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    So I've been playing around with the customisable ore gen in the configs. The issue is that I only got the first ore mix (custom ore mix 00) to spawn in the overworld but the rest (01 to 09) aren't. I've attached the copied config file for WorldGen here can someone tell me what went wrong haha

    Btw I tried to change the Overworld_false to Overworld_true for the custom mixes and it didn't work. It's still in there.


    First of all, great work on this BloodAsp, it's been the most fun I've had in a game in a long time.

    Ok so those Naquadah reactors (or any kind of generator for that matter actually), do they have a max energy output of like their voltage level? For example, say, the Naquadah Mark I has a max output of 2048 EU/t and the Mark III has a max output of 32768 EU/t. It's hard to tell cause each Enriched Naquadah bolt just dumps its load of energy all at once.

    Two questions though regarding the reactor:

    1. The reactor GUI shows heat output units in hU/s. Is it actually hU/t and do we just for all intents and purposes treat it as hU/t?

    2. Just to confirm: 1hU turns 1mB of coolant into hot coolant?

    Hi guys I'm getting this crash message immediately when I load mine craft is something wrong with immibis core?

    Place liquid heat exchangers directly next to fluid ports and put fluid ejector upgrades in both of them. Each LHE will use 100hU max so use the appropriate number of LHEs for your reactor. Using the LHEs to convert hot coolant back into coolant which is sent back into the reactor, there are three ways to make power with the 5x5 reactor:

    1. Stirling generators

    Easiest and most direct way. Just place one stirling generator adjacent to each LHE such that the orange squares on the faces of both machines touch. The heat will be transferred and directly converted into EU at a rate of 100hU to 50EU, so your reactor setup will produe 1EU/2hU. Still a reasonable upgrade from the plain 7-block EU reactor.

    2. Steam generators (steam)

    Here's where it gets complex. Instead of a stirling generator next to the LHE you can place a steam generator. Any side of the steam generator block will accept heat, and this is central important to the third method explained later. Fill the steam generator with distilled water through an external source like fluid regulators or BC pipes (water works too but the generator will calcify as shown in the bar on the right and when it reaches 100% it will stop working), and the heat will increase the temperature of the generator until it reaches 100 degrees. Input 1mb/t of distilled water (or water) on the control valve at the bottom and voila you have 100mb/t of steam!

    Now the steam needs to go somewhere or it'll just cause annoying explosions all over the place and not produce energy (plus you'll lose your valuable distilled water very quickly) so place a kinetic steam generator right next to the steam generator, and place a steam turbine in it. It will use the steam to produce kU (kinetic units) which can directly be converted into EU using a kinetic generator (I said it was complex!). When placing the kinetic steam generator and kinetic generator the side that outputs/inputs kU is the side that faces you.

    Distilled water is expensive hence there is a way to recycle it: condensers. By placing a condenser directly adjacent to your kinetic steam generator, the steam will be vented into the condenser, which when powered will condense the steam back into your lovely distilled water, which you can pump back into your steam generator using fluid regulators or fluid distributors or BC pipes or whatever else. Bear in mind that fluid regulators require energy. Additionally, the warning sign that appears in the kinetic steam generator indicates that when using regular steam, distilled water will also condense on the turbine and collect in the kinetic steam generator itself, so just pop in a fluid ejector upgrade to kick it back into the steam generator :)

    This whole complicated setup produces only 50EU per 100hU (correct me if I'm wrong) which is the same as stirling generators. Steam turbines are super expensive and need replacing, and with the costs of all the machines plus the energy requirements of condensers and fluid regulators you're better off using stirlings. Therefore, your best bet with the steam generator would be:

    3. Steam generators (superheated steam)

    Previously with normal steam a supply of 100hU/t to the steam generator was sufficient. Not for superheated steam though. You'll need to have 2 LHEs facing one steam generator feeding an input of 200hU/t for this to work. Same as before, fill the steam generator with distilled water and turn on your reactor. However, to produce superheated steam, the pressure valve on the top left of the steam generator GUI will have to be set to 221bar. Also, don't panic if the steam generators start rising beyond 100 degrees; superheated steam is produced at 375 degrees. Marvellous.

    You should get a GUI like this:

    Superheated steam can be used in the same kinetic steam generator as before (though without worry of condensation on the turbine. The warning sign will disappear) to produce 100EU/t and regular steam will be output. This regular steam can then be output into a second kinetic steam generator to produce an additional 50EU. The first kinetic steam generator doesn't require a condenser as distilled water does not condense, but the second one does.

    Note that energy production is now 75EU per 100hU. This is the highest that the nuclear reactor can go as far as I know so you'll want to upgrade to this as soon as you have the resources.


    Well that was a mouthful - and the steam setups require some nasty engineering as of build 653 so NEVER use it in a survival world first. Always test it out in creative before you delve into steam setups. Since I don't know how to take screenshots properly with Windows 8 my explanation may seem confusing, so here's mementh's video to the steam generators: A picture speaks a thousand words and a video speaks a thousand pictures. If I went wrong anywhere feel free to correct me guys! :)

    One pic that I managed to get is this. It's an 800hU/s reactor that may be useful for testing, rather than non-multiples of 100hU that fluctuate all over the place.

    Sorry to revive a month-old thread haha but I'm having an issue with superheated steam.

    Ok I have a fully stable 800hU/s heat reactor that's producing superheated steam with four steam generators.

    The problem is that for two of these generator setups I'm pushing superheated steam from my steam generator into two consecutive kinetic steam generators, and the first generator is producing 400kU as expected from superheated steam but the second one just isn't receiving any steam and isn't producing the expected 200kU O.o I have fluid ejector upgrades in both kinetic steam generators to kick the distilled water back into the steam generator and condensers opposite the kU output faces to collect steam.

    What confuses me is that two setups are working perfectly fine but the other two aren't.

    Does anyone know if this is a bug or something? I'm using the latest build #653