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    No problem :) i hope geolocation will not cause lags - server is in europe :) - for me GT is an overkill - IC2 exp even if buggy at current state is better than old completelly abstract mods. We enabled cable loses btw. so it is more fun to design working cirtcuits. I pm'ed big guys here about helping coding ic2 but no reply yet.

    Well then when reactor is starting or shutting down then i'll get those werid things.. i had output as water - i did not noticed on your video those ghost explosions when steam generator was not yet fully heated. Here it generates water on output.. even on 221 bar valve.

    I play multiplayer survival server - and it has no noticealble lag.. mc 1.7.10 , Ic2 v.2.2.648 , buildcraft 6.0.18 , IC2nc2.0.5a, railcraft 9.3.3 + some other non conflicting mods.

    OK i got it working with strange results - i'm putting there 100 hu, but it can't keep up with 1 milibucket/s of water... even on low pressure valve.. so if this is valve should it output only steam if pressure is not high enough ? or this is experimental and video is made with some other version ??

    mementh - i used your video tutorial and built one node of steam turbines. Problem is that my steam generator somehow sets itself to output...water...? distiled water is circulating around like crazy. i tried using fluid distributors and regulators along with buildcraft fluid pipes, nothing seens to work properly. btw. why you stack two turbines one after another? Is superheated steam generated that way or it requires boiler after boiler?

    Apart from that i used 4 stirling generators before, but now it started to generate a bug that generates inifinite power - energy dances around simple gold wire and constantly fills up stirling eu buffer and charging my MFSU.

    i can post here some pictures but setup is pretty compact due to explosion shielding ( i'm playing on survival and once by brother made 5 quad mox reactor to blow ;)

    Hi - i'm trying to generate more power by using steam kinetic generator.
    For now i hooked up heat exchanger to steam generator, and it receives heat -> good.
    Then it is hooked up by liquid exchanger to steam generator, but it refuses to accept water, instead water can flow right through it to the other side appearing at output(?) as some milibuckets/tick... of water.
    I tried to hook up fluid pipe, also to kinetic steam generator -> which with fluid ejector upgrqade pumps fluid to whatever pipe is hooked to it. So i tried to make steam/water circuit with fluid exchangers, but steam generator is not accepting water input.

    also - should i hook kinetic generator to steam kinetic generator ? or just plug cable directly ?

    Hello - i'm trying now to get new liquid reactor to run so it might be fun :) I have my own server for few friends without greg tech and forestry, so if you like buildcraft + newest ic2 and few other small addons, then let me know. We play survival only with white list. As i'm mostly one who plays with ic2 i will welcome company :) (we do not have pvp unless both sides agree :) )