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    I particularly liked keda's articulated and thoughtful reply from yesterday. Part of that reply should shed some light on one or two mods being discussed. Quoted above.

    For the record, I don't like that there are so many deco mods in the pack (doors mod?!?!), nor do I like forge multiparts. I am still scratching my head (from the last kirara onwards) on why TC is adamantly staying on this pack. People with Net connection issues (e.g., me) won't find use or utility with mods like better records... I can go on, but like Pyrolusite said, I won't be playing on the server, so I am not personally invested in which mods make it in, or out of this pack, despite my own personal misgivings on them. I also do not have the liberty of time IRL, to debate for extended periods of time on any of these mods/topics.

    But as someone who knows them well, and as their well wisher, I wish keda and Airam, all the luck in the world for the task they've set themselves against.

    EDIT: Thanks also to greg, for sharing your thoughts on forge multiparts and other deco mods in the last two pages.

    Yes please. Two worlds with ATG and RTG that are qcraft connected will be amazing. Can you keep the BoP mod in even if we are not using its worldgen, so I can use the BoP items in my tweaks (and also so that they are obtainable for decoration)?

    ^^ Just a small anecdote from me regarding BoP. I downloaded the infinity evolved pack yesterday to check how things change in the pack, and man, BoP messes worldgen by quite a lot, even if you don't choose it in worldgen. After a lot of bad worldgens, I've simply disabled it and then things got a lot better.

    It's become very invasive as a worldgen mod, in my very humble opinion. For a while this has been a BoP issue, and I've voted "vanilla worldgen" over BoP for a long time now. The EXBL wood and decoration items used to be quite nice, last time I played with them (a while back, TBH). So I guess, you are probably not missing much by means of decoration?

    Also, big trees made world gen look nice too... IIRC, someone mentioned it here recently?

    EDIT to add: Both anesos and eyamaz also faced similar issues in their BnB LPs with BoP worldgens, and ended up disabling BoP entirely from their "pack LPs"

    ^^ What's RTG? Also, one minor mod correction in the mod list? See above.

    On a related note (on that democracy and minority quote from you), All hail keda, our resident anarchist ^^

    I +1 all of these. ^ ^ ^^

    The only time I got in trouble with Airam was more than a year ago, I was being a silly and annoying kid saying "mining tin o/" or random crap like this all the time. He told me directly he couldn't bear me anymore. I've taken what he told me in account, < *** snip *** >And hey, now he's telling me some dad jokes when I hop onto IRC < *** snip *** > They either have a right reason to hate you and tell you what's wrong, or are just being meaningful for no reason and are not telling you why, hence you have to not care about them. Good thing Airam is the first kind of person.

    • ^^ IIRC, I was the one that had that chat with you sometime last year... (found chat log too... yay)

    • Also, I put that past us a long time ago, and I've been the one who's consistently "dad joking" you for some time now....
      Oh, did you know what the mountaineer named his son? (hint: dad joke again)

    If you've had those very same convos with spaceman (a.k.a Airambo), well, I'm surprised at the coincidence :D

    Anyhow, I think we're getting too off-topic now, so, I'll stop this here.

    Edit: keda, spacey - Thanks both for keeping the flame going for Kirara.

    < **** snip **** >

    2. I'm just serving as Arch's representative while he is gone, and can't make a drastic decision like this in his absence without consulting him that would spread out the playerbase in this way from his server.

    Lastly, after some experimentation during the weekend we have come up with an CC + ATG + Extra biomes configuration *** snip *** I'll upload the scripts and configs and post the full modlist when I come back from work so you can have a look.

    Aloha, my good friend. I really am digging your "Haatim Tai" role. Honestly! :)

    Can I join the server once it's up?
    I will be playing once or twice per week, but I want to give GT5U a try. Also I want to see you all, and I have many dad jokes ready

    Airam , now, now..... You're a very nice person most of the time I've known you, what got into you? Don't go teasing people too much....

    Also, yay for EXBL, it was one of my favourite worldgenning mods. Not as OTT as that other one.

    surio submerges again....

    RWG is not REALLY up for discussion, unless everyone hates ATG. I also have really nice configs for ATG+BOP.

    While I'm at it, ATG isn't really up for discussion either. I will try it unless everyone hates it, once again. I fear the worst, however...

    EDIT : Just tell me what you think of ATG. That would be most helpful right now. Also consider fallback options. While I do prefer BOP, I wouldn't mind using EBXL, since so far, people seem to favor it.

    I have played on an ATG+greggified-DW20 pack server before. The world looked wonderful. But, I do know the server was struggling with the worldgen. I can live without ATG or RWG in my worlds. If people really want huge cliff faces, they can simply seek out an extreme hills biome, I guess.

    Same goes for the biome mods. Historically, I've liked EXBL over BoP. With the 1.7.x release, EXBL felt less overkill both with the landscape and with the worldgen loads, compared to BoP. Having played vanilla biomes on the kiraras until some time ago, I've grown to like that look as well. I'm okay with no Biome mods at all. If people want variety, they can spend some time with the forestry mod, and landscape the place, oh so nicely with the forestry trees. :) Actually, this might be the way to go, as that way, you won't antagonise people that like either EXBL or BoP lol :)

    Minor Edit: Having the unofficial GT5 thing in one of the servers is not a bad idea either. Up to Arch, really.

    EDIT: Airam and Pyro - thanks for the work on the mod list. Liked all the comments in there as well..

    If you do choose to add a biome mod, I like EBXL more as BoP really feels bloated now and you can actually find vanilla biomes with it installed.

    ^^ I am also partial to EXBL over BoP for the same reasons.

    Highlands's biome specific oregen was a good draw at that point, but GT oregen makes that irrelevant.

    But as someone who's been enjoying the vanilla biome worldgen on kirara, I'm happy with just plain vanilla biomes as well. :D

    Rather than reducing complexity and such, investing in documentation and video tutorials would be lovely, actually. Actually, I would suggest that you stick to documentation, and speak with someone like Vaygrim for your mod guide video. If you ask him nicely, maybe he'll do a really nice video for the mod like he does with the others.

    P.S: I am not a big fan of your dance/trance/<I don't know the genre> music overloaded IHL item demos that you put out. Sorry, I do not wish to offend you, but, it might be best to ask someone like Vaygrim or unggod or mr10movie to make the video for you.

    EDIT: I would love to use your mod myself, but so many times, the lack of awareness of what would be the best tool for that part of gameplay, has prevented me from using your mod. Luckily, keda has been helpful in kirara on telling me how to use some of your mod items. So, please spend some time with the documentation, and ask someone nicely (vaygrim/moo) to make a mod guide for you?

    You may be wondering why IC2 needs a British translation. The Queen said so:

    So Coffee is now Tea, armour is spelt right, and some other things I thought needed changing ;)

    So is fibre, centre, colour, mould, Aluminium, Sulphur (I know sulfur is also valid, but it was the former while I was learning about it) polariser, cropanalyser and electrolyser and other assorted menagerie spelt like I typed so?

    If so, the Commonwealth thanks you... :) If you missed some out, please use my list as inspiration to go over it once again. Either way thanks for the effort.

    And sometimes it feels like I am the only one saying Zed for the last letter in the alphabet these days.

    Guys, the Advanced Diamond Drill is the coolest mining tool since ever. But unfortunately it suffers from constant block desync on our Infitech2 pack, leaving invisible blocks that you can only "find" by trying to place another block there or by reconnecting.

    Before I start ripping out dozens of mods from the pack randomly and checking if some don't play nice (Looking straight at you first, fecking useless Multi-Mine), is this already a known issue?

    Quick! Someone give this man a reward for all his original and witty thread posts! :D

    Only fools and horses/Del boy fans will know what the title's about... ;)

    So, like invultri said, messing with the configs managed to land us on the moon and back to OW (amidst a few more stray crashes as mentioned)
    And we even had UNG_God seeing us off and welcoming us back on our return! w00t!

    Obligatory moon quote for this occasion:


    One small step for keda, one giant leap for Kirara 1 and 2. :)

    Obligatory del boy quote:


    I am not afraid of anything no more, rodders, I've been to Hull moon and back!



    Ahh, didn't notice that switch....

    Also, trivia, he's "affectionately" known as "gragle the bearded" on kirara. ;)

    Given how much of a conversion his mod does to the gameplay and its mechanics, about bloody time he started giving a shit about textures.