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    Bogdan-G: There's still the Mystcraft profiling running with fairly severe slowdown by garbage collection or all cpu cores being busy, so the results aren't conclusive. The sampler report file is corrupted so I can't read it. I've uploaded a new Sampler version with various fixes.

    file broken? hm.. while writing the file to disk game fell. Ok, im update in local mopdpack sampler mod and del Mystcraft.
    YAY, MC no crash O_o
    But fps in distance 8 periods(range 10-80 sec, on 2-3 min) drop to 1-8; outside the periods 20-80fps, if distance 3 - fps stable 80-120(no drops); down tps in server found to 1(periods), ticks in bar F3 less, but still not enough. Reports normal write in disk, thanks for update sampler! Game still peaceful gamemode. Process game ~3.6gb (Last launch from mystcraft same 3.6gb) and 2500m heap(use from 800m to 2300m last run). In after start world, audio not play(sounds and effects) ~30 min.…master/logs/date/160615-1

    Bogdan-G: The Mystcraft profiling was running while you acquired the data, reducing its expressiveness. This may be also the cause for the unusually high memory pressure and lots of client side simulation (mostly entities), which doesn't leave that much time for the actual rendering.

    Optifine's smooth world renderer updater wastes some time with reflection, BetterFoliage slows wr updating down, weather2 does nasty edits, the threaded lighting mod is inherently broken and should be removed.

    I've fixed the sampler issue for the next (upcoming) version, thanks for reporting it. The issue is sporadic, so it should usually work. The report (srp) format is the most useful for me.

    Thanks for info. I del mods: HardcoreDarkness(mod remove lights), Weather2, BetterFoliage
    enter game, fps change to 8-30(and periods to 50), game difficulty in peaceful(less mobs entity), fps 8-30, but down fps to 1-8 and tick in F3 bar chart small change.…master/logs/date/140615-3
    Strangely, falling FPS continues with the crash.

    Bogdan-G: With Optifine installed the fastcraft.distantWrsPerPass option has no effect since I currently have to disable the whole module including most of the more recent client changes. A sampler report with growthcraft may be interesting ("/csampler report <filename>") while it's running slow. The results are quite interesting, I'll look into further improvements and better debugging support to investigate the frame rate drops more.

    Im detected in local modpack 1-10fps(last runs, no growthcraft, but fps down), start sampler/csampler, files:…master/logs/date/140615-2
    lol, "/csampler report ugb27" not create file :O, error in spoiler:

    fml+client logs:…master/logs/date/140615-1

    Hello, Java7, MC 1.7.10, last RB Forge 1448, LL-04, game not start:
    full-fml-log.log :
    latest.log: not created

    Forge Splash screen off, LL loadingbar off.

    Happy problem transformer conflict?

    Delete FC and normal start, hmm)))

    gtu 5.08.19
    mod list
    Strangely error in GTlog: /full gtlog/

    my micro test:
    Sorry for the many words
    always in tests -Dfastcraft.distantWrsPerPass=4 and SSP; not Oracle JVM, i use Zulu JVM x64(OpenJDK by Azul for Windows x64); im look in F3; ChromaHills-128x_1.7v11 installed.
    My CPU - Intel i5 2450m 2.5Ghz 2core / My GPU - Nvidia gt650m 1gb GDDR5 800Mhz

    1) forge 1428, optifine_hd_u_b7, betterfps 1.0.0, fps+, fastcraft 1.22ctest8, no mods, no liteloader, render distanse 6, ~70-150fps, fps drop in new gen chunk ~-40-90fps (freeze time 1-10 sec), load chunk 2/sec to 8/sec;
    RenderDistanceChunks in 8, fps drop -15-30
    RenderDistanceChunks in 12, fps drop -40-60
    FC gives smoothness, reduces twitching
    IF -Dfastcraft.distantWrsPerPass=1/2/4/8/12/16 fps no change!
    I edited natural textures, connected textures, animated, particles, lights, on/off -> fps not change

    2) -//-, no FC, render distanse 6, ~70-150fps, fps drop in new gen chunk ~-40-90fps (freeze time 1-10 sec), yeah, fps increase/decrease 0 (!), load chunk 2/sec to 8/sec;
    similarly change RenderDistanceChunks and fps drop

    3) no optifine, no FC, fps 40-160 (!), freeze stable in newgen chunk. Freeze in fast fly in creative up/down and look right/left (you up Y and turn left/right)
    similarly change RenderDistanceChunks and fps drop
    handler does not manage, but in an earlier version of the forge (~ 1408 ) was less than friezzes. 8|
    edit setting GPU:

    friezes slightly decreased, FPS NOT CHANGE!
    Changes to the other options in the settings graphics cards only increase lag and FPS drop. 20 fps in Vanilla MC(bad options)? and why not 8o

    Include FC -> fps increase in <100 mods in local test. If no FC at <100 mods and fps drop 10-30. Some mods have their own shaders, which are not amenable to optimization and plant until 1 fps.
    Mod: Growthcraft big drop fps(FC+Opti not help) -> not playable; Psychedelicraft fps drop 40, all disable Psychedelicraft shaders fps up 10-20; Disable 2-3 options render in EnviroMine -> fps up 5-15.

    Oh.. remove GT? not an option. Do a great job? Then yes it is true for a large mod needs a lot of work, but what to do.

    Note that the GT Q/A explicitly states not to complain about loading times unless you have a probably working solution, or else you will get banned. And all you said is "OTHER STUFF LOADS FASTER MAKE IT LIKE THEM", where the truth is that those people, of who you say they make faster things, actually make much slower things, so using them would mean a massively increased loading time. GT does that many checks on things (and the 5900000 are the List alternative using 25 Minutes rather than 1 Minute, it is actually way less checks in real GT) because there are MANY THINGS. It is like saying "MAKE IT LESS CARS ON THE STREET" instead of "MAKE CARS FASTER"

    I'm not complaining, I ask, knowing that it is a fast Java language, a natural question arises. Most of the problems in mods and in the game lies in the code, not the power of iron. When A majority of users with very different characteristics of the final device is about the same code is executed, and there is almost no device where the execution takes place not long on the eyes, the output of who to contact problem is obvious.
    I analyze some of the mods is long the total download time and trying to understand why for a long time, if you can do faster? Your mod uses a lot of people around the world, you do not care that it does not run as fast as we would like?

    I tell people that my modpack runs long and they want him to run for a large number of mods no more than 3-4 minutes(my modpack start ~12min now, and the newer versions of mods the longer the start time). And try to explained to them that I am not to blame that the processing of a large number of objects takes a lot of time and have to wait. Instead, they simply go play other games instead of playing the Mincraft modpack(s).

    Simply put there is the loss of users or target(telic) group.

    I understand that mod is good, interesting and fascinating, but it is necessary for each user are explained?

    I'm still not sure if i really understand what you want.

    For example: more better and faster loading million object in array lists.

    can not handle millions of objects at the start to be a long, other projects and even more games load more quickly, and objects.


    GT is allready as optimized and multithreaded as possible. It is just so much bigger than other mods

    this is not enough. Looking at the result - we have to work on the code and work. Do not user should wait for 3 minutes or more to any processing of mod, he should not see them at all. Maincraft runs without forge much faster than this mod for example.

    What happens is: When a mod generates structures going over chunk borders and the next chunk does not exist yet, that chunk will also get generated. Should the next chunk also contain a structure that goes over chunk borders, another chunk gets generated. With enough mods generating over chunk borders, they can start to loop and generate gigantic areas because of it.

    mhm.. red and black veins granite not confilct in big gen dungeon mods.

    The more worldgen mods, the more chances for problems. It is also depending on the world seed since the worldgen is random. GT, RWG and Glens Gases together likely do not go into loops all the time. Trying a few times might generate a world that works first, but allways has a chance to loop while generating more of the world. GT and Glens Gases alone allready have a small chance of looping, RWG only rises the chance a lot.

    Problem GT5 veins and in other mod gen, more dungeon size(include GT in local game) in mods, and more chance world not gen and shutdown java. Why it is impossible generate over fact that has generated? Or generate a specific location or chunks if it is a conflict? It seems that the processing of exceptions is a repeated attempt to generation in the same place or very near what fundamentally not the right solution. Simply check the area much, if there is something that prevents insert or replace the unit forced to wait another operation mod. GT should ignore if veins have been damaged or replaced by other generation

    I have same problems. (with gt 5.07 too)
    notified to glen gases mod creators....
    look at ./world/region : a lot of empty regions was created...
    old version of glen gases seen works fine...

    I found at least 10 mods that are incompatible with Greg

    Прикрепил последний перевод, двойные тройные... слитки и пластины не стал переводить. занялся переводом gregtech 6. да собственно эти слитки да пластины нигде не требуются) мелкие шестерни тоже не стал переводить.

    предыдущий % перевода плюс еще перевел? гуд, спасибо =) Эмм 1.5мб перевод и 3мб перевод, эмм... это точно гт5? Даже строки позиций не совпадают, крч в препоследнем 42к строк, а в этом 21к.

    Куда нужно закинуть файл GregTech.lang?

    в корень папки майнкрафта.

    Speeding up the loading time? Not possible without disabling core elements of GregTech.

    postInitialization in GT slow speed, more mods more slow and more memory.

    How long does your GT5 take to load compared to GT6? It should take less time than GT6.

    Test -> MC 1.7.10; Forge 1395; IC2 718; GT5.08.04; Fastcraft 1.21; Fps+; - game start 75+-8sec; 24sec gen new workd

    sampler 1.39(by Player) - startup.nps:
    Test -> MC 1.7.10; Forge 1395; IC2 718; GT6.00.32; Fastcraft 1.21; Fps+; - game start 55+-8sec; 39sec gen new world

    P.s. GT5 more time load and less CPU/memory, but GT6 less time load and more CPU/memory. ;)

    problem in java compiled and java specifications.
    Is it possible to fix the problem of processing(add) the Oredictionary ingots? In Forge fix this thing is not much, maybe now you can speed up the load game process more?
    Broken stone and cobblestone crushing recipe. Instead of sand stone dust out. NEI says that from the crusher IC2(based GT5 crusher, TE crusher) must be sand on the output. Instead, each time you start the output product changes.
    cobblestone -> crush -> sand, reload game: cobblestone -> crush -> stone dust, wut?