel is not the best option, but still aceptable.
    - Stainless steel - as said previously
    - Tungsten Carbide - easy to get, very energy hungry.
    - Vanadium Steel - easier than stainless.
    - HSLA Steel - not fitting, complex
    - Blue/Red Steel - too complex
    - Titanium - eh.

    Also, quartz will be unified.

    Current GregTech script (big credit to DreamMaster) (not on server yet):
    - Replaces normal furnace with iron furnace in some of recipes (such as EBF, MultiSmelter, Steam Boiler)
    - Changes hand-crafting of small gear - it's more pricey (2 rods and one plate).
    - Little tweak of brewery.
    - Implosion Compressor needs reinforced stone.
    - Small tweak of pumps (in-world).
    - Tweak of RTG pellet.
    - New recipes for Saltpeter.
    - Tweaked extruder recipe.
    - Tweak of field generators and quantum storages (all tiers)
    - Small tweak of EV and IV emitters.
    - Tweaked UV machine hull recipe/
    - New recipes for Diamond Sawblade, Diamond Grinding Head and Tungsten Grinding Head.
    - More craftable and usable alloys - Osmiridium, Shadow Iron (+steel), Damascus steel, Magnalium (tweaked recipe) etc.
    - HandCraft: Turning wood into wood pulp, glass into glass dust, salt ore into salt dust, flour.
    - Recipe for sealed wood handcraft.
    - Long rods craft.
    - Temporary removed craft of most of the solar panels.
    - Small transformers tweak (also improved compatibility with IC2 transformers).
    - More bronze recipes in alloy smelter (transition)
    - Graphene recipe in EBF.
    - New empty mold recipe.
    - Mold copy.

    the only thing I dirrectly thought was weird from OrdeFree's/Airam's side, was that he teleports around to players and spawn radio/recorder/meat treat and other stuff - that I can live with.. but when he began to spawn skeletons in my base that killed me, it was "enough" (when I try to minimize my deaths)- but luckely I havent seen anything like that around me anymore.. so im good with OrdoFree.. - its just that a think I join a real pro server, and the first thing I see is an Admin that spawn stuff and changes time.... but that is the past now :)

    You should get to the point, Spooky Scary Skeletons are simply spawning skeletons around you.
    It's anavoidable.
    You can't run.


    I understand your point and it's definetly my mistake.
    How Bloody said, we should evolve from GregTech and partly vanilla to tweak mods, respecting their nature.
    The thing is, server was released in a hasty manner - everyone wanted to simply play already thus there was a little time for me to test and double-check all the recipes I modified in DreamMaster's script (big credit to him). I also would like to ask all players to check all (or most of) GregTech, Industrial Craft, Forestry, GraviSuite, Gendustry, Applied Energistics, ExtraCells, Greg's Lighting and Ztones recipes and tell what they don't like/what they like to be fixed.
    Back to Kirara1-3 times, there were no scripts and there were no such problems like someone spots some SCRIPT loop/mistake every day. (except, maybe Forestry fertilizer script and small Qcraft tweak).

    Edit: Anyone is up adding back Vanilla script (with some changes, of course)?
    My point was to make craft less efficient at the start of the game and then, when you'll get tech stuff it'll be way more efficient to craft. Also, in my opinion, assembler is underused for trivial stuff (such as chest, clock etc).

    Vanilla MC script changes
    Originally took DM's script from here:…zons/scripts/Minecraft.zs
    - Removed BoP, ExtraUtilities, TiCon and other recipes from mods that are not in KR modpack.
    - Removed painting recipes of carpet, clay, glass and glass panes.
    - Returned back carpet, clay, glass and glass panes painting recipes.
    - Removed Diamond Tools recipes.
    - Removed ThaumCraft stuff.
    - Removed ranaming.
    - Removed Forestry recipes.
    - Removed Charcoal furnance recipe.

    Who nerfed Wrought Iron to require a Compressor? It is completely unnecessary to make ingots require compressor to craft from nuggets. Wrought iron is obsolete by the time you craft a compressor. This effectively removes the material from the game progression.

    Me. No. No. No.
    Wrought iron is important while you need mass steel production.
    As for instruments, try to use Meteoric Iron - it's as good as wrought iron.

    Bloody, something related to the armor.
    Since you didn't transfer GTExtras, this idea might be a bit more valuable than if you did it already. Warning that some idea you already had might be in this.
    So, how about armor classes or rather upgrade branches?

    * Combat branch
    Generally needed for protection
    - Enchances protection on each installed upgrade by 2% (might be too much, numbers are abstract)
    - Enchances melee damage on each installed upgrade by 3%

    Visor enchancer - (toggleable nightvision; can show mob health, armor status and something else - simmilar to nanovisor in IC2)
    Antidote - (significantly lowers duration of negative buffs)
    Biceps/Triceps enchancer (higher melee damage)
    In-suit medical assistance (injects "healthy" morphine when your HP is low - boosting regeneration and speed)
    In-suit combat enchancer (injects painkillers/combat serum after player's request - boosting protection and possible strenght)
    In-suit reflex booster (injects Mountain Dew some neurons signal transmission booster - your melee attacks becomes AOE; toggleable)
    Health increaser (permanently increasing maximum health capacity)
    Fire extinguisher (obvious)
    (not sure about these, since plates are already allows you to choose between those types of protection; Maybe dedicate few special metalls/alloys and tier them for those buffs?)
    - Protection up
    - Fire protection
    - Blast protection
    - Poison protection
    - Magic protection (protects from TC, Botania and other mods magic)

    - High weight plating (lesser knockback)

    * Adventurer branch
    Generally needed for movement enchancements
    - Each upgrade increases ranged damage by 5%
    - Each upgrade increases movement speed and jump height by 1,5%

    - Cloak module (allows to become invisible using energy)
    - Speed up module (toggleable quantum leggins-like sprint)
    - Jetpack
    *Heavy jetpack - knockback reduction, slower than normal Jetpack (by default requires more fuel depending on the overall weight)
    *Builder's jetpack - Balancing jetpack (Creative-like flying ability thanks to advanced jetpack)
    *Adventurer's jetpack - faster flight, higher energy consumption
    *Engineer's jetpack - original version; everything is balanced.
    - Glider (obvious)
    - Feather Falling
    - Speed enchancement (permanently increases overall movement speed)
    - Jump enchancement (permanently increases jump height)
    - Block step assist (obvious)
    - Swim enchancer (speeds up speed and also mining speed underwater)

    * Engineer branch
    Generally needed for batteries
    - (for every armor piece) Battery enlargement upgrades (more energy capacity)
    -Allows you to see pipes and cables through walls (hard to implement)
    - Saves your inventory upon death and removing this module (3 tiers: 1 tiers - only armor; 2 tier - armor + hot invenotry; 3 tier - whole inventory; simmilar to TF charms of keeping)
    - Integrated omni-tool/tools from other mods (something hard to implement with finite durability)
    - Extra bag (more inventory slots)
    - Integrated crafting table (obvious)
    - Allows you to charge wirelessly (from IC2 chargepads)
    - Battery enlargement upgrades (more energy capacity)
    - Engineer's bag (Additional 9 slots for ENGINEER related stuff)

    - Builder/Miner branch
    Generally needed for Miner/Builder enchancements


    - couldn't come up with some name; irrelevant (can visually change the look of the blocks only for yourself)

    - in-built scanner (?)

    - In-built chisel (allows you to chisel multiple stacks of blocks at once)
    - Mining enchancer (can temporary increase mining speed)
    - Drill enchancer (can temporary silktouch/luck the drill)
    - Build enchaner (something like TC wand of exchange?)
    - Air block placer (allows to place blocks in the open air, toggleable)
    - Pockets for builder related stuff (9 slots)
    - ? (Allows you to reach higher distance to place blocks)

    You shouldn't look at this like on the each individual class. Try to think like those upgrades are available for everyone and you can combine them anyhow.
    Also weaponary module is needed. And look customization would be fantastic.

    To come to an agreeable resolution I only need that Airam apologise for his conduct, agree to not repeat this behaviour in the future, and start acting professionally befitting his apparent status as modpack creator. I don't think this is too much to ask for.

    Finally, I sucessfuly ignored to reply to any of the posts here that was written past ~24 hours.
    That is my plan, indeed! Remorse the most effortless and fastest solution.

    So yep, Nono was greatly offended especially when I came into "deffensive-offense" and that was not needed.
    All those arguments were useless but I got a great amount of data to analyze thanks to it.
    Ishi an others who was offended during this KR creation, I appologize. I really needed this data and I couldn't think about another unique place to collect it(where I also could leave without "injuries").
    I also promise, that such "offensive" experiments won't ever happen here, on Kirara.

    Here's your cookie of peace:

    Airam , now, now..... You're a very nice person most of the time I've known you, what got into you? Don't go teasing people too much....

    Karambola! Suririno, you forgot my IGN!

    surio submerges again....


    I'm sorry, I didn't mean to provoke any quarrel.

    No worries, you didn't.

    I have done zero work for the server itself so I am in no place to judge your careful selection. I just thought it was a valid concern to talk about.

    Nah, you are the same as everyone on kirara.
    I was surprised no one sent you a link for the spreadsheet:…-3PH6zwSK6HXfI/edit#gid=0
    Feel free to add your voting colum; even though KR is about to release, your vote might be valuable.

    I would suggest to move it somewhere else, but well, if you insist so.

    <Nonoriri> Alright, I unignored him
    <repo> <Airam>
    <Nonoriri> wtf that looks terrible
    <Nonoriri> this is supposed to be an IMPROVEMENT?
    <Nonoriri> I feel like Airam is actively sabotaging the configs to make ATG look bat
    <Nonoriri> bad
    <+KiraraR> <OrdoFree> lol
    <Nonoriri> If it works don't fucking break it
    <Nonoriri> back to the ignore list you go

    I'd like to join too.

    My point of view on ATG and RTG terrain types:
    These look good only with large view distances. On a server where you have view distance 10 max, all you see is a plain or a part of a mountain.
    Terrain with cliffs, overhangs and other stuff blocking your view looks good even with smaller view distance, because you don't get that weird "world edge". BoP or Amplified does that pretty well.
    ATG/RTG can look good in pictures or SP, not in multiplayer.

    I didn't get your point. On my screenshots, my render distance was 10 or 12 chunks (I don't recall correctly, but I doubt there's HUGE difference between 10 and 12 chunks).
    And here you have ATG + EBXL + CC screenshot (in case you want to comapre it to RTG):
    Big Trees is something nice though. It seems, it doesn't add any blocks thus should be pretty lightweight.
    I'm planning to run some test RTG + EBXL. In case it will be bad, I'll try Big Trees instead.
    Edit: render distance was 12 chunks.