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    I personally don't update Forge, unless there is a new MC-Version out (still running Dev-Environment on old MC1.4.6-Forge). I just don't want to depend on the latest Forge for absolutely no Reason (like many other Mods sometimes do). If one updates Forge to get access to a new and really needed Feature of it, then good, but if nothing Forgereleated is going to change at all, then better don't update Forge.

    I can agree with a developer not updating to use new features if they don't need them, but users should always use the recommended forge because each update generally contains improvements and bug fixes which are important.

    Can you get to

    That's the direct download listing.

    To install just download the "universal" .zip from that list (I'm using the latest [411])
    Create a copy of your minecraft.jar in case you need to roll back to the default for some reason
    Open up your minecraft.jar in WinZip or 7Zip (I recommend 7Zip)
    Delete META-INF from minecraft.jar
    Open the forge .zip you just downloaded also in WinZip or 7Zip and copy EVERYTHING from the forge .zip to the minecraft.jar
    Close both WinZip or 7Zip windows and run Minecraft as normal

    An easier way would be to use a launcher like MultiMC which can handle downloading and installing Forge for you (though I don't use it so you'd have to google that one)