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    don't get me wrong, i'm not implying that he doesn't know how, i'm saying that he must have overlooked a config file (even I do sometimes) or his archiver is not copying or something

    All I did from the ssp to smp version, is removed the addlocalization, removed the register of the gui, and removed the gui class, and removed the images. Your propablly looking at that facepalming, lol. Its my first smp mod, so I don't know what I did. But there is no config, everything is set right, and there both installed right.

    yeah it is registered. Also I will be making it operate 8 items at once, and one scrap will always be produced.

    Hello! This is the Bulk Recycler. It does what it sounds like, It has a bigger Recycler Bay, it also eats up 8 items at once, and always produces a scrap. Will not operate without 8 items. It requires 16eu/t for it to operate.


    Currently it is only SSP, I tried to port to SMP but I have a problem. It is probably something simple that I forgot, but it is keeps saying: There is no block with id 186, and when I craft it it crashes and says end of stream. If anyone knows whats going on tell me.


    If I fail to update this or port it to bukkit, or anything, you all have the right to use and manipulate and redistribute my source code.



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