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    I was wondering about battery capacities..

    RF batery can store 10k eu .. why batbox containg 3 of those is storing 40k ?? should be 30.
    Advanced RF - 60k - CESU = 300k - should be 180k ?
    MFE = 4m = 4 energy crystals = OK.
    MFSU = MFE+6lapotron = 40m .. ? why mfe, and if for the sake of ballance (cost - wise) give it 60m. It then actually matches raw capacity of lapotron crystals.

    and - make separate charge pads driven by wire.
    I don;t want to expose my MFSU as chargepad in risk of being blown away by creeper or sth. I think not that expensive (few advanced cirquits, and advanced casing + stuff) is enough effort as you need to anyway connect it via expoensive cables.

    btw - uninsulated tin cable in new enet has fibre-like properties :D

    anyway i would change fibre for silver - receipe can be unchanged - but it wiuld be good for the sake of rationality to call it silver cable.

    GOLD - actually gold is very good electric conductor - and i would suggest making it a little worse than copper

    Apropos aluminium - this is way better idea than tin cables actually - aluminium is about 2 times more lossy than copper, so is the tin cable in current setups- I would make this somewhere between tin and copper, and with aluminium requiring more energy to create( liquid salt electrolisis = lots of EU + machine) i would make it between tin and copper for energy loss but capable of 512 eu and require 2 rubber as gold cable :)

    That would make it pretty good material for use apart copper and gold as it will be neither of them - depending on use.

    so :

    fibre(silver) : 0.025 eu / block - no electrocuting - 8192 capable
    copper : 0.06 eu / block - uninsulated - 0.16 - electrocuting 128 eu capable
    gold : 0.08 - uninsulated 0.18 - electrocuting - 512 eu capable
    aluminium : 0.1 - uninsulated 0.2 - electrocuting 512 eu capable (with 3 rubber 2048 eu capable ? )
    tin : 0.18 - uninsulated 0.28 - NOT ELECTROCUTING - 32eu capable
    iron : 0.25 - uninsulated 0.35 - electrocuting 2048eu capable

    and btw - is there a way to make fibre cables glow proportionally to conducting current ?

    There is a bug in new e-net causing any generator wired directly with another -or touching other generator -(without let's say battery) to generate infinite energy loop :) to counter that every generator must have it';s own connection to buffer like battery or sth, not to generate excess power - but it still does generate more than should be - when you revert to old loseless enet, it will work ok. I used new e'net for a while but i think it is still too buggy.

    IC2-Experimental is more stable than most 'stable' mods for 1.7.10. And if you find a bug, just report it to TD and he'll fix it within a week ;)

    This is fair assesment - i play this quite often fith some people and we cannot say bad word about it. (excpet dynamite bug- but guys probably needs some break :) )

    I'd love to get steam form reactor compatible with railcraft steam. Even for fun purposes - in railcraft steam is lost - there is no calcification etc.. It is not imbalanced imho - it is just dufferent. You would need to constantly input distiled water to produce steam that will be used by railcraft machines, which would be real pain.. but making it incompatible by purpose seems wrong :) I can swallow superheated steam as different medium :)

    what i love about buildcraft is that it has very little magical blocks - it is like lego pieces that allows you to build things - small parts that you can put together for whatever you wish :) I think this is why minecraft is about, to build things out of simplier elements - having magic blocks that do everything is just boring - we should focus on more sandbox experience by providing even more flexible universal "physics rules" as in real world, to acomplish things - it brings creativity. I love bc gates on pipes - it allows for so much cirquitry in relativelly small space - pipes are buggy - and laggy , but are extremelly intuitive and useful. Multiblock structures are somehow response to people desire to build things. What i would love its to break down machines into basic parts - for now we craft them as blocks (i love liquid reactor because you Build it actually from component and actually somehow it resembles real life structures) , what if machine block was a machine block, and you put inside various components. - like engine, transformer , milling head , circuit, and it becomes macerator - but elements are still inside. - you can rebuiild it and so on.. putting together more machien blocks brings you bigger ui - like reactor., and you connect those modules. For example we have our macerator, but i want to already smelt it, so i add furnace chamber, and heater of my choosing and item unloader. and if unloader touches edge of workspace then it is outout, otherwise machine does not work, or brings error on launch and else..liquid heat exchanger - put cells as in and out, and from middle cell attach heat exchanger module(we have one) touching border - and voila
    if you want to build kinectic, put magnetic head, and coolis around it then wires to egdes, or simply touching. - you can make multiblock for bigger version/ output/ input and etc.

    I used different aproach - instead of making reactor cooled by cells (i tried that with last picture being nice example) - i created maxed out liquid cooled reactor with automatic refueling making it run as long as it has uranium in supplies. It is survival and it takes time to build those things so i don;t want more explosions than neccesary :) (and for now there is bug with dissapearing coolant so i need to supply it with stack of lapis dust from time to time)Currently there is dual explosion proof chamber for two reactors, and control center for one (second is not yet installed after last mox bug failure explosion) I regret for now that this setup is impossible with steam generators due to their inherent bug problem with loosing distiled water. Apart from few issues everything is as much automated as possible.

    Here is first look at control center room - reactor in background and panel on left

    now this is auto refueling system - emerald pipe extracts depleted cells and new ones are hooping in place.

    This is reactor configuration - most dense setup on dual rods (those can be recycled in closed cycle and produce new ones - quad have problem with llosing copper. It is perfectly stable but if too much coolant is lost reactor start to heat up which triggers thermal pause (not lighted on panel - orange one) and if temperature exceeds 1000, howler alarm and red light danger - of course reactor is shut down.

    This is one picture of 12 heat exchangers with 12 stirlings ( i hope i can replacve it with super heated steam soon) it is set up after explosion barrier so expplosion damage is minimised)
    this is from side angle - we see here two circuits of hot and cold coolant and four exchangers on corners and one inside every section. It can be more compact but less insight if sth goes wrong.

    batteries are here beczuse of previous new energy net bugs with infinite power loops between generators, but now stayed as they are - working as innercial buffers for heat remainders.
    And this is output from reactors - i placed fluid regulators with 50mb / tick to smothen pipes operations, and shorten pipes sections - they are not that responsive ;)

    This is auto crafting setup for fuel and dual rods. Everyything circulates in closed cycle except new uranium input form processing plant some levels up.

    this is centrifuge, smelting, fuel rod canning for normal and mox and etc.

    one more closer look at control center

    And nice memories of blowing up 1200 eu stable mox reactor few times.

    well it happened for me too few times - there are two almost identical looking cells - and problem is with filling and extracting fluids by those cells - sometimes when machine is full and you want to put one more it places it on machine - and it flows around. and for example i got empty cells that i want to fill with coolant that already is in the machine - how to do this? shoift does not work..

    well i was thinking about cooper block because now you need to make werid combination of heat exchangers to get 400 hu / piece. with heat conductors it would be much easier to conduct heat - and yes i like coolant idea - with reactors - but now we HAVE already liquit heat exchangers, but how to connect for ex. steam generator to 400 or more heat ? Cooper blocks seems reasonable from both common sense (it is in fact good heat conductor - only silver is better) and already placable block - or, we can get better with graphene heat conductors - love the idea - but it requires whole new block and else.. - going with railcraft like capacity for cooper blocks is the way to go - in my eyes , but hey - you can get better idea or i can be just wrong :)

    I suggested this few days ago in some thread :) - yes definetelly - but with some limitations- that forcefield strength is proportional to energy it has - so forcefields would vary in strength and size - surface gos square with dimentions and with this in mind we have solved prevent super omni invincible bubbles, and as for protection / power it would simply be question of max emiters strength(tiers) and battery attachted to them (mfsu should be enough to shield 2048 blocks (surfaces) from any single nuke - shielding on reinforced stone should add to shield strength so sield in air should be way weaker than shield on obsidian wall. As foir features i would go with those of mffs - i tried that but it fails with 1.7.10 and current ic2 exp.

    Man.. luminators are burning mobs :D this is best improvement as i saw from many months. I'm making chess like floors with luminators and it both looks and works beautiful.. And about power - it is supposed to be thet way :) - this is light we are talking about not damn railgun :) - one bad though - they are not appear to glow the same from different angles. in current version ceiling luminators are dimmy..

    i think there are alot people frustrated with modpacks being imballanced and overbloated with stuff that is duplicating itself. I'mthinking of creating modpack based on our current server. (ic2 exp + buildrcraft + railcraft + hunger overhaul + mo creatures + custom spawner + ic2nc and few others ) If only ic2 will be more beta than experimental i would see this going as ready server and client pack. You can always visit our world to check out how it works in practice :) ( just don;t craft/use ic2 dynamite because currently it causes mcedit fixing ;) )

    What about heat conductors? For electricity we have cables, and for heat - nothing - this effectivelly limits setups. I would suggest using cooper blocks as heat wires with loss let's say 2 HU / block.

    it would be great to see buildcraft gates compatible (switching patterns?) - also for reactor - space for fluid cells are reported as space in inventory :/ can't it be done in a way so those slots are not taken as inventory (all upgrade slots) ?

    i'm using both - bc pipes are too slow and tend to get clogged if longer (fluid) so i use fluid distributors as hubs for joining pipes. only 4 ports with bc gold pipes taking all my 1000 hu from reactor. also sorting and transport is way better with pipes - they are much more practical than sorters. (actually diamond pipe replacement) I would just improve bc coding for pipe wiring (those cables on pipes) and pipes themselves it is so not optimal.

    from my setup with dual rods i got stable 1000 hu -> with stirlings gives about 500 eu/tick. Cost is ridiculous in comparison to wind turbine - set up home in mountains and you are set. I know they are disabled now (or not? ) but what i would suggest is to rotor blades be damaged/destroyed if hit by lightning. Also steam turbine is buggy in most recent builds giving out water during reactor startup as if output pressure valve was not there. (anyone experienced phantom explosions with steam generators during startup and shutdowns? - this is distiled water going out because it met water at receiver input..)

    I managed to automate refueling and cooling with ic2nc tools giving backup safety shutdown, but this effort should be balanced with windmills being way more maintenance hungry. not only blades but also rotor hub itself with power level as psusi suggested.

    btw - i woulld really love development in multiplayer experience - like laser towers (laser mounted on tesla coil with some adv circuits and nightvision googles), extra damage for quantum suits by tesla coils (and nerfing suit by 50%) force shield generators with power being somewhat square power of surface area :) and damage absorbed limited by power levels (separate power for maintaining shield and second draw for any breach attempt)
    Detectors that trigger signal if player wears (or have in inventory) some items. fields that prevent certain items to be used (again dependent on field box volume)

    Or making those items as addon mod for ic2 myself .. or helping guys code it into ic2 ?