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    You just totally wasted your time. After reading this I determined you really DONT understand the rules... And yes, I do maintain the power to ban assholes. I told you if you didn't like it you could leave. Your idea of "having a reason for staying" was whining, bitching, moaning and placing passive aggressive signs everywhere.

    mens lest not resort no name calling now, come on if anything I was a little annoyed, but bitching, come on.
    Also you kept say "why don't you leave" you were trying to get me to leave because you didn't have a justifiable reason to ban me , so when I said I wasn't you just came up with a rule on the spot, " no one can have a different opinion then me" well something like that, oh but you'll deny that of course. My reason which I already said on my last post was to get everyone to see the problems in this.

    My idea of war isnt waiting a month for someone to declare in advance when they will attack, and the attack consists of rushing to an obsidian block and breaking it....

    You don't see the similarity in what you described to what you have know do you, invading will be rush obby blocks but you can see my edit for that. and it never took a mouth, it's much more faster then what you have now.
    We don't have the number to station a group close by the dams in case blue attacks this isn't real life, this is Minecraft.

    Big words calling it broken when you can't even capture a point before someone kills you. Hell, you can't even make it out of the portal room without dying. And I would expect someone who spends 99% of their time idling, team killing and burning down forests to be bored.

    What I did has nothing to do with how broken its is, and you can't justify it being broken on my action, and really, calling out my faulting, that are unrelated to this, wow you just proved even more you have no counter arguments for this.

    And you don't have the option of coming back. I can tolerate a lot of abuse (narthok I'm looking at you) but one thing I can't stand is a whiny ignoramus who bitches about things they can't even comprehend.

    Ya it was a long shot, and I like how you frequently use the words 'Bitching" and ,"Whining" your obviously using this to convince your self that you are the superior in this, that you can keep you cool, and of course the other guy can't, of course, and I know its hard to tell someone tone on the internet, but is it would help, I can use emoticons if you like :)

    EDIT: Let me know if you LOLed when you read "powder abuse"...
    and I LOLed when I read that can't accept a person can find fault in your system, and you and them, that classic power abuse.

    Now I am titled to my option and I do have a understanding for the rules and have a good idea what this new system is like, and I know as much as mens would like, I'm not crying about this,
    I'm not saying is doesn't work well, but its doesn't work that well, specially with the whole,
    hole in it, that a few people can cap the dams in when no ones from the other team is on,
    and I mean the fact that you can lose and still not get a chance to fight tell you a lot,so basically its a broken system.

    Why should the incentive to wait around, is to not be invaded, the incentive should be to have fun.
    In the old server when you had one town left it was like" oh crap we have one town left we can't fuck up"
    now its like "oh they capped all the dams when we were offline ...well dammit"

    If it was like before, but with the capturing that the dams have then it will work.
    Its was so much more enjoyable before, and yes servers should be enjoyable.

    Now the stuff above me is nice and all but here are the deal breakers
    it take 2 min to cap a dam correct, but it take more then 2 min to get from a capital to the spawn where the dams are, so you can see my point already and the teams that capped already got there point so its not
    like they have to defended it cause they still have there point,
    and the second is when an invasion finally happened's it will be a cluster fuck, when you can place a 10 block thick wall of obby on lava on obby and place mg turrets and grenade launcher
    ,and rocket launchers all around that wall it will not be an invasion, but a slaughter of that invading team, so much for the invasion.
    Those to things coupled by the fact that they can cap all the dams when no one is offline, really show how broke this new system is.

    It would work, but be slow, but work if it wasn't for those problems

    The reward for caping all the dams shouldn't be to get a chance to have some real fun.
    Sometimes people have to realise that even thought they gave there best intention that its not going to work out like they though it would
    This message isn't for mens I know you won't be convinced, it's for the rest of you.

    Also don't make up rules on the spot mens, there's no rules to have an option and your being a baby, "oh no he has a different option them me, banhammer" that's called powder abuse, you really shown your true colours.
    I wanted to stay around cause I knew there server would die like this when there's no fun, and I had the hope it would come back to the way it was and the people that play this will be convinced,
    and for them to realise that we play on this server, and should have a say in the changes, oh and I know what will be said,"oh you aren't the majority so stop trying to change it" well wake up, this system is very much less fun then the old system, I was trying to convince people that the system was flawed, and the old one was better.
    now if its ever fixed and the system is back to normal let me know, but untill then I have no intrested in this server, and you got your way, no one questions the great Mensrea.

    Go to this site and browse through the several content packs, these guys on here are all better modelers than flan, they look so much better. I recommend using some of the content packs on here, they are all phenomenal modelers and texturers.

    Ya but there a bug with some of the model like how you can't be in a jet for more then 5 seconds, unless we make a new pack with the models

    and on a slightly related not and not part of the response note

    we could use this gunship I made a while ago in a pack for the server

    and I'm close to getting it in a model file

    Now my content pack aren't just re-skins of the same gun, some assault rifles vary between accuracy and rate of fire, recoil and damage that also goes with the smgs like the bizon has a higher mag but lower damage while the ak74u has higher damage but lower accuracy and rapid fire, and the Russian guns aren't re-skins of the US and vice versa there all quite different

    Also it has all the things you listed with extra like an automatic rife and dmrs,
    and silencers don't really work that much, well maybe if I had a really quite gunshot that didn't echo as far like the rest,
    and there really isn't an option to in-cress the speed of the bullet cause if there was I would of ,they are really slow.

    and the only packs that are 1.4.6 are Mauns and Stans and I'll add the F22, A10, Lepored, some German apc, some Indian MBT, c-130, Humvee, and maybe helis, like the cobra and black hawk
    ,unfortunately the Russian pack is in 1.2.5 and doesn't work there is also a Russian bomber in Maunes pack but i can't seem to enter it though I don't know why?

    Guys I know it's hard finding out you've been getting fucked in the behind after all your work but you have to understand that wherever you go in life cheaters will be there first. It sounds weird but you guys are all like family to me. We've played together for over a year now and not many other players can say that. Mens, Tu and Laser you guys worked your asses off; I couldn't imagine how pissed you could be right now after learning all those guys cheated. You were outstanding leaders and players but more importantly friends. I really do hope this isn't a final decision. Just let me know, Dean and I will do whatever it takes to change your mind.

    Ok from what I got from people this has to do with X-ray texture packs on the OLD SERVER, so my next question , why is this relevant