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    Of course this will cause some mischief to server owners whose users can't differentiate version(s)

    Best solution here would be diligent server owners. Each Jenkins build would have it's own linkable page and a server owner that is doing their job would have a 'mod list' with direct links to each specific versions' page.

    By all accounts the video that started this contained a bit of (forgive me, Kane) nerd-rage, and the discussion could have gone much worse if it had been handled differently. My compliments and respect to all parties that constructively contributed to what looks to be the start of a transfusion and rebirth of one of the first and greatest of Minecraft mods.

    Thank You.

    Just mentioning it, IndustrialCraft was NOT the first mod.
    Heck, I even learned how to code the IronFurnace by reading into TehKrush's PlasticCraft. ~ Alb

    edit: 'One of...' and still predates most of the major mods and has outlived most of it's peers. You (team) made a good thing here. Proof is in the pudding, so-to-speak.

    Short of rehashing the entire thread and writing a wall of text to address various opinions and points previously mentioned (and the fact that I replied once but was tired and accidentally clicked the 'Reset' button (what a stupid button, does ctrl+home, crtl+shift+end, delete\backspace really not work well enough? But anyway...)) I'll try to keep this short. Really just a couple of 'What-If's' so short should be somewhat easy, but I'm not helping at all by rambling on before I even get to the point, now am I...?

    So.. What-If...?

    • Releases were moved to a Jenkins-style delivery method? Official Recommended versions and updated 'possibly buggier' bug-fix versions?
    • IC2 Development was opened up to more Devs?

    1. explains itself, Seems to have proven itself as a system that works well for Minecraft Mod Development, might do well to adopt it here as well.

    2. I need to comment on though. I'm not asking IC2 to go Open-Source, not yet at least. So how do I expect to get more Devs then? My what if came from an idea based around additional 'trusted' devs. Essentially, open IC2 up to the Addon Devs- Addon Devs have proven that they have at least a conceptual understanding of how MC, IC2, source code and programming in general all work and they also have a vested interest in keeping the IC2 code healthy and bug-free as nobody wants to use an addon for a buggy mod, right?

    I dunno, I (like many others) loveloveLOVE IC2 and view it as an indespensible part of their game play. Other mods are fun to mess with, but my IC2, RP2, BC server is what keeps me coming back to play. As RP2 gets closer to possibly being released soon and I hear about the IC2 issues I start to doubt my desire to update to 1.3.2 as it seems it might be a better idea to rebuild my 1.2.5 jars to get the mods I've been waiting to add...

    Every project needs an infusion of new blood from time to time, would the addon devs be interested if this was offered as an option?

    (sonfoa... almost clicked 'Reset' again...)

    tl;dr: Patience. Mojang could do a marketplace for mods after the API is semi-established.

    Until then the devs deserve their pennies, but I reserve(d) the right to curse the dev when I have(had) to go through 18 links to get the full client and server packages.


    Honestly... once the mod API is implemented I wouldn't be surprised to see this issue go away. I'd expect to see a 'Mojang Marketplace' for 'official mods' (at the very least mods that have been reviewed and found to be 'safe' ie: kid-friendly). Maybe that marketplace could be like, but more dev-centric. All really does is put an ad in front of a redirect to a file hosted elsewhere.

    I think there is a market for some sort of integrated ad-revenue\hosting of Minecraft Mods. needs this... needs to be the MCF of forge mods- but done right. Sub-Forums for established mods, devs allowed limited-moderator rights on their sections, etc...

    Yep... it was a problem with the Forge Recommended Build (94). I updated to the latest (102) and can't believe I spent the last 15 minutes 'testing' boats.

    (ie: I took a 15 minute zigzagging boat ride to nowhere when there are places I actually need to go legit)

    I looked through the version changes and it looks like this got fixed with .98, I think it was.

    Does anyone running a modded 1.2.5 server have problems fishing or placing boats in the water? Most just disappear, but ~1in10 break into planks and sticks.

    ...I've discovered I can't do either in my recently built server and was wondering if it was a mod or if MC is broke.

    If you are running a 1.2.5 server and can fish\place boats would you mind listing your mods?

    ...btw- I can log out and into a SP world and have no problems placing boats. So it's not client side... not totally at least. I've found mention on the MC wiki bug list, but it's kinda hard to ask questions of the people posting on the wiki bug listing.

    check the thread: it's already been updated and has been for a long while. (since longer than IC2 had a 1.2.5 version) no? Not for 2.x. I'm running a server and can't really use the 3.x branch just yet. Check the dates of the Jenkins page- 2.x ABO came a good 2 weeks after the 3.x version.

    Kinda weird that they didnt ask permission or anything.
    Guess they can because I haven't set up any rules or legal thingies. Mmh.

    1 - Pretty awesome of `em ain't it?

    2 - No they can't. You created it, therefore you have a copyright on it. Even without declaring it... least depending on where you live (laws and such, but laws don't really matter here as Tekkit knows no one is going to sue them)... ...way it works is everything has a copyright UNLESS it expressly declares other terms. ie: the author has to directly say that a work is public-domain for it to be public-domain.

    ...but if nothing else you can object to them using their code without your permission and attempt to get their github account closed (again).

    Agree with Someguyfromcrowd.

    I think people are missing that the Mass Fab would still require a massive amount of energy, it just wouldn't produce UU out of pure energy. It would require Scrap as a catalyst before starting operation, and it would stop operation when the scrap runs out.

    Could even add in an induction-esque aspect and add in a 'heat' cycle where efficiency goes up the longer you can keep a supply of scrap flowing in.

    Whatever is in my WinAmp playlist or my 'personal' or 'mix' radio. I've been letting track my listening habits for several years now so my radio gives me a pretty good mix of favorites- past, present and all-time.

    Top 100 according to Last in the spoiler ...