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    Ok, but that wasn't precised at first [Edit: this isn't mentionned for the time being so ... how could I check my information please ? I mean that: okay, it is mentionned that there is 2 Input for 1 Output but ... there's nothing writtenabout "values". Does it coun as much Protons and Neutrons for each Nucleus than IRL ?] ... and if it don't give you more EU than consuming: It's OK to get it for crafting a nuke but ... what would be useful with your "purer" Uranium ? I assume you'll add others uses than energy generation for it, or it will be completly useless.

    My mistake, sorry. I forgot to tell everyone how to find the values, but I updated the OP so just look at the "Properties" section. The more pure Uranium was just a random idea I had while making that post, I haven't really made a plan for it yet, but it would be a waste of time to add something that is completely useless so I think you can answer your own question.

    The next update will make Uranium a lot harder to get from the accelerator by increasing the chance of producing a substance that will decay very quickly so you all can stop complaining about the production of uranium.

    To the person that complained about being able to produce uranium from coal: I would love to know how you did that as it is impossible to produce uranium with coal with only two input slots. Also, please check that your information is correct before telling me that it is completely overpowered and easily exploitable.

    I think I found a bug, when 2 gunpowder is put into the target spot, and iron and coal are put into the input slots, it will return nothing, I'm currently testing to find if there is a pattern to it

    EDIT: Also happens with 2 uranium targeted and 2 gold

    EDIT2: 2 iron targeted and 2 uranium returns 1 iron as expected, as does 2 iron targeted and 1 uranium, but 2 iron targeted and 2 gold returns nothing

    Are you sure it wasn't the particles "missing" each other and returning nothing? It should work for all as the code for each item is not different, it just checks to see whether or not the protons/neutrons from both input slots adds up to the protons/neutrons of the target item and if it does it will have a 1 in 2 chance of generating the target item.

    P.S. The number of items in the target has nothing to do with the number of items created, it just keeps trying to create that item until the number of protons/neutrons supplied drops below the target number of neutrons/protons.

    I was assuming that default IC2 uranium was a mixture of Uranium-238(The most common isotope) and Uranium-235 with 238 being the larger part of the mixture as I have not seen anything about what isotope of uranium IC uranium is.

    It is a way to generate Uranium, but I was planning on making Uranium generation a bit harder than it is currently, although that is not going to be the only purpose of the addon. I was planning on adding various newer elements that would have various uses along with a much more efficient Uranium cell that produces more per cell(Pure Uranium-235).

    This addon adds a particle accelerator that allows for the transmutation of substances. It works by firing particles at high speeds at other particles to create new substances. Thanks to the high-tech magnets IC2 provides us, this can all be done in a single block! These magnets consume a lot of power during operation and take a long time to get the particles up to speed, though.

    The Particle Accelerator

    (2 Magnetizers, 2 Advanced circuits, 4 Integrated Reactor Plating, 1 Reinforced Glass)

    GUI Explanation

    1&2: Input slots(Put items to be used here)
    3: Target slot(Put item you want made here)
    4: Fuel slot(Put items that can provide energy here)
    5: Output slot


    • There is a 1 in 2 chance of the particles colliding and creating the desired item, even these high-tech magnets cannot have 100% accuracy.
    • Extra neutrons and protons will be released into the environment.
    • The only accepted upgrades are transformer and storage upgrades.
    • Default maximum input is medium voltage. If more than that is input the machine will destroy itself and drop as an item, but not explode.
    • Default energy storage is 10,000eu.
    • Will consume 32eu/t when active.
    • BC pipes/RP tubes can fill the input slots from the top, fuel slot from bottom, and the output can be taken out from any side.
    • Each element(listed below) is assigned a specific number of protons and neutrons based on the element in real life(May change for balancing reasons). To find out how many an element has, simply place the corresponding element into one of the input slots and it will update the values for the total protons and neutrons of the items in the first two slots.

    Accepted Elements:

    • Iron
    • Coal(Carbon)
    • Gold
    • Uranium
    • Gunpowder(Sulfur, I don't care that gunpowder only contains a small amount of sulfur, gunpowder was originally named sulfur in Minecraft ;) )
    • Copper
    • Tin

    This addon requires IndustrialCraft 2 v1.106 and Forge or later. If you run into any bugs while playing with this please give me an error log and I can help you out or fix the error.


    EDIT: Nevermind, didn't see it was on Immibis' download page.

    EDIT 2: Even though it says it is for craftbukkit on his download page, I don't see it anywhere on his post so it may not be ported yet.

    Update to the latest forge version with Forge Modloader. (No longer requires modloader)

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