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    1. You can run as many machines as you want on a Line, providing you can get enough current through that line.
    For Example, your 2 LV Ore Washing plants and the mystery machine would need a capable of treansmitting 3 amps of LV (4x Tin cable for example).
    Both your networks would not work since LV energy can only be transfered in packets of 32EU. And since you are using 3 machines, every now and then 3 amps would be needed which your power supply cant handle.

    This could be done by 3 LV Steam turbines, a LV Battery Buffer with at least 4 LV batteries or something similar. A similar setup is shown here
    If you want to cluster a lot of machines together you need to use cables that can handle higher currents and be able to supply enough power. For Lower tiers materials like Cobalt, Cupronickel and Electrum can handle up to 24 amps. The higher tiers have materials like Tungsten and Yttrium-Barium which can handle 48 amps. These cables also have higher specific loses.

    2. Yes, thats how it works.

    3. As far as I know energy is coded similar to a fluid. Energy sources generally try to "fill up" every buffer (cables, transformers and machines) and will stop outputting when everything is full.
    I've never encountered a setup that would waste energy when nothing is working (apart from literally voiding energy). But it would probably better if Bloody answered that one.
    Your setup should output 2amps of LV.

    4. I usually use a jetpack and a mining laser to drill a hole from the surface down to bedrock. Since for an area of 3x3 chunks one mix vein is generated, this finds them pretty reliably.
    You could also use the seismic prospector which would also help you to find good oil and gas sources.

    I hope I got everything correct, if I didnt I hope that someone will correct me.

    The ZPM has so much power it may be worthwhile to invest more into UUM for a steady supply of osmium (and tungsten if you're not rolling in it) before venturing into fusion. Mk I is quite the task to afford but the fuel generator design is where most of the work is. The power output will seem relatively small compared to the ZPM though and it'd probably just be a stopgap until you hit Mk 2. Be+D is the holy grail. I calculated about 160 kEU/t net gain using LV machines and tungstensteel turbines. Interestingly when I made the calculations a year ago recyclers always seemed to increase EU usage. Maybe I made a mistake or things have been rebalanced but I didn't see the purpose of using recyclers other than reducing initial machine cost.

    Is tungsten really that rare? My current supply is running low, I only have a few hundreds löeft but i know of at least 4 more mix veins of tungsten. If i mine that with the advanced miner i should be set for a very long time.
    How much Osmium is "enough Osmium"? My current UUM setup produces about 5000-6000L a day. says it draws 2 amps, so the usage comes out to 24 volts 2 amps for a total of 48 EU/t.

    I can confirm this, I just finished upgrading my ore processing System.
    Iam using 32 LV Ore washing plants (32*16EU/t=512EU/t), 32 LV Thermal Centrifuges (32*48EU/t=1536EU/t) and 8 HV Macerators (8*8*2EU/t=128EU/t).
    This sums to 2176 EU/t. The actual consumption is 2360EU/t which seems about right considering all the transformers, cables and type filters I've used.

    And while I'm at it (and i feel the need to brag :P ) my UU-Matter system uses 32 LV Recyclers (32*1EU/t=32EU/t), one LV Amplifabricator (1*32EU/t=32EU/t) and 4 LV Mass fabricators (4*8*32EU/t=1024EU/t).
    This sums up to 1088EU/t again, the actual consumption is a bit higher with 1300EU/t. This system also uses a shit-ton of Transformers and needs to power small AE system.

    I just found a ZPM and since i dont have a flying city to power, Iam currently using it to power my drilling rigs. At first glance that monster should last them several months at their current output. Are there better uses for that thing? Like jump-starting a Fusion reactor?

    It was intended. For GT6 Greg decided to change it because washing now returns byproducts. He did even ask in his thread what the players preferred. Washing full stacks or byproducts.

    Btw. I'm back from my short holiday in case anyone noticed i was away.

    Of course we noticed :thumbup: Welcome back.

    Does anyone know how much energy the Basic Mass Fabricator needs?
    The wiki says 32EU/t but since I need 3 LV transformers to feed only one, I suspect that Iam doing something wrong.

    Iam using EV Voltage in my base and am stepping that down to LV to feed the fabricators. But a single transformer isnt enough to power a Fabricator and neither are two.

    Do you have any Ideas why that might be?

    Most of those can go in the fusion reactor for either elemental synthesis or energy production.

    Ah, I never thought of that. Lets just hope that I get to fusion sometime this year :D

    Yeah these are the uses I currently know of. But they dont consume nearly enough to keep up with production.
    I have literally tens of thousand Sulfur lying arround from all the redstone processing I did to get enough Chrome and Ruby dust.
    Lithium in particular is bugging me since I dont need that many batteries (which is even more true since I reached EV/IV age) and burning it seems a bit wasteful when I could use Uranium instead.

    Known issue, not practical to fix according to Blood Asp, due to special code for the Amplifabricator:…24#issuecomment-227008830

    Ah, good thing I didnt jump the gun on github then ;)
    Thanks very much, guess I'll just have to spam the machines the old fashioned way.

    While I'm already here, I'd like to know if there is some obscure use for some of the Elements I have lying arround in bulk.
    These are:
    Sulfur, Sodium Beryllium (I dont need that many reflectors), Potassium, Manganese, Cobalt, Calcium, Lithium and Carbon.

    Hey Guys, I might have found a bug when using the Amplifabricator in a Processing Array.

    But before I add it on Github I wanted to make sure that I didnt do anything wrong.
    I have a Processing array containing 16 Basic Amplificatros. Since they require 32 Volts and pull one amp of current, the multiblock has a HV Energy Hatch.
    It also has one LV input bus, one LV Output hatch and a Maintainance Hatch.

    When I supply the multiblock with power and put Scrap into the input bus the machine doesent start, even when hit by a soft hammer.

    Iam 100% certain that the multiblock is supplied with sufficient power.

    So far I've tried the following things:
    -Reducing the number of Amplificators
    -Changing the Energy hatch to EV
    -Replacing the scrap by Scrap boxes

    None of which have worked.

    Has anyone encountered this issue before?

    Iam playing on the Beyond Reality Modpack and this issue happens on both the most recent Version (v22) and the one before that (v21).
    None of my custom Minetweaker Scripts mess with the Amplificator and this issue still comes up when I remove my scripts.

    I hope someone here can help me.
    As usual, thanks in advance ;)

    That is a really nice setup. I never thought about transfering the heat elsewhere to gain on efficiency.
    I might try something like that for my Thorium Core.
    Also, I didnt know that you could make the IC2 multiblocks share a wall. The more you know.

    I see you are using HSS-S Turbines, I would like to as well. But so far I didnt have any luck with finding Iridium or Osmium. And I value my Tungsten too much to use it on a Tungstencarbide rotor which has less than halve the durability of HSS-S.
    I also really like your storage for the Coolant(I read that some Power plants use heat sinks like that too). I dont use something like that and just live with a bit of normal steam sneaking through on warm-up. Since I plan on using this for my baseload warm-up shouldnt happen too often.

    For now I'm producing materials for 6 new turbines. But I will share my setup once everything is running and I fixed the hole in the wall.
    After the Reactor is running I need to work on automation.. I need something to produce Hydrogen and Centrifuge Redstone aswell as process Ores in huge amounts.

    8| You have four 5x5 reactors and 6 turbines set up, and yet you're bothered by the huge footprint needed to produce enough biomass?

    Well... if you put it that way... I didn't think this setup was that big since I need at least 4000 Hot Coolant/s to get the LHE to produce SHS at max efficiency.
    And I got my biomass from plain old carrots without much growth acceleration. If I want to get serious with Biogas, I would need to start breeding.
    Also... nuclear is way cooler than Biogas.. I mean.. look at that:
    I even put blue lights in there to emulate Cherenkov radiation :D. Please disregard the "natural ventilation" and the missing covers on the pipes.
    This setup will probably only get bigger as I get more Plutonium to use in MOX. This also wont affect my huge thorium supply, and as that isnt as energy dense as Uranium or MOX I will probably expand this in the future.

    When a multiblock explodes, all active parts of it(hatches, controller) get removed and explosions get triggered at that space. It seems for some reason the explosions triggered were too weak to destroy other blocks. I have seen other explosions of the LHE and that destroyed quite a lot more.

    That sounds about right. But when I tested this in creative I put the LHE on plain dirt and the dirt still wasnt affected by the explosion.

    The conversion ratios of water/steam is: 1L Water = 160L SHSteam = 160L Steam. Superheated Steam needs 2x the heat to be produced and produces 2x the EU as normal steam. It turning into normal steam is the step making it more efficient. You need 2 stages of turbines, but your energy output is 50% more for the same amount of fuel used. That way your 6000EU/t turn into 9000EU/t.

    Oh boy... here we go again on Blue steel and HSS production. I might need more than 4 EBF's...
    I ninja edited my original post and changed the 6kEU/t to 8kEU/t which means that once iam done, I will produce 12kEU/t. I wonder if that will last me until fusion.
    Probably not.. I was that naive before with my Charcoal setup. and that only produces 4kEU/t.

    Okay the case of the disappearing Heat exchanger has been solved.
    It was indeed due to a lack of distilled water. But why it only kills the hatches is beyond me.
    The reason for that is that the turbines arent outputting distilled water as I expected. Instead they are outputting normal steam.
    Was it always this way or did something change?

    Not that Iam complaining, I can always use additional energy. If thats normal, does anyone know the exact conversion ration for SHS to normal Steam? I cant find anything on the wiki.

    As it stands I have four 5x5 reactors each producing 1200 Hot Coolant/s this is fed into a LHE which produces enough SHS to feed 6 HSS-E Turbines. After all I should get 8kEU/t out of this.

    I share your preference for Biogas. But what I gain form the higher energy density of Biogas, I loose in the huge footprint I need to produce enough Biomass. I had Biogas setup running but I could barely feed one turbine.
    I assume you were using custom bred IC2 crops? I never got into that and have no idea how that works.

    In addition I have huge stockpiles of fissible Material which I need to burn. As a bonus I get lots of plutonium out of this which I can use for out of the way RTG'S.

    Somewhat unfortunate choice of name for the machine, since the abbreviation is ambiguous with the single-block Liquid Heat Exchanger. However, since you mention titanium casings, I presume you mean the Large Heat Exchanger. As far as it exploding, that multiblock doesn't require an energy hatch, so it can't exactly experience over-voltage, but it can explode if it runs out of distilled water while running.

    Based on the wiki description of the Large Boiler, I thought it might explode if it ran out of water even without heat input (such as charcoal) unless disabled by soft hammer, and that the Large Heat Exchanger was similar in that regard, but looking at the code, I'm not sure either would explode unless they ran out of (distilled) water while actually running.

    Yes I was talking about the Large Heat Exchanger.
    Its not that the whole thing explodes... its just that the four Input/Output hatches, the maintainance hatch and the cotroller itself just... disappear. Iam pretty sure it was supplied with distilled water although I'll check again.

    In a completely unrelated matter... did you know that an exploding 5x5 reactor doesen't care about being submerged under 4 blocks of water and a layer of reinforced stone? It still took out half of the building..

    Has anyone experienced the LHE despawning shortly after being turned on?
    I just finished building my Nuclear Power plant and the LHE controller block aswell as any hatches despawn a few seconds after turning on. Alsmost as if they experienec "Over-Voltage".
    Afterwards I'm left with a chunk of Titanium casings which do me no good.

    This also happens in a creative world. The LHE is build in a single chunk.

    Any ideas?

    Hi! I am new to GregTech and want to ask how do I get a diamond?
    When I found a diamond ore I cant mine it.... Then I found a small diamond ore and only a dust came out so please help.

    Hey there, great to see a new face :)

    I assume you found a Graphite vein with a few Diamond Ores arround Y=12. You probably cant mine the ore because it requires a better tool than you currently have.
    Diamond Ore requires a pick with mining level of 3 or higher. That is no easy feat and requires some machinery. You can find a list of the materials and their mining levels here:

    On first glance I would recommend a Cobalt Or a Gem Pick to mine your diamonds.

    The "Small Ore" you found is something different. Small ores always drop dusts or crushed ores. Which means that unless you have a few relatively high tier machines, you wont get diamonds out of them.
    But you shouldnt need diamonds that early anyways. Focus on finding Tin and Copper to make Bronze, you'll need A LOT of bronze to get your steel production going. Which you will need for your first machines.

    Feel free to ask if something is unclear. Gregtech can be pretty overwhelming at first.

    Yeah conveyor modules were what I was going for. In the end I settled with a Extractor/Solidifier setup for sheets and plates.
    Now that you said it, Iam playing with the idea of using the solidifer for all plates and removing the bender..
    But for now its fine and I cant be bothered to change the system.

    I know what you mean. Setting everything up can be quite annoying. But I like to think about how to make the whole thing as compact and efficient as possible (without loosing my sanity).
    And there is something satisfying to requsting a stack of Energy Flow circuits and watching the system work...

    The next bottleneck is sticky resin... I haven yet figured out how to automate extracting the resin from the trees.. There is a liquid called "rubber tree sap" but I cant figure out how to get it..

    Iam aware of that, but that would require dedicating a Extruder just for plates. And since the bending machine already does that and i already have Extruders for Rods, Bolt, Gears etc. I wanted to cheat a little.

    Quoted from "Cocolumbo"
    I could just have changed the extruder recipe or probably more sensible, just add another extruder into the autocrafting system.

    The need for additional extruders, plate benders, assemblers, etc. with different molds/shapes/configuration circuits is part of why I'm not using AE2 autocrafting.

    What do you use instead? Or are you so hardcore that you do it all manually?

    Quoted from "Cocolumbo"
    And another thing poped up, AE2 doesent like the Gregtech electric motors (LV,MV etc.). When is use them in recipes thorugh NEI shift-clicking they dont get put into the crafting grid and when i use them in autocrafting the recipe doesent get recognized as valid. Any thoughts on that?

    I don't think that's AE2's fault. I've run into the same issue using a vanilla crafting table, and the AE2 crafting terminal actually does better with GregTech metatools, though last I knew (which was admittedly several months ago at least) GT electric motors worked in AE2 autocrafting recipes. Once you put enough GT motors, pistons, pumps, or whatever into the crafting grid to craft what you need, AE2 can pull more of them from storage to craft more when you shift+click or right-click the target item.

    I got it to work, the molecular assemblers dont seem to have a problem with the metaitems.

    Okay.. that whole thing was an utter trainwreck... You were absolutely right the recipe is backwards... and now I can bend plates into bars -.-
    My motivation behind this is that I wanted to make rubber rings for Pumps in an Extruder. Sadly the Extruder only takes Rubber Bars as an input for that.
    My incredbly elegant fix for that was to only produce rubber bars in my AE system and then change the recipe for plates.

    I could just have changed the extruder recipe or probably more sensible, just add another extruder into the autocrafting system.

    Concerning the Lazurite, the Modpack Iam playing with (Beyond Reality) doesent have a recipe for Lazurite plates out of dust. Instead it requires the making of blocks which the nneed to be cut into plates.

    And another thing poped up, AE2 doesent like the Gregtech electric motors (LV,MV etc.). When is use them in recipes thorugh NEI shift-clicking they dont get put into the crafting grid and when i use them in autocrafting the recipe doesent get recognized as valid. Any thoughts on that?

    While we are still on the topic of MT Scripts, i have another problem.
    I want to add a recipe for rubber plates out of rubber bars in the Plate bender.

    My command is:

    mods.gregtech.PlateBender.addRecipe(<gregtech:gt.metaitem.01:11880>, <gregtech:gt.metaitem.01:17880>, 5, 32);

    It loads perfectly but doesent show up in NEI or actually works. I suspect that is because an integrated circuit is needed. so i changed the command to:

    mods.gregtech.PlateBender.addRecipe(<gregtech:gt.metaitem.01:11880>, <gregtech:gt.metaitem.01:17880>, <gregtech:gt.integrated_circuit:24> * 0, 5, 32);


    mods.gregtech.PlateBender.addRecipe(<gregtech:gt.metaitem.01:11880>, [<gregtech:gt.metaitem.01:17880>, <gregtech:gt.integrated_circuit:24> * 0], 5, 32);

    Both fail to load. Iam sure it is (as usual) a minor thing, but I cant seem to figure it out with my usualk google-fu.
    Iam also having difficulties with getting the recipe for Lazurite plates in the compressor to work. The following command loads without a hith but doesent work:

    mods.ic2.Compressor.addRecipe(<gregtech:gt.metaitem.01:2524>, <gregtech:gt.metaitem.01:17524>);

    thanks very much in advance ;)

    There are a few options to refinine oil .

    Iam pretty sure that a single refinery can do every step of the way (Cracking the oil and refining the components) but has horrible efficency.But correct me if Im wrong

    You can get better if you use the oil cracking unit (a multi block) to crac kthe oil before refining it.

    And the best way is the distillation tower which is obscene but requires a ton of stainless steel and other high tier materials.