G1R Warcraft: IC2, project red, guns, ICBM, gregtech & much more!

  • god dammit manus pack is fucking buggy as hell you can't fly a plane cause you just glitch out of it did he even try to test if they even worked

    but on a bright side a person i know is going to turn my tank into a model file

  • Keebes I was bored so I went on your tekkit server and somehow there was a chicken outbreak and all the chickens hatched simultaneously idk how but it's pretty messy.

  • Mens are you thinking about getting any Biome-Enhancing mods? Thought it would be cool to have sweet biomes if it doesn't screw up the server at all.

  • Mkeness is Present and Reporting for Duty!

    And if we're moving back to two teams, Red vs. Blue...

    Hell yeaaaaah! Blue For Da Win.

    Why can't we just use normal planes? :O Wus wrong with them? Besides the fact that you want the server to be a little futuristic....

    Anyways, not sure if I have time to play. Hehe....maybe just for the killing? :P

    Anyways, see you guys later, just wanted to say I...am...ALIVE! (And a new laptop so I can probably recoooooooooooord compared to my lame dual core computer)

  • Nothing is wrong with the vehicles or guns, they could just be a lot better. It also may seem that having a unified theme is not important but it has always drove me nuts that minecraft, especially once modded, is some god awful mish mash of every possible theme imaginable (running around in quantum armor shooting zombies with a magically enchanted bow WTF LSD LOL).

    However, I do want planes and guns which have IC2 recipes and possess more futuristic capabilities. Vehicles should have better handling and manueverability, speed and armor. Weapons should do more damage and have more range or be more accurate. Not sure if you have messed with any of flans packs but before I modified them I didn't think they were that impressive performance wise. Since the guns and vehicles will be improved performance wise the recipes should be more demanding. I'm also aiming to make all vehicle/gun/ammo recipes craftable so that production can be automated.

    Aside, I'm not basing whether I start the server up on if I have this special flans pack done or not. I will just start it up by saturday with altered WW2 stuff if I cant get it done this week; the pack can come later. The only thing I'm waiting on now is RP2 but I'm not waiting more than a week. If RP2 is going to become undependable then we will just dump it altogether (suggestions for replacements; preferably OPEN SOURCED ones would be appreciated).

    Does anyone know of any way to remove name plates permenantly? I want those damn things gone but comecloser and herosneak are not updated.

    Yes, I'm picking saturday 1-19-13 as the grand re-re-re-opening. That gives me enough time to set up all perms, test all the mods and plugins and build the map. I want to have everything ready instead of launching it THEN setting things up and pin pointing bugs, which is hard on all of us and creates many problems.

  • Go to this site and browse through the several content packs, these guys on here are all better modelers than flan, they look so much better. I recommend using some of the content packs on here, they are all phenomenal modelers and texturers.


    Ya but there a bug with some of the model like how you can't be in a jet for more then 5 seconds, unless we make a new pack with the models

    and on a slightly related not and not part of the response note

    we could use this gunship I made a while ago in a pack for the server

    and I'm close to getting it in a model file