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    Another experiment...
    Single mode, all components prepared in creative, then switched to survival, making laser - OK!
    All other mods is no matters...

    I've put the blame to one more seriously bug - unstackable entities, like a rubber, wires, adv. electronics etc. Items of same class are incompatible! :cursing:

    Maybe this is result of production by different users, I don't know
    Chocohead, if you want, I can send you zipped world with this items

    I have the same problem too!
    Build 691. In single-mode and creative all is OK, but in multiplayer/survival - when I put last component on my worktable - laser will appear for very short interval of time and then disapears... :((

    I think, this is a bug...

    Сталь ==> Закалённое железо
    Сталь ≠ Закалённое железо

    Это по старой технологии - переплавленное, рафинированное или закаленное железо. А по новой, в домне, со сжатым воздухом - тут конкретная сталь получается ;)
    Жаль только, что температура в реакционной зоне не самоподдерживается, как в реале...

    my variant:

    1. make quartz powder from hell's quartz
    2. refine quartz power in a blast furnace -> give silicone block (like glass block)
    3. make silicone panes from some silicone blocks (like glass panes)
    4. recipe: top - 3 silicone panes, center - 3 silicone panes, bottom: 1-2 uncoated tin wire and 1-2 red powder -> thin solar panel

    this panel NOT contains any electric circuits and cannot charge anything directly.

    Also we need solar controller (or maybe universal controller). It contains some electric circuits and wires, and it have a slot for accums. This controller can accept current from lot of panels, charge accums, and give energy to acceptors. At the night it can give energy of accums.

    Controllers are upgradeable, each upgrade increases maximal current.
    Also it can produce redstone signal charge/discharge

    Well, described process is extremally close to real industry ;)