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    Why not show both an itemized list of materials AND a list of components? Saves the user the trouble of counting each heat vent.

    I save reactor designs by planner code, so having the additional parameters get baked in saves me bookkeeping. I did say it probably wasn't that useful XD.

    Amazing tool, I honestly don't know what I'd do without it. I do have two suggestions though. First, it would be really helpful if the shopping list gave a count of each component used. Second, and admittedly this one probably isn't as useful, it would be nice if automation settings and initial reactor temp got saved in the export code.

    I'm not sure why the planner lists HU/s since the number it shows is HU/t. If you build any of the fluid reactor designs in-game you will notice that the reported heat is 20x the simulated heat (it's showing HU/s in-game and HU/t in the simulation).

    Here are the best reactors I've come up with:

    You can squeeze a little bit more efficiency using Iridium Reflectors, but those are hilariously expensive compared to the increase in efficiency.

    EDIT: Upon closer inspection, Korlus' fluid reactor design (minus the reflectors) is slightly cheaper than the 12 Uranium Rod design I initially listed. Cheapened it further for the lower heat demand and updated the spoiler block.

    Pretty good design, but I think the one I use is slightly better.

    Code: 2303230C0A140D140A03230C0D0C0D0C0D14230C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D140D140D140D140D14
    EU/t: 240
    Efficiency: 6

    If you can't afford the 4 iridium reflectors, you can use 6 thick neutron reflectors per iteration. If even that is unpalateable, use the following design which uses only 1 iridium reflector or half of a thick reflector per iteration.

    Code: 0302000C0A140D140A02030C0D0C0D0C0D14230C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D140D140D140D140D14
    EU/t: 290
    Efficiency: 4.83

    Both are basically the same design with different fuel loads. 680 vent cooling is the best I've been able to manage, but I think I've seen designs that have 692.

    The blastfurnace section of recipes.cfg is for the electric blast furnace only. The Bronze Blast Furnace only produces steel (none of the other EBF metals work), and the times are hard-coded (and not shown in NEI - see ).

    Ah ha, thanks for clearing that up. I guess it's up to me to create the config I want XD. Boo hard coded stuff :(. Not a fan of gating the mod behind hours and hours of waiting for the Bronze Blast Furnace to smelt steel or alternatively dumping thousands of bronze on multiple furnaces. On another note, can the Blast Furnace be fed by pipes or a hopper? Can they be emptied like that?

    I'm fairly sure the times there are in ticks.

    Ah ok. Working under the assumption that the values are listed by input, it seems that steel should only take 25s, but it's been taking several minutes for me. Am I reading something wrong, or is there another setting that multiplies those times for the Bronze Blast Furnace? My Recipes.cfg is using the default values atm.

    Hello all, made an account for this one purpose. First off, thanks for all the effort from all involved parties to make such a fun mod. Second, I was looking through Recipes.cfg at the blast furnace section and wanted to confirm that the numbers that are defined there are the times (in seconds?) that it takes to run the specified operation. I enjoy the complexity of GT, but sitting and watching the blast furnace tick while I'm bottlenecked is no fun.