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    The extra macerator slot is causing us some issues with automation. Regardless of how you input into the macerator, when running jobs that queue up different item types the macerator will now accept anything into it's 2nd slot. Previously it would only accept certain items, not anything. This causes the macerator to jam and stop running. It's really causing quite a pain.

    Can this be modified?

    Thought this would be a sensible suggestion. The current energy-o-mat accepts pretty much any amount of energy but only outputs 32EU/t cables when you use it to purchase energy. This is, for the most part, useless for energy transfers. Can the max output be increased to the capacity of glass fiber (8192EU/t), and be made adjustable in some way?

    This would made the device far more useful than outputting 32EU/t. And as an added bonus what do you think of a slot to put in energy storing devices like energy crystals or energy orbs to transfer the power to them instead of the wire?

    hm, noticed the advanced machines got a fair bit slower from the last version we where using. Not as much of a big deal, but when you insert overclocker upgrades the devices do not speed up like they should. I assume this is a bug, and not intentional?

    Edit: looks like it does speed up, the RPM's don't increase.

    Good replies.

    I feel that the energy usage could have a slight adjustment when it comes to incoming damage. But as was said sweeping changes affect different servers in different ways. Upgrades or the ability to draw from in-inventory items for power would be a "fix" that would keep you in the fight but not affect servers that don't want to use those items or upgrades.

    I enjoy the gravchest, but sadly the quantum legs are where I am pulling my above numbers from. The chest would use even more energy, and I would not be surprised to see 7 digit energy drains per hit. We have MPS running, but it appears that it was recently changed and no longer provides the protection it used to. No one seems to be using it on the server any more.

    But back to quantum. I agree with adding upgrades or the ability to draw power from in-inventory items. Upgrades would be preferable, since holding an inventory item in the middle of a fight would not be very useful, especially if you are losing nearly a million total EU per hit. The drawbacks could start past a certain point, but not with the first "tier" of upgrades.

    One thing I have noticed while playing is the quantum armor energy usage, it does not take very long to completely drain the armor from 10mill to 0 EU. When fighting server made customNPC bosses, or galacticraft bosses it's sometimes as bad as losing 500,000-700,000EU per hit. This really leaves you no option to fight in quantum against most non-vanilla mobs or npc's. And even killing endermen in the end can drain you within 2 or 3 minutes. It ends up being that mekanisms obsidian or Bimes o Plenty Amethyst armor is "better" since you can stay in the fight for a decent and productive amount of time, even if you have to replace the armor completely afterwards. The high energy usage can also be seen on the boots, a fall of 100 blocks will consume 1,740,000 EU. While not as much of a concern as the energy usage while fighting, it is just another example of the higher energy usage.

    A fix or change for this would either be an adjustment to it's power usage, or a config that can be used to adjust it's usage. Another option are upgrades that can be applied to the armor to greatly (10x+) increase it's capacity, or the ability to pull from an in-inventory power source.

    What are your thoughts? Suggestions?

    Please for the love of *** can we stop the mega-hours rollbacks? These things are killing me, since they seem to occur after I have done many hours of work. Go to work, come back to find everything I did during the day to be gone.....ffff

    Perhaps more frequent backups? All they take is hard drive space and a couple seconds of lag. 30min-1hour backups are recommended and used by the majority of servers for this very reason so you don't have long rollbacks that cause a significant loss of work for the poor players involved.

    On to other things, parasyte. What are the errors you are receiving from logblock in the console? I may be of assistance, then again.... I may not.

    EDIT: You guys want a website? .net w/e? and a lovely mybb forums to go along with it.
    I'm currently hosting and made the RDF website and forums, which can be found here

    *sigh* my "statement" stated that it will pull water/lava but not do much else, judging by the name of the topic and the general content the "nothing else" refers to it not filling the cells with the water it holds. Also note that I said that I have used it by itself. I have tried it over inf water pools and the like.

    I'm not sure where you get BC Fluids, aka oil. From this. Unless water/Lava or BC fluids now? I could be mistaken if that mod takes them over or not.

    EDIT: BC2 fluids "oil" is not found randomly under the ground like water/lava. Thus it would not be possible (unless you missed an oil well sitting right beside you) to encounter a BC liquid under the ground while using the miner.

    Hello, the BC2 Pump does not seem to consume any cells. Either by itself or attached to a miner. I have tried off and on for ages, but it has never worked and I have not seen mention of this problem in the wiki.
    I have tried in single player and multiplayer, with water and lava with 2 differant versions of BC2.

    Putting the empty cells in the top slot, while powering the pump. It will pull up water/lava but do nothing more.

    This issue essentially renders the miner useless and makes filling cells a pain. Any suggestions/Fixes?
    Current Version- 1337

    Well... seems the following post was a bit to much. It was brought to my attention that it has a more accusatory tone to it, rather than a constructive one, thus I have hidden it. I was a bit on the grumpy side at the time of writing. I will not erase it, as it covers some good points. If you wish to read it you may, but it is your choice. Do not get angry or overly frustrated with me, I hid it for a reason. If you read it that's your choice and I'm not dealing with any fallout from it. (bottom of post)

    Alright, I'm gonna go over a few points about the server that I believe could be improved. I am not claiming to be an expert at running servers, but I am extremely far from noobish. I have had a significant amount of experience with griefers, server operations, server setup and configuration, and bukkit plugins.

    The main focus of this entire post is to go over griefing and the risk it is posing to the server, the lack of measures to prevent any major disasters and what can be done about it.
    To start off I'm gonna refer you to a couple youtube videos.

    Alright. From the two video's above you can get a small idea about what can happen to the server. Now those are guys who only play to griefe, i suppose you could call them professionals. There are tons of small teams like that, not to mention the single players who know how and when to do the most damage (the not so long ago bombing of two large areas?)

    Griefer abilities-
    --Insta-break (instantly breaking blocks)
    --Name spoofing (name banning is useless)
    --IP Proxies (ip banning is useless)
    --God-Mode (kill? lawl)
    --Invisible (cant see them, or their name, good luck banning them)
    --Nuking (breaking all blocks of a similar type within a certain radius)
    --chat spamming
    --Build Hacking (placing many blocks at once)
    --Kill Aura (kills anything within a certain radius of the player)
    ..... and so many more

    The things they can do to you and your server in its current state-
    -Burn all the forests down (destroyed landscape, and lags/crashed server) (permanent damage)
    -Destroy houses and buildings instantly (semi-permanent)
    -Burn houses and building to the ground (semi-permanent)
    -Nuke(IDC2) and tnt the landscape (permanent damage)
    -Steal all items (permanent damage)
    -Destroy all chest and their contents (permanent damage)
    -place clocks everywhere
    They can do all this and more and get away with it with none knowing any better.

    The server can be completely ruined along with the playing experience of everyone on it.

    The measures that are not being taken to prevent the server from being griefed-

    -There is no block logging and rollback system (as far as i know)
    -There is no area protection system (worldguard doesn't count, since it is only usable and editable by admins and the like)
    -There are backups but not frequent enough to prevent massive rollbacks
    -Fire-Spread is not disabled
    -There is no proper chest-protection system in place. (lockette doesn't count, since the chests are still surprisingly easy to get into, they are also destroyed in explosions)

    What can be done to protect the server and its players-

    - block logging, to identify general griefers and rollback their damage. Plugins- HawkEye, BigBrother, Logblock. Any one of those 3 will do the job.
    -Area protection. Allows players to protect their time investments to the server without having to rely on moderators/admins willingness to protect them. Recommended plugin- Residance (it has immense configurations, so don't worry about it not doing something)

    -Backups, more frequent backups to prevent massive rollbacks.

    -Fire-spread. I need not go into why this is bad. Fix- Go to your worldguard config and turn it off.

    -Chest protection. This is a big one. People keep everything they have in chests they believe to be secure. If their house gets blown up, a creeper comes to close, some Joe wants those diamonds, they are screwed. Fix- A Block logging plugin as mentioned above (loggs chests as well) and a chest protection plugin. Recommended plugin- LWC

    I implore you. Please take this into strong consideration. If you wish to become more popular you will need to change a few systems, also take into account the more popular you get the more exposed you are.

    Server Lag-

    -This is another thing that will affect your ability to become more popular.
    Here are a couple suggestions

    -Get a new server (I am currently offering)

    Use java parameters.
    You can add java run parameters. This will greatly boost your servers performance- The Xms, Xmn, and Xmx you need to change according to how much RAM you have. The following are my parameters for my server.

    : -Xms2048M –Xmn2048M –Xmx12288M -Xss768k -XX:TargetSurvivorRatio=140 -XX:MaxTenuringThreshold=72 -XX:+UseParNewGC -XX:+UseFastEmptyMethods -XX:+AggressiveOpts -XX:+DisableExplicitGC –d64 -XX:+UseAdaptiveGCBoundary -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=250 -XX:SurvivorRatio=24 -XX:UseSSE=3 -XX:ParallelGCThreads=2 -XX:+UseBiasedLocking -XX:+UseLargePages -XX:+UseFastAccessorMethods -XX:+UseStringCache -XX:+UseCompressedStrings -XX:+OptimizeStringConcat -Xnoclassgc

    Info on Xms, Xmn, XmX, Xss-

    that should give you a significant and noticeable performance boosts.

    EDIT: I love the server to much. playing -_-

    IGN: <your ign here> Douglasg14b
    Age: 21

    Do you accept that as server owner, I retain my right to kick, ban, or otherwise take punitive action against you if you choose to:
    1.) Steal materials from other players.
    2.) 'Grief' or modify players structures without their consent
    3.) Not maintain a respectful attitude for all players, regardless of the circumstances
    4.) Build obnoxious structures such as 1-block dirt columns, or explore excessively.
    5.) Use unfair (subject to interpretation by me) mods such as X-ray or Flight