Energy-o-mat usability improvements.

  • Thought this would be a sensible suggestion. The current energy-o-mat accepts pretty much any amount of energy but only outputs 32EU/t cables when you use it to purchase energy. This is, for the most part, useless for energy transfers. Can the max output be increased to the capacity of glass fiber (8192EU/t), and be made adjustable in some way?

    This would made the device far more useful than outputting 32EU/t. And as an added bonus what do you think of a slot to put in energy storing devices like energy crystals or energy orbs to transfer the power to them instead of the wire?

  • Easy solution: Give the Energy-O-Mat upgrade slots for transformer upgrades.

    It's possible that the only reason it accepts any amount is because explosions are currently disabled. Transformer upgrades could raise both the input power and the output power.