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    Greg? What is the worst feature you have made in your mod you think, have not done? And how you other people think what was or is the worst feature in GregTech, or the lack there of?

    I would say the lack of usage for brass, as it could work for steam machines, and Fission reactors are mostly confirmed so i don't have much to say about it.

    Edit: True, Brass is used in pipes A lot, and it's pretty helpful, but it has almost no other uses than that, well except the LV sensor, i can't think much other uses for it right this very moment, and Still missing RedPower a bit.

    Hmm... extreme early reward could be a dirt and a sapling, and then the early midgame could be a NAND circuit(s).... I would suggest the names for the two sides, the "bad side" is named CellTech, then the rebels could be named B.A.T.P.O.C.E inc (Biology And The Protection Of Cultural Environment incorporated)

    Well, mufflers are prepared for this already :)

    However, no effects on people are not a good way. Breath-masks and so on... :) If you know EnviroMine, they have nice concept with air quality...

    However, that would probably cost a lot of computing power to keep going

    Well if there is going to be a breath-mask it should have many tiers, like charcoal breath mask as the first tier all they way to electric ones, and some of the tiers should have replaceble filters, it should be called a gas mask though, a breath-mask is more for working in dangerous in door places and gas mask just sounds better and a gas mask is more protective to the wearer's face and looks cool.

    This thing:

    You could either dump the pollution for free but face the consequences, or spend energy and resources to contain or purify it but keep your area clean.

    Cleaning up after you dumped everything could be more energy than purifying it in the first place. Azanor does cool stuff with flux gas where you can't replace the gas with a block, and it could be added to a void blacklist

    The consequences could be some Plants dying and some blocks becoming rusted or destoryed looking sky changing, acid rains, dirt/grass becoming polluted mud, decrease of ozone moclecules resulting in increase of solar radiation, death robots... and only animals would get effected by the pollution, so youre not directly affeccted by it. Think what could happen in a server with someone (like me) making a giant pollution factory, jay for true industry.

    Trees could very slowly destory pollution.

    And polluted water, lots of polluted water and Dangerous one cell organisms that happend to inhabit polluted water.

    Oh and nuclear waste should be a thing, a very hard to get rid of thing, so no lava throwing.

    One of the good reasons why not to affect players directly by it would be everyone becoming too careful with it (thus how making this mechanic very useless).

    Some kind of crop that is resistant to any effects of the pollution, "insert name here" potatos of course they should suck.

    So this should work as a Taint like thing from TC, but whitout the directly affecting things, like getting killed by just standing in it, i always wanted to make a pollution factory in TC2 but it was not multiplayer compatible, and now in TC you can't make really a automated taint factory and it directly affects you

    I'm just glad (and slightly puzzled) that the Basic Macerator requires 1 Diamond, while the Steam Macerator requires 2.

    well brobably because steam machinery is slower and have less power to get it to be efficent you need more volume to the grinding plates that are inside the machine(?) and it does make sense gameplay wise).

    I think there were a few people here playing KSP. Pretty sure there were some.

    Since we are already at offtopic, factorio 0.12 is in development and is going to be awesome.

    Ja, new factorio, they got the multiplayer now out already so can't wait for some rocket... things, and of course killing a whole planet for it's resources for money is always nice idea, the whole trying to inhabit the planet was a bit boring.

    I did. I just don't have oxygen easy to obtain at the moment until I can build a decent electrolyzer. The 32v works but it's very, very power hungry and painfully slow.

    Are you using the wrought iron to steel in it? Or is it a higher voltage (i have not checked it, and i thought it didn't use oxygen when i saw it, could be true).

    Yes but just the minium stone as choco said. Which was enough to make ultimate pretty easy.

    The other big OP mod in that pack was Soul Shards, i was surprised Soul Shards reborn wasnt in it. The verion in Ultimate had a bug though, you could use the anvil to make tier 5 soul shards easily. Day 2 of a world, have a spawner that runs while youre offline, dropping 20K blaze rods into storage for you. Sucked.

    Oh... MPS was also super great and super op in that pack, it used vanilla recipes for some reason. But the flight was better than anything today, and the speed... my god the speed!

    Good thing it does not work then, and soul shards? There is MFS in this pack and it really should be nerffed, mining drill laser you cheaty little bastard.

    Yeah, I also don't really understand why EE3 and ExtraUtilities are in there. I was just hyped a little in the beginning.

    Many people probably wouldn't play the pack without Extrautil, mostly because of it being a standard (as mods like TE... etc etc (TiC) And making a offical pack that most people are not going to play...
    And EE? Was it in ultimate? It does not even work anymore (graphics are tad better, but really they don't really fit in minecraft default (or popular community made) resource packs).
    And the reason why some crafting recipes have been reverted back to vanilla(...) and thingszz.
    I think someone said something it being a partial introductionary to GT5 (The reverting back to "vanilla" recipes). Atleast it's not impossibly horrible.
    And i (beta) tested this thing, so atleast i know some facts.
    Let's just hope that a true popular hard mode GT with no short cuts and just not smart ideas is going to be made (beyond reality = most of those, FTB resurrection = noobs intro to GT 5).

    It's, uh, a mod that adds a pack of plants.

    Yes we are quite clearly competent people to estimate what a mod does (and nuclear reactors apparently).

    Even though it has a pack in it's name... Who came up with this name again? 10paktimbits? yep we are competent people to make semi-realistic mods (and plant).

    I think you can do some of that with the Advanced Genetics mod.

    FInd me a download link to a 1.7.10 mod that includes "realistic" cloning (well cloning with machines is not even close to realistic but who cares) and player clones that can do your nefarious plans, and is Greggy enough.

    That mod is not Greggy enough though, and it does not include Player clones, only animal and buffs for your self, which does not include cyborg stuff (which is very sad so that as well should be in GT), so Yeah you can not do that with Advanced Genetics mod. For what reason did we clone just a MinecraftSheep instead of perfecting that to extend our lives, mostly because of religion if you ask me, because that is some how wrong in the book that was written in about thousands of years ago by people who knew nothing in the modern science and belived in fiction instead of facts (flat world, earth is the center of the universe, etc).