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    I find it okay, she is in fact releasing a unfinished product or at least she finds it that way, otherwise she would not bother to map every single feature she wants to include into a development tree and start refering to each feature she wants to improve or implement with each prerelease number (PR5 was all about frame and iirc PR 6 or 7 will be about redoing the worldegeneration thing).

    One of these days she will drop the Prerelease thing, but not until she is completely satisfied with how her mod turned out to be.

    And then what will she do with it? Jus keep it like that and add nothing new? I mean, RP2 is already solid enough to be a mod, she could just release it and then add the stuff she wants, it's not like it's a PS2 videogame or something where she can't update.

    the internet isnt safe for 12 year olds it seems im talking about *puts sunglasses on* YOU YEEEEEAAAHHAAA

    I've been thinking... should I answer? I'll do, just because I feel like it. First, the date on my profile is wrong, it should be 5th Jan 1998, but even if it says 1st May 1998 that's 13. Maybe you should go back to primary school and learn some basic maths. Second, your posts seem quite childish, as opposed to mine, and your grammar sucks so much it's not even funny. So, even if I'm younger, I am more mature, and if I'm not, you aren't demonstrating it, and quite frankly having worse grammar than a 14 year old is quite depressing.

    Everyone mad, and I don't even know why.

    I'll tell you why. BECAUSE MR.COMMA AND MR.FULL-STOP LIKE TO BE USED. No, seriously, his posts are very, very, very annoying to read. Imagine he wrote a wall-o-text, your eyes would be bleeding before you could say HAYO! So yeah...

    Less bad jokes? No, that wouldn't be HAYOish at all... I mean, it's one of the things I love about the wiki, it adds some fun to reading it, because guess what? Huge walls of text are BORING. And, just because you can't keep UUM recipes because they're widespread in the internet, doesn't mean they have to be there in the official wiki if the creators want them to be secret. Do you want to see the UUM recipes? Just go to one of those sites which have them, It shouldn't be a problem, since they're so common.

    Now I remember! It's not "rama", in Spain we call them "esqueje", "plantón" or "brote", pick the one you like the most. "Arbusto" is NOT the correct word for it I can tell you that for a fact, I, or anyone I know have never referred to arbuso as anything other than a shrub/bush. Now "esqueje" and "brote" can refer to any plant, while "plantón" is more specific and used for trees. Plantón is the name of the branch (rama) you place in the ground for a new tree to grow.

    Now, just something I've wondered since I saw this thread, are you Spanish? I'm guessing you aren't but you never know.

    Actually, now that I think of it that is probably a better translation, and it does sound more natural to me.

    You're welcome, I'm always happy to help out with stuff like this.

    Edit: Just noticed one term you may want to change

    Arbusto del caucho - (Árbol joven del caucho)*Arbusto is shrub. I think a sapling might be called "plantón" but I'm not entirely sure.

    The translation is pretty good, congrats, however I would change some things ( format is current name - (name I would suggest in brackets) *Comments with an asterisk):

    Turbina de Tesla - (Torre Tesla)
    Bomba Extractora - (Bomba de Extracción)
    Bola de Carbon compactada - (Bola de Carbón comprimida)
    Cable de ultra-baja tensión - (Cable de tensión Ultra-Baja) *Ultra-baja tensión is the wrong order
    Compuesto avanzado - (Aleación avanzada) *Aleación is a more accurate translation
    Hazada de bronce - (Azada de bronce) *Wrong spelling
    Láser minero - (Laser de minería)*Minero is the person
    Jetpack Electrtico - (Jetpack Eléctrico)*I guess that was just a typo
    Lingote de metal compuesto -(Lingote de metal aleado)

    The ones with no comment are just because they sound more natural to me, other than that, excellent work, I like it.


    Also, you don't need to make several versions to fit the regional variations of the same language, if you use words with clear meanings, anyone who speaks Spanish will be able to understand them, for example, in Mexico we use the word "pila" more commonly than "bateria", but we all know what a "bateria" is.


    Macerator->Electro furnace->Generator->Extractor is what I find works best with the mod combination I use, which is pretty large, but with it I have plenty of redstone. When playing IC standalone I go Macerator->Generator->Electro->Extractor since I can't get redstone from charcoal and/or sugarcane.