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    Does anyone know of any servers with ic2 but not every other mod under the sun? Minecraft does not work well on my computer with more than 10 mods.

    I am looking for a mod (1.7.10) that provides oil and the ability to refine it in some way. I would ask elsewhere but it needs to be compatible with pumps, fluid regulators, and semifluid generators. I would appreciate something other than buildcraft because for refining, you need the factory module, and I don't like the autocrafting or need to produce and distribute another type of electricity in addition to EU. :Fuel:

    Well with IC2 only it's going to be quite difficult, maybe you should get Buildcraft since it has some pretty good fluid pipes. It won't be hard to set them up and the flow can be turned on or off, they will still have water in them after the water flow is turned off (unless something uses it all up in which case they won't have any more), but that shouldn't be a problem because if you break them while they still have water inside it won't get out, it will just disappear.

    I am trying to avoid installing a lot of mods due to lag/crashing issues I have had in the past, but I will take a look at it.

    I am building a city in experimental and am trying to figure out a way to deliver water without using massive amounts of eu with fluid regulators. If the water is flowing, I want to be able to turn it on and off for maintenance. I have tried simply having it flow through a tunnel, but this makes it difficult to access, and it has to go down a block every 7 blocks, so it is very distance-limited. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.