Suggestion: Accepting crystal power sources for more machines

  • Uh, no. Destruction is always easier than construction. In any case, the fact that the wrenches have a chance to destroy a valuable machine IS annoying.

  • Uh, no. Destruction is always easier than construction. In any case, the fact that the wrenches have a chance to destroy a valuable machine IS annoying.

    Destruction, yes. Deconstruction, no. It is annoying, but I find it a good balancing feature. Before release there were quite a few suggestions for electric wrenches and the like and it has been confirmed that a method of picking up a machine without fear of loss *is* in development. So I'd say that wraps this sidebar up.

  • If youve ever taken something apart and then put it back together you'll know that building something is much much easier than taking something apart in a manner that makes it possible to reconstruct it.

    Only if the construction was shoddy to begin with. ;)

    Damn modern manufacturing processes.

  • Random is always bad for such games.

    Wrenchfactor shoud be evoidable\predictable, may be single use wrenches, just like bonemeal but for machines with 100% drop chance.

    2 bronze - miniwrench, stacking up to 64, everyone happy.


  • Isnt the electric wrench breakproof? I know the recipe is broken, but it is in game.

    No, the electric wrench uses the same chance as the bronze one. But many machines are portable, and will never get messed up by wrenching them. Here's what I believe to be the current list:

    • BatBox/MFE/MFSE blocks
    • Transformers
    • Electric and Iron Furnaces
    • Electrolyzers
    • Generators (just the fuel-burning generator, not the other types)
    • Miners and Pumps
    • Terraformers
  • I personally agree with the idea of wrenches when failing simply dropping the base resources (requiring you to reassemble it ofc) so as that it is merely an inconvenience rather than a significant loss of resources. This would actually be rather simple to do, just by changing the drop data for the machines (although drills and TNT would drop the stuff as well, which I would want as well)

    Also, Crystals seem kinda useless to me as energy storage as well, in that batteries are superior in every way, aside from energy storage. The only use could be to transfer small quantities of power between systems in your backpack, but obviously the laptron crystal does this way better, namely because it stores so much more power, while the energy crystals do not really fill any nitch.

    I would like T2 and T3 machines to take power from Energy and Laptron crystals, including the miner(I claim it to be T2, and it ought to take T2 power level as well, since it takes about 22EU/s, at least with best equipment), Induction furnace(takes only 16EU/sec, yet is higher tier than miner, what gives?), Terraformer (t3, right? hearing that it consumes 250EU/t makes me pretty sure its T3), field generator (I'm looking into designing whole new control system using an item interface like the reactor has) (but not the mass fabricator, which you would absolutely never have somewhere without wiring, while the rest could be)