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    I've been trying to figure out a way to not waste any EU generated through fuel items. So that I'm either using the power or for it all to be stored away.

    Nevermind thought of a way to not waste any energy :P
    I need a not gate from RP2 though
    Have a switch to keep the power in the storage unless I want to use it, with a not gate beside a mass fab to take in any extra energy.

    the gate will turn off the mass fab to stop the intake of power while your machines are on.
    This a way to produce UU-Matter, but a way to burn up extra energy (IN STORAGE!, will take EU from generators to fill the batbox, MFE, or MSU)

    Okay so if I understand this correctly once full basicly sends a burst of EU out than stops again cause its no longer full (Unless your producing even power to keep it fully charged which than the lever dis useless)

    Sorry guys would try this myself but minecraft dont want to run and my cousin is downloading a game so I cant refresh my minecraft to try this myself. (Till tomorrow)

    So I was heading to the store and I starting wondering about this.

    If I put a lever next to a MSU and flip the lever will the MSU stop sending power? Or will it keep sending power to my machines?

    Tops out at 9.9k Heat
    Only requires 2 chambers

    My Breeder If you feel like using BC pipes just connect advanced Wooden pipe to the core to pipe out the Re-enriched Cells and if lucky near-depleted uranium cells (PUT URANIUM IN YOURSELF!)

    Both will run the full 1hr 30 min cycles
    Advised to use ice once uranium runs out to speed up the cooldown to start on the next one.
    Also havent gotten around to really trying this setup yet, cant get on the computer that can deal with a reactor exploding.

    3x Insulated HV cable(made of refined iron) won't burn if there is no more than 2048EU/p. Did you place HV transformer correctly ?(you need HV transformer)

    I forgot the transformer all together XD
    gonna try a smaller version of it with my ice machine than slowly up, I have to build onto it

    Can I get help setting up a off switch with RP2?
    Can't figure out the gates and that, trying to get my nuclear reactor to run for 20 seconds every 5 minutes (To resupply with ice)

    - You would put all of that into your 40 MFSUs.
    - You probably forgot about HV cable, which can handle up to EV (2048EU/t). That should be enough.
    SO ? Are you goin to try it ?

    Is that 400 Ice per Cycle?

    Got less than 1/4 of the uranium in the reactor for that MASSIVE setup and the cable burned up.

    soooo... Ice is no problem ? Well then http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…=1l10101001511621s1r11r10.

    Edit: fixed link

    ........ 400 Ice to keep that going
    But pumps out damn near 400 Million EU
    The question is WHERE WOULD I PUT ALL OF THAT!
    Not to mention the output on that is higher than 512 so no cable can handle it.

    Anyways was told UU-Matter can be turn into Uranium (wasnt told the recipe though so I have to try and find it)
    So once I figure out the required EU to create enough UU to keep Uranium cells in my reactors I'm all good :)

    Actually, my slight edit of your design performs much better (try to remove that ice cube from your design).

    I use EE and redpower 2 so creating a mass amount of ice is nothing, anyways the ice is to allow me to cool my reactor faster.

    Though I may look into making a cross breed of the slight tweak of yours that you made on mine and the orginal to reduce the costs and may produce a higher output :P

    Nice. Do you prefer high output or rather effectivity ?
    If you want to keep your first "child", I made slightly cheaper version for you here. If you compare it with your design, you will notice some changes to generally improve cooling and reduce cost.
    If cells are not problem for you, i suggest looking for most effective EU/t reactor somwhere around (not that old thread). This is one of reactors there.
    If you want to get most EU from your cells, this one has very good effectivity.
    I did not make the last design myself.

    Looking to use it on a mass fab, so I want the total energy to be high. On the list of reactors that is Mark-II mine has the highest output so far. (And still looking to tweak it more :P)
    More cycles I can have it do the better,
    How long is 1 cycle anyways?
    So 100,000 ticks per cycle, that is 20 ticks per second
    so 5,000 seconds/60 (mintue) = around 84 minutes so about a hour and a half of power.
    So about 4.5 Minecraft days

    That is awesome

    Ice Eater (Reactor)
    Keeping it going requires a factory to create ice, eff of 3.33, output of 200EU/t, total output 40 million Mark-II

    Ok so I checked the wiki, seeing how idk if ricky is a username or the person's real name
    Putting depleted Isotope cells beside a uranium cell to change it to a re-enriched uranium cell
    Hotter your reactor the faster the cell charges, so you put Lava around your reactor (Or fire)

    Came up with a decent breeder, have to check if i'll explode before I post a link up for it first.

    I use EE and RP2
    I'll just use a block breaker to get snow from snow golems
    Than just up the Snow to ice :)
    To make it go better I'll setup a line of snow golems to get alot of snow fast to get a surplus amount of snow.

    I need to figure out breeders next to get a good setup
    Any tutorials on breeders?

    What you guys think about this Reactor design?

    Just messing around with the editor, trying to make a design I can leave on (Will be connect to 3-5 MSUs)
    The Ice Eater (Only if you think you got the grapes)

    Ice Coolant (Only cause it doesn't eat ice like a flamethrower)

    It is my first every reactor design,
    Makes 160EU/t
    Totals 32 Million EU
    4 Minute Cooldown

    I think I made a really good Mark-II for it being my first ever Reactor Design

    Almost 8.5 hours to get 5 free tin/copper
    How long for a Nano Suit or whatever it is called, I sorta don't want to know.

    Well during those 8 hours I would be setting up other power sources for it.

    I just look at it as a early start to getting UU-Matter to get my armor and extra resources from them while I mine.

    Generator > Macetator > Compressor > Mass Fabricator > Solar Panel > Bat Box x2 > Upgrade generator to solar Panel

    Mass Fabricator only to rid myself of extra power when I have alot of charcoal built up.
    Once I have the Solar Panel I have the Mass Fabricator running all day,
    1 Batbox to collect extra energy and the other to build up energy so the Mass Fabricator gets power. (Also its connected to the one storing up extra power for my other Machines while I get Solar Panels setup.

    Than I have UU-Matter building from the start, even though its slow it helps incase of any Tin or Copper problems I hit.