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    I Actually power a quarry using Redstone-Engines :P

    It's more for testing purpose. I'm actually at 32 Redstone-Engines, but will go further until I reach max speed.

    To me that seems like a waste of materials. Unless your using something like EE that wouldn't be the best way to go.

    I dont know how they are over powered
    Turning Cobble to sand in the macerator
    1 Re-Battery, 1 Overclocker produces 11 Sand and just on the line off making 12
    1 Re-Battery, 0 Overclocker produces 12 Sand and half way to 13

    So 1 only makes it less than 10% faster.

    So really only way I would bother using it is by doing this.
    8 Storage Modules to 1 overclocker, to make up for the extra power used, and 8 ocerclockers anyways helps out more than enough.

    But if you got time, I just wouldnt use them, if your trying to get stuff done fast than use them.

    1. I'm not hosting or working on the wiki. It's a community-based wiki.
    2. I don't think i can bother to spend time on writing a detailed guide for everything.
    3. I strongly dislike the fact BC is SELLING their PDF guide.

    What is funny is that they have a wiki and a handbook for it.
    Anyways only thing that would be good about it, and idk if it is like this or not, but if you can DL the guide after it has been updated if you have already paid for it for free, as in free updated guide. If not than I dont see a point in it myself. Also I'm just too cheap to pay for a guide when I can use NEI or a craft guide to figure the reciepes than figure the rest out on my own. Now if I had money to donate hell ya I would.

    Power Converter mod should be being worked on again.
    TehKrush had to for IC2 to update to 1.1 before he could start working on it.
    So my fav way to convert power should be 1.1 within a week or two :) (I hope)

    I have to admit condensed Water and Wind Mills would be nice
    Water Mills would be
    .1 (Normal)
    .8 Lv (16.8 Max Output)
    6.4 MV (134.4 Max Output)
    51.2 HV (1075.2 Max output)

    Really depends on how you setup your water tower, effects how much power you will generate

    As for the Wind Mill I sorta dont even want to know what the power outputs will be for that.

    it is cool, but its like getting energy from nowhere.

    Or you can make mini generator be a Tiny Fusion Nuclear reactor which uses air Hydrogen to produce energy :P

    The mini generator the best option for a upgrade like that would be something like this, in my opinion

    N = Nuclear Reactor
    W = Windmill
    A = Advanced Circuits


    Thats what I'm thinking at least, high cost for something to pull energy out of nothing, seeing how it would be pulling energy through the air, the wind mills are logical
    the Advanced circuits to up the cost of it a bit.
    And the Nuclear Reactor as maybe a way to change the energy (Though it can be changed)

    It is just my idea of what the receipe would look like.

    None atm... Power Crystals has stopped maintaining his mod, and unfortunately, he was the last person who had modded power conversion that was active...

    Kinda wish somebody would take over the Energy Coupler add-on and get that updated soon...

    Means I'll have to power my BC stuff with BC engines again......
    I was so enjoying using Solar Arrays to power everything XD

    List of MODs and what machines your using would help out a bit.
    PS: 1 block breaker if setup right can feed 2 recyclers to keep them feed at all times (Better the setup though harder it is on your computer)
    You trying to make a UU-Matter Factory as small as possible?