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    Build #219 adds the diamond, emerald and oil crops. Since the Oil Berries is tier 9 it allows you to get the Ender Blossom because it was indeed impossible to get it (at least combining 2 crops, did not test 3 way or 4 way).

    Oilberries will be registered when buildcraft is detected (the buildcraft compat module revival actually helps this part). I intend to eventually implement the rest of the crops that matter to IC2 (that is why i just added all the textures) but I am currently busy with other stuff.

    Since it is not a new item i do not see why not. And the chance is low so seems like a non issue although it could be changed if it proves stupid.

    It is a bug. Although when i fix that i will also update the drop chances to match vanilla behavior so apples 0.5% chance from oak and dark oak and 5% of chance to drop saplings (except jungle sapling which is 2.5%) or sticks.

    Yes i cleaned up the crop model and revived the old stick textures. The gap between crops and farmland was also fixed so they sit flush now. I will look into that placing bug.

    The new code works for every biome that can be added to the game. Those are just example values for both vanilla and traverse.

    Instead of hard-coded values based on the biomeDictionary-based modifiers, these are now using actual per case calculations.

    The first part calculates the biome rainfall bonus. The second part calculates a temperature/rainfall coefficient bonus using the biome.getTemperature(BlockPos) method so crops in the same biome can have slight changes to the total bonus. The values I posted are an average from a random 400(x)x40(y)x400(z) area.

    Also the values can range from a minimum of -20 to a maximum of 20.

    I'm currently in the process of improving the agriculture module of IC2. This process includes changes, fixes and new content. I'll try to keep this thread updated with the progress. Please report any bugs and don't be afraid of asking questions.

    Starting with build 2-2.8.201 biome humidity bonuses have been implemented.

    Below is a list of the average bonus per biome (this list includes both vaniilla and traverse biomes):

    when placing a crop the air quality values where not being updated. So the total value of humidity + air quality + nutrients would be lower than it should. The reason for this only being noticed on high stat crops is that the value required for this sum increases the higher the crop stats, so low stat crops would do just fine without the added air quality value since the value would still be greater than the threshold.

    Wind strength varies. Sometimes your rotors won't have enough wind to spin. Then some other times especially during storms they will spin really fast. So 13 MCW is not a fixed value and will change.