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    Well the point of the other dimension i was talking about would be more of a pure desperate survival rather than building cool stuff. It would be something that would force you to need all these awesome items for combat. Early game the current mobs are fine but once you get your quantum suit you wanna put it to good use! There must be some way of making a challenging area other than making a huge cave in the dark where tons of easy mobs spawn but over time you will get nibbled to death... Wheres the fun in that! =P
    So just wanna brainstorm on what would be feasible for an extremely hostile environment.

    <snickers evilly> make the robots heal like you do on peaceful mode =P cant play hit and run that way whahaha

    Robots would not naturally fit into the normal world of minecraft IMHO. The planet and the wildlife just doesnt support that idea. If he implemented travel to the moon via rockets or something like that he could easily implement them on the moon and make it an extremely hostile environment. You have to wear your quantum suit like a space suit because of the lack of a proper atmosphere. The robots would work perfectly for a situation like this. You can make it so that the robots drop some tech4 items(nanites?) and then you can add a few more mined items to the moon which would all be needed for tech4 items. If you didnt mine doing a little bit of restructuring you could make the t4 items things such as the teleporter and energy field generator. The matter generator would have to stay t3 as its needed for the quantum suit.
    Also, is it at all possible to make it so that the netherworld would be positioned below the normal world so to speak? By that I mean you would have to place the portal at the lower levels of the map and it would spawn you in to the upper levels of the netherworld... That would give it a more natural transition since the lower levels of the netherworld are all full of lava.
    These are all ideas to think on and implement with time as industrial craft grows. Yes I know i posted about more than robots =P

    BTW you can EASILY! use a mod like this in your porfolio =P Its very complicated, well liked, and over time you have made it more sophisticated yet also more efficient. It reflects your knowledge of programming and your skill growth quite well IMHO. I know a guy that got a job as VP of a major corporation and his leading edge over the other people similar to him was that he stated that he owned and ran a corporation in EVE which had over 4000 active members and controlled a large portion of the industry in the game. Something like that teaches you management skills and jobs are recognizing game related accomplishments more and more lately.

    Edit* Sorry just read in another thread that you dont want to add another dimension as its too much work. =( Although I still think this is a good area to stage an extremely hostile environment for people. You can even make lightning creepers naturally spawn there =P

    Ok but the point still remains about attaching force fields together to protect a larger compound. Thats what you need to take away from this, not so much where they want to implement it. It could still have multiple uses.

    you might look into the mod betterblock.
    It allows you to make slabs and stairs for almost all types of blocks and fences and ladders out of several other types of materials.
    It also lets you place stairs and slabs upside-down on ceiling and you can place wood horizontal to make log cabins or large roof trusses.
    It has normal and hidden doors/trapdoors for several different textures as well and gates for fences.
    It also adds a bridge block that will extend a bridge of whatever material you put in the bridge block out to as much as 9 blocks when redstone is applied.
    And best of all, it uses all of the information already in minecraft so it won't use any extra sprites(except for the bridge block)
    From my testing so far, it doesn't have compatibility issues with any other mod out there.

    Here is a link to the forum page for it.…-july-11-betterblocks-37/

    Oh yeah and one of the things he is trying to add right now is diagonal fences and doors. Maybe slant blocks as well not sure about that...

    that would also be a really good idea to implement the another dimension such as the aether if you so desired. As for modules that would work as well, you can be a few rocket components that you can assemble in different variations to get the different rockets. the weather control is kinda op though. if you wanna avoid weather in a certain area then maybe have the forcefield block weather =P

    well there would be need of it a lot more when notch implements 1.8 because of the need to eat/drink, so i would think it could go on the future to do list. but for now we need to let them get IC2 running so we can play it already!

    Yes that will work and if its easy to code then thats even better! We would be able to just stack up on more of the consumables and toss stuff into the "bottomless bag of holding". wouldnt allow you to swap full buckets for empty ones though to be able to get a ton of lava for a large project though i dont suppose. But that will have to do. Would there be a way to get things out of the dimension using your handheld device? that way you can have a storage of wood/food/batteries to resupply with standing by and waiting for you, or you can have a huge supply of empty buckets for collecting lava/oil(buildcraft)

    Im not suggesting a personal remote teleporter, only one for basic items so that you dont have to run back to base to drop your ore and run all the way back out to whereever you newest mining location is. After you get farther in game you have to run REALLY FAR AWAY to find more minerals. It would be teleporting much simpler matter and in smaller amounts as a means of dropping off ore and maybe picking up wood for torches. It also would make the harvesting of lava a lot less running back and forth...

    Something for endgame when you want to build large projects. I didnt read anything that suggests this idea has been introduced.


    I was thinking you can make something similar to the teleporter only transportable. It would allow you to remotely teleport objects to and from your Teleporter Chests. Each of these chests can have its own frequency. Then the UI on the Remote Teleporter would let you choose your frequency to access that particular chest, as well as a transfer slot. It would also show the inventory of the chest(with matching frequency) so you can just transfer items by dropping an item from your inventory to transfer slot or drop item from chest to transfer slot to send to you. This allows you to go on extended ore expeditions so long as you brought food and enough power(batpacks!) by transporting the ore and stone that you are removing back to base. It also makes gathering liquids much easier if finite liquids are enabled.

    It would consume fairly large amounts of power but its not teleporting anything as complicated as a human being. As a power hog it would need to be powered by the new Lapotron Crystal. This would only be chargable via MFSU thereby giving more use for the new lapotron crystals. The chests themselves could be powered directly via cables to half the power cost on the remote teleporter.
    As for how much power are we talking about, I figured for the lighter materials(dirt/sand/gravel/wood,redstone/lapis/diamond) it would be about 50EU per block or 3200 per stack. It would be 100EU for the heavier materials(stone/metal ores/obsidian) or 6400/stack. Then 500 for empty buckets and 2000 for the liquid filled buckets. It should only be able to transport simple blocks since the machines are too complicated for it to teleport properly.
    Again, this should be a device for endgame after you have already explored all the areas and built the other machines. I put matter as a component for building them to make it even more difficult to obtain. Anyone at this stage has already found and used lots of materials and this is a matter of convenience for them because they have so much extra power. It also simplifies large projects underground without having to set up a seperate "kitchen".


    Matter Teleporter

    M C M
    G F G
    A T A

    Mobile Teleporter

    G F G
    A T A
    M L M

    A = Adv. Circuit
    C = Chest
    F = FreqTrans
    G = Glowstone
    L = Lapotron Crystal
    M = Matter(does the magic)
    T = Teleporter