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    Being able to reprocess the coolant/water would give room for higher efficiency if people bother to set it up.
    (It doesn't have to be a lot, just a bit.

    Good idea. Instead of having to put 2 liquids into the stirling generator,
    just put in hU and a coolant.

    Idea: input a coolant and hU, heat up that coolant and generate EU.

    We NEED a coolant, because a real Stirling engine also needs to be cooled or else, it won't work anymore.

    The liquid Heat exchanger generates hU by cooling down a liquid, so basically, it outputs Thermal Energy by taking that Thermal Energy out of the liquid.
    The Stirling Machine would work similar to a real Stirling Engine : It outputs Kinetic Energy by taking the Thermal Energy out of one liquid and putting a part of it back into another liquid to also get rid of the poduced entropy.

    A Stirling machine would have a higher efficiency than the thing you described, because then you can also use the (cool->)hot liquid for something else.

    I thought it would be cool to have a Stirling Generator/Machine, that produces EU/kU and works by changing the temperature of Liquids/Fluids.

    Basically how it would work:
    The Stirling Machine has 4 internal/external tanks.
    In tank 1, you put a warm/hot fluid.
    In tank 2, you put a cold fluid.

    The machine generates energy by taking warm fluid from tank 1 and putting the corresponding cold fluid into tank 3 and taking cold fluid from tank 2 and putting the corresponding warm fluid into tank 4.
    Of course there have to be some restrictions, for example that the temperature of the (warm->)cold fluid you get can not be higher than the temperature of the (cold->)warm fluid.

    So you could make energy from cooling down lava into phahoehoehoehoehoe lava and simultaneously heating up water to springwater.

    I think there should be an Upgrade for Increasing the amount of things you get from machines.
    In an Ore Washing Plant or a Thermal Centrifuge, there are multiple outputs and it would be cool to have an Upgrade to increase the output you get from these machines. Like either increase the amount of items you get or have a chance of getting double the amount of Outputs or have a chance of getting double the amount of a random Output.

    What do you guys think about plates and Item casings?
    In my opinion, using plates in crafting recipes is just making it overcomplicated. You used to make things like circuits or mixed metal ingots with iron ingots (and bronze and tin ingots), where now you need plates.
    Using plates doesn't even add to realism.

    I quite like the idea with the metal former regarding making cables, so you have a quick way of doing it (cutter), but you also have a more complicated, but more efficient way (metal former).
    I also like the idea of using plates in reactor components, because reactors are supposed to be complicated to set up and maintain.

    But I don't like making even the basic stuff soooo complicated by just adding more and more crafting/machine steps required to craft basic things like a circuit or even cables.

    What do you guys think about it?

    1. I don't know.
    2. Like 100 Blocks.
    3. I don't know.
    4. Probably not, since in real-life it doesn't. That's what the fuel version is for.
    5. I thought about a pushable mower that harvests a 5x5 or 7x7 area around it (I know, it's unrealistic, but if it has a smaller area, it's not worth using.
    6. Probably an inventory for mown grass.
    7. Probaby a lower AOE, since it moves automatically.
    8. It should either have a track or a semi-intelligent AI like the real-life things do. It should probably damage entities nearby since its AOE is smaller.
    9. You have a durability that goes down for every grass block, but it goes down by a lot for everything harder. After the durability runs out, you have to sharpen the blade again.
    10.Maybe as a easter egg?

    What about an electrical lawn mower?
    It has some kind of connection to a MFE or MFSU like when you tie a horse to a fence using a lead.

    Either the player could move around with it or it is an automatic one. It woud cut a large area of grass (You can set if it should completely remove grass or if it should only cut tall grass)

    MAybe also one with fuel.

    Like one block is there to accellerate particles. And another block is there to do measurements and to monitor the whole process and to get information of of it. And another block is there to cool down the whole structure and one block is there to evacuate the middle of the particle accellerator.

    like if you look at one part of it from the x-axis it looks like something like this:

    OO:Compressor: OO
    :Reactor:OO :Recycler:
    OO:Electric Furnace: OO

    with :Compressor: , :Reactor: , :Recycler: and :Electric Furnace: being different blocks of it. Like an in-world structure. And OO being placeholders

    And if you look at it from the top, it should look like a big cicle like this:


    With O being particle accellerator parts.

    I think IC2 should have a Particle Accellerator that you have to use to either get UUMatter or to fill the memory crystals with information on how to create things.
    It would be a Multiblock Structure with different, dynamic parts, where every part does something different and if you fail setting it up, you will have a big explosion.