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    Hi there,
    I am a new Minecraft Coder, I am currently making my own Industrial/Medieval style mod, and I was wondering if I may get your permission to take you API, revamp it extremely, and then release it along with my mod(and I will not be stupid, and that I will mention this API along with a link to this post). I will understand if you wish to not grant me permission


    I have decided to make my own API for energy, so just ignore this post

    Er... I was absolutely NOT planning on doing this... There will be absolutely no doomsday weapon-tipped ICBMs in this lair. :whistling:

    In fact, my incredibly evil Angle Corruptor Bomb (makes all angles a few degrees off of right... no Minecraftian will be able to build straight again! bwahahaha!) does not, in fact, exist...

    Deploying 501st brigade.
    Target:Speed Daemon and the bomb in his lair
    Est. Resistance: Extremely Low
    Units Provided by H.Q.: Five platoons, Eight Apcs, 3 Cougar Tanks
    Nah jk lol

    Still awesome lair when will download be up

    update LWJGL

    Edit try it manually dont use mcptcher


    I'm having a bit of an issue trying to install this. I've got buildcraft 2.2.5 and IC2 and they seem to work fine with no issues but when i try to add this (simply by dropping the zip file into the mods folder). Minecraft loads up fine afterwards but as soon as i enter the world it goes straight to saving chunks and crashes, afraid i can't offer an error log as it doesn't give me one. Any idea whats going wrong?

    Trying to install this on my Single player world and downloading the client 0.20 version. Other mods i have installed are Buildcraft 2.2.5 and IC2, equivalent exchange, too many items, single player commands

    I get an issue when using terminal or console to start up but the issue is a sizing error I think

    This looks like it ha a well known future :)

    (Personally this is a must have) :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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