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    I havent been having any resource issues, normaly been mining up enough to get my starting stuff and a Mass Fabricator within the first 3 days of starting, just off a few of getting a solar panel to get free energy for creating UU-Matter to stop my resource problems for IC2 and I create my own PhilStone through gold and redstone for Equivalent Exchange (Sadly due to a 1 letter typo can't create tin or copper with it any during the latest update)

    Would you say it is worth getting a Mass Fabricator connected to 1-5 Solar panels early in the game?
    Of course that is if you can afford it.
    Cause after you get it you can get other resources for free once a while.
    Cause normaly lately I've been coming back to my underground home with a whole double chest full of items before I start making anything other than 1 Iron Pickaxe and alot of stone Pickaxes I'm mining till I run out of like 10 stone Picks and 1 Iron Pick

    I grabbed the technic pack and stripped all the mods from it and just put in the MODs I use with my configs. Just to save me time from placing everything where need be.

    Just using it as a installer at this point and check updates for it to see if there are any MODs worth trying out to go with the rest of the ones I have. :)

    As for the whole copyright thing, I'm sure with the built-in API that is suppost to come out this month. May change how MODs are coded/installed making class files not have to edited after that, so we'll see how things go after that.