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    my setup is beyond one chunk for sure - i use chunkloaders from railcraft. About server- same setup type. Anyway i think error or glitch or anything and you are screwed :P I tried to interface mffs with current ic2 but it won;t work.

    So your logics are redpower based ? - those barrels and nice triggers and etc ?

    what is name of turret mod - is it for 1.7.10 ?

    pics or it didn;t happen ;) found :P - i wonder how it is made in practice - is this survival or creative ? If survival then you are mad or crazy (whatever fits best) what if this explodes ? - afsu going trashed with a lot of other stuff ? :D or it is single player with "i can roll back" scenario :D

    What mod it is - i use only ic2 and buildcraft ;) with wired logics as here :

    I sometimes stopped playing for few weeks , but always returned. Now i'm planning to launch well funded project of my own - maybe as part of minecraft, maybe something better- but for sure i'll invite every good modder out there to participate and contribute not for just money :)

    hehe - i can say - i'm too old for all of you :D but to be strict with topic - I'm Bart, i'm 31 and have happy wife and 7 years old daughter who loves minecraft (in creative mode so far) :)

    i pirated from 1.7.2 to 1.8 :D (still sticked with 1.7.10)

    OK boys and girls :D

    Upgrade for superheated steam powerplant with stable 813 eu/t with full automation (distiled water resuply + turbine replacement). Unfortunatelly i need to put box of spare turbines for replacement - can;t recycle them or sth MinecraftGhast
    Here are upgraded photos :

    stable eus :P

    global look at my ring exchangers (i tried to minimize redundancy - this is survival game :P) and machinery. Distiled water buffer tanks with piping for coolant - bc pipes will work nicelly only in p2p setup - any junction and it will lag out. Whole setup is separated by reinforced concrete from reactors to prevent any damage "in case" :P

    Here is look at generators and configuration - last 1xx heat was redirected to stirlings due to it's non consistent output. BC gates are my automation solution - basic ones light up red wire when any turbine is missing (there is space in inventory) and pause reactor and trigger turbine replacement circuit to push new turbines through pipe (which rounds up along all steam generators to deliver missing). i separated generators output intentionally to prevent power loops and power multiplying bugs.

    closer look at coolant circle - actually extending this could allow to double power production - unfortunatelly no IC2 reactor can do this.

    instead of 3 mfsu's now there is bunkered AFSU for power storage - i left room for one more if i'll be crazy enough or i'll be able to finally run mffs with 1.7.10 and newest ic2.

    better look at completed automation - iron gates (blue wire) are for distiled water refill - when there is less than 75% distiled water in bioler and steam condenser has space for fluid redstne signal powers 1 bucket of distiled water into system.

    more top view for whole system.

    and distiled water tank -(now about 1560 buckets of distiled water - 7 automated solar distilers on the rof piped down to it for around 1-2 months :)

    i wish i can scan inksac - there is no squids in my world and i had to cheat them.. i had three for beggining when originally i found few, but mo creatures and lots of different mods dumped them for good... no luck with fishing those either..

    i got it running on my servers for over a3 months now on single fabricator and 5 cobble generator units - so apart of making some nanosiot armors sets x2 + some iridium and drills and so on i managed to get 24k milibuckets - if you make this fully automated it does not cause any problems :) - see my reactor setup :)

    WTF? They use gold thread to bond the bare microchip to the pins inside the packaging, supposedly because it's a better conductor. It isn't exposed to air since it's inside the sealed package.

    Look at wiki - i gave you link - don;t argue with physics ;)

    They used to work with gold then aluminium before using copper (hello intel coppermine cpus ?) because those metals do not diffuse into silicon substrate as parasite ions. Copper needs extra treatment that has been discovered later.

    Learning probably not killed anybody yet ;)