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    500x500 is way overboard, anyway. Unless you build a goddamn huge city, you'll probably end up with a design of maybe 100x100, 150x150 at most. That's up to 600 tiles, or, if we assume 1 pulse every 4 ticks, 150 EU/t. If you build 500x500, you'll have to use chunk loaders to keep the whole thing loaded and transferring power.

    I know this thread is over a week old, but just let me drop in and say that the new version of EE, v6, has had MASSIVE rebalancing. For instance, most Philosopher Stone transmutations are gone. But that's not just it. Cobble was devalued to dirt-level, 1 EMC. Diamond was boosted to 8192 EMC. You need 128 stacks of cobble to make a single diamond now. Of course, you can still use iron and gold (16:1 and 4:1 respectively) to transmute diamond using the Transmutation Tablet, but those aren't the most readily available resources either. I'd say getting 4 stacks of gold is almost as time-consuming as getting a stack of diamonds.

    In general, EE6 seems to be much more balanced when used in tandem with other mods.

    Ah, but who am I to judge? I use Thaumcraft, which has the insanely low Dirt-Diamond conversion rate, about 300:1. On the plus side, Thaumcraft is not exactly the most unbalanced mod aside from duplicating.

    Last one has only 84.87 eff EU/t, but is most effective of all 3. So if you prefer high output, it's probably the best for you to choose one of the first two reactors.

    A question on this reactor: if I were to set up a CASUC system using the last slot, and fed it ice to keep it at heat 0 (so as to avoid the rather lengthy cooldown period), how much ice would it need? The calculator cannot go below 1 block per second, but it's pretty obvious that this generator generates less heat per second than a single ice block consumes.

    And what would be the total required amount of ice be? I'd rather avoid golem farms, and have a pre-stocked amount of snowballs for every full cycle.

    Aight, so I thought I'd upgrade to 1.8.1. I installed ModLoader, ModLoaderMP, ModLoaderMP Fix, MCForge 1.1.1, and it all went well. However, after installing IndustrialCraft 2, sound suddenly disappears. Somehow, both sliders for the music and sound volume default to "Off" every time the game is launched, even if the options file was edited before.

    The worst part, however, is that trying to adjust either of the sound sliders simply freezes the game.

    Note, my .minecraft folder is completely clean. I did not install any other mods except those required by IC2. The game functions just fine with all the mods except IC2 installed.

    You CAN, technically, create a fully automated snow collecting aggregate using BuildCraft. It requires a snow biome with frequent snowing and a lot of work to set up the fillers and obsidian pipes to automatically harvest snow. Not only that, but a filler that cannot find any block to destroy (if it is set in clear mode) will automatically shutdown and be unable to clear more tiles.

    In short, this is just useless as of now.

    Those "bug fixes" might involve significant changes in the base code. For instance, the current leak has some huge memory leaking problems. There are several SMP bugs, including AI for Endermen. Some dev features were not cut out (like the F6/F7 to advance time). In short, until a stable release comes out, it's pointless to adapt IC2 to it.

    Am I the only one who would prefer the recipe guide to be in an image form? Granted, I myself use the Recipe Book mod to find out all the good stuff, but for people who don't use the mod, using the pure text-based version is somewhat annoying. I know that from personal experience.

    Peak energy consumption is 512 EU/s. Yes, they are a tier 3 machine, and can be linked directly to an MFSU.

    Don't even try running Flatification or Cultivation without 256+ EU/s. It will be too slow.

    It's fine. You must consider that many advanced machines now consume absurd amounts of energy, so it balances out lower generator costs. I dare you try to power a Terraformer with a solar array.

    Uh, what you are asking to do is currently impossible. All weapons and tools do fixed amounts of damage that cannot be randomized in 1.7.3 (at least I don't think they can, I've never seen a weapon mod with randomized damage).

    Using the crit system in 1.8 is basically what you are asking for - making the Nano-saber more powerful without making it a guaranteed 1-hit. You see, the Nano-Saber already kills mobs in 2 hits. You can't really fraction that number much.

    I think this is becuase of some IRL rules more strenght in electricity means less speed, more speed means less strength. But yeah more strength should mean more damage :P I learned this last year on school and it was just summer vacation, so it's just an un-educated guess MinecraftPig

    That's not how electricity works. Just sayin'.