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    I guess I can go ahead and post this then:
    [INFO] [STDOUT] GraviSuite: Can't find Advansed Solar Panels

    Slight typo in the error message.. :P (I'm well aware what the message says, what I am posting about, is only the typo)
    (Hope this is the right place to post it, given it's GraviSuite's error message)

    This error is probably due to the pre/beta/etc mods that I'm using on Minecraft 1.4.2 (in particular Forestry, 1.6pre6)
    Posting it here since it happens when adding Custom Machines Recipes (guessing due to API folder or something?)

    Coal Blocks and Charcoal Blocks (and their condensed forms) doesn't seem to be burnable, in the Generators of IC2
    The Coal Coke blocks should work, as they have their EU showing (the NEI plugin by mistaqur called NEI IC2 Burn)

    Also a couple of suggestions for now:
    Moss Stone Condensed Block :)
    Burn a Condensed Wood Block into a Condensed Charcoal Block (and if possible, make it so it takes 9 times longer to burn the Condensed Wood Block, versus burning a normal Log, just so it's not overpowered in any way, burning the condensed ones into charcoal, over doing 1 by 1 logs :) )

    Many thanks for making this mod :)
    Was about to go crazy for not having my Alchemical Bags to fill with stuff :P Now I can just compress it and keep on mining :)

    Your download link seems to be goofed up a bit, as it has the part before it, hehe
    And your file seems to be saying it's still 1.7.0 :)
    And lastly, your minecraftforum post is a little out of date on the version numbering too :D

    Another edit, hehe:
    At a glance, it looks like you didn't add a Rotten Flesh block, maybe you can for the future :)

    Other than that, this is great. I switched from atomic stryker's version for these machines being more similar to the induction furnace and if these were added that would be great

    if all those things are added, then the originality of it all goes out the window :)
    Why aren't you staying with AtomicStryker's version, if you want those things?
    If it's because of the Overclocker/Upgrades slots in the right side, just ignore them, noone is forcing you to add upgrades to the machines :D

    Sorry for being unclear about that, the input is divided in two parts: it takes at default 1 EU/t to keep the speed up, and 15 eu/t to macerate/extract/compress.
    So if you want to know how much it uses, you have to add both the inactiveInput and the active input.

    Well duh, should have figured it would be that :P So if inactive was set to 5, and active set to 25, it would be using 30 EU/t when working (if I understood correctly :D )

    Thanks for keeping the original alive as well, then people can pick what they like. :thumbup:

    Now to a couple of things:
    "Centerfuge" - isn't it meant to be "Centrifuge"? (Was the same typo in the original :P )
    And the Extractor seems to be missing an output slot (going by the GUI picture, not an ingame test, but assume that would be the same), it has 2, and needs 3, to accomodate for a stack of sticky resin being extracted at a 1-to-3 ratio (1 sticky resin to 3 rubber) :)

    It seems Godwin's Law has taken effect. This thread will probably be locked soon. MinecraftCreeper

    Which would be a shame.
    Wouldn't surprise me if every single one of those complaining are still using the mod :P

    Modify a Camaro, and it's still a Camaro. Modify these Advanced Machines, and they're still Advanced Machines.
    If you don't like the direction it's taken, feel free to either wait for zipp to fix the outdated mod, or learn Java and code a new one. :|

    I'm not getting that failed to load mod, and I just checked my current MFFS file, and it has the same double structure as I believe you're talking about :|

    You could try deleting the duplicated file/folders, the ones with the \ in the beginning, and see if it works then. (Any archiver program should let you press Del key to delete the items from the archive)

    Sad to see all the bashing people are doing. ;(
    And really, telling AS to adjust his attitude? It's certain other people in the thread that need an attitude adjustment it seems 8|

    There's constructive criticism, and then there's downright bashing and whining. The latter should stay away, if they feel so strongly about things. :S

    Don't let them get to you, AtomicStryker :)
    I, for one, thank you for keeping the mod alive and going forward! :thumbup: