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    Things should work, let me know otherwise.

    Added a new tool, the Skookum Choocher, a Wrench/Hard Hammer combo.
    Added Fluids for every material I add.
    Fixed dust recipes, Small/Tiny/Normal.
    Redid most recipes for most things from most materials (mostly, lol)

    Commits on Sep 14, 2016
    Draknyte1 Attempting to Rewrite the entire material system for future use (Also… b74a1c7
    Draknyte1 Finished Material Re-write, I hope. 460a2c2
    Draknyte1 Tidying Up some Materials. 8713ff9
    Draknyte1 More Work clearing up Nulls. cbeebce
    Draknyte1 I think only shape(less) recipes for Small/Tiny dusts & implementing … 5aaa070
    Draknyte1 Tweaked ItemBlocks for Fluids c27bb3b
    Draknyte1 $ Fixed Fluids properly and finally. 25d797d

    Commits on Sep 15, 2016
    Draknyte1 $ Fixed the Skookum Choocher. 29baafe
    Draknyte1 $ Fixed the Skookum Choocher, not it: bceb019
    Draknyte1 % Changed the Skookum Choocher texture to be mirrored, so that the ha… 98b223f
    Draknyte1 $ Fixed a strange texture loading issue, now there's a segment dedica… 556dd18
    Draknyte1 % Changed the recipe for a final time. 817c7af

    Commits on Sep 17, 2016
    Draknyte1 [1.4.8-prerelease] 914c075
    Draknyte1 % Had to remove some overrides as the methods I use probably are rena… b1a47b6

    Commits on Sep 19, 2016
    Draknyte1 + Added Fluid Tank Logging. 143ff7a
    Draknyte1 + More Gt 5.09 compat for my MetaTools. 9ce2e53
    Draknyte1 Merge pull request #13 from draknyte1/NewMatSystem e701cae

    Commits on Sep 23, 2016
    Draknyte1 index on NewMatSystem: 9ce2e53 + More Gt 5.09 compat for my MetaTools. cb0b3a6
    Draknyte1 On NewMatSystem: Winging It. a3f0d65
    Draknyte1 Merge branch 'master' of 9b13b07
    Draknyte1 + Added recipes for all Multipickaxes. a5b311c

    Commits on Sep 24, 2016
    Draknyte1 [] 0771ce6



    Wiki - More Info

    Does NOT add in any new world-generation for ANYTHING.

    • Adds plates and ingots for various materials to cover missing recipe cases.
    • Adds a Universal Battery, for converting RF<>EU in obscure use cases.
    • Adds a Powered healing device (Large swarths of EU for minimal hp. w.i.p.)
    • Adds Hot foods, which cool over time. Restoring mre HP the cooler (Sometimes hotter) it is.
    • Sandstone Hammer - Breaks down Cobble and Sandstone.
    • Tunnel Digger - A 3x3 pickaxe substitute.
    • Tree Feller (Or whatever I called it) - Cuts down most trees and their branches. (Will happily add more tree support)
    • Adds many new materials;
      1 - Energy Crystal,
      2 - Blood Steel,
      3 - Staballoy,
      4 - Tantalloy (60, 61),
      5 - Bedrockium,
      6 - Quantum,
      7 - Potin,
      8 - Tumbaga,
      9 - Inconel (625, 690, 792),
      10 - Tungsten Carbide,
      11 - Tantalum Carbide,
      12 - Niobium Carbide,
      13 - Zirconium,
      14 - Zirconium Carbide,
      15 - Stellite,
      16 - Talonite,
      17 - Maraging Steel (250, 300, 350),
      18 - Zeron-100,
      19 - Hastelloy (N, W, X & C276),
      20 - Incoloy (020, DS, MA956)


    Machines (There are multiple tiers of these)

    • Rocket Engines (single block diesel generators for higher tiers)
    • Safe Blocks (Protect your things, indestructible too)
    • Energy Buffers, because battery buffers are portable and hold nothing, seriously!
    • 4 Tiers of Chemical Dehydrators, for processing materials for nuclear fuel.
    • Fluid Storage Tanks, not quite as large as Quantum, but far cheaper.
    • SUPERCONDUCTIVITY! Experience lossless power transfers when using
      the new set of SuperConductor Wires and Phase Change Stations to handle
      your long distance/high capacity EU/t needs.


    • Industrial Centrifuge (High Tier Multiblock Centrifuge, for rapid material processing)
    • Industrial Electrolyzer (High Tier Multiblock Electrolyzer, for rapid material processing)
    • Industrial Material Press (High Tier Multiblock Bending Machine, for rapid material processing)
    • Industrial Wire Factory (High Tier Multiblock Wiremill, for rapid material processing)
    • Industrial Coke Oven (Because 20 Coke Ovens/Boiler is no fun, recipes are based on real Coke refinery processes)
    • Iron Blast Furnace (Allows you to skip the bronze one if you've got patience, may be faster than tin hunting)
    • Multiblock Matter Fabricator (Fancier than Gregs)


    • 3 new tiers of Circuits. (Makes recipe creation for late game stuff easier, but not for you)
    • 4 new tiers of machine components (Electric Piston/Pump/Motor/etc) (If Gt 5.8 is loaded)
    • 1 new tier of Battery (EV)
    • Custom Item Casings & GUIs for all machines. (fancy/flash/wow)
    • Adds a secondary Battery alloy.
    • Adds an alternative way to produce Helium.
    • Adds Gregtech 4 Content; the Personal Cloaking Device.


    • Adds four new Kinetic Windmill/Watermill Rotors, along with respective components.
    • Energetic Alloy, TungstenSteel, Vibrant Alloy, Iridium. (Respective mods required as per material)
    • Adds a Gregtech 5u Extruder shape specifically for Windmill Shafts.
    • Iridium Windmill lasts forever - Feel free to remove or change the recipes up.


    • Adds OreDict. support for shards. (If enabled in config)
    • Adds recipes using shards.

    Extra Utilities

    • Adds an alternative recipe for the divison sigil.

    More Planets

    • General Xmod compat.
    • Adds in some plates and other common Gregtech-style items.
    • Adds recipes for all MP materials into plates.

    Forbidden Magic

    • Adds OreDict. support for shards. (If enabled in config)
    • Adds recipes using shards.


    • Adds Brewing recipes for Growthcraft Cellar (community edition 2.3.1 and below, I believe)
    • Adds multiple kinds of fish and treasure to the fish traps. (Has a
      soft dependency on HarvestCraft, but still works fine without it)


    • Adds Custom Alveary Blocks (For Frames and Mutations)
    • Adds 4 Bee housing Frames for Forestry if a version > 4 is installed. (Accelerated, Working, Void and Mutagenic Frames)
      1 - Accelerated: Bees enjoy working for longer.
      2 - Working: Bees enjoy working harder.
      3 - Mutagenic: Bees become VERY inclined to change species/mutate.
      4 - Void: ???

    Extra Bees

    • Adds the Frames from ExtraBees if it's not installed (Because Binnie doesn't update)
    • Adds Custom Alveary Blocks (For Frames and Mutations)

    Thermal Foundation

    • Adds Cryotheum Dust & Gelid Cryotheum Fluid, if Thermal Foundation is NOT installed.
    • Adds Pyrotheum Dust & Blazing Pyrotheum Fluid, if Thermal Foundation is NOT installed.
    • Adds Blizz Rods & Dust, if Thermal Foundation is NOT installed.


    • Adds Brewing recipes for Psychidelicraft, if it's installed.

    Immersive Engineering

    • Adds a recipe options for the IE coke oven instead of Railcrafts.


    • Uses Various items for recipes.


    • General Xmod compat.
    • Adds in some plates and other common Gregtech-style items.

    Compact Windmills

    • General Xmod compat.
    • Adds in some recipes using Gregtech-style items.


    • General Xmod compat.
    • Adds in some recipes using Gregtech-style items.


    • General Xmod compat.
    • Adds in some plates and other common Gregtech-style items.

    Big Reactors

    • General Xmod compat.
    • Adds in some plates and other common Gregtech-style items.

    Simply Jetpacks

    • General Xmod compat.
    • Adds in some plates and other common Gregtech-style items.


    • General Xmod compat.
    • Adds in some plates and other common Gregtech-style items.


    • Refer to Thermal Foundation.

    Upcoming Features (Probably in dev. versions if you want to test)

    • Super Conductive Wire
    • Super Conductor Power Nodes (Since the default GT machines are lossy regardless of cable)
    • Power Sub-Station (Variable voltage, 3 in, 3 out power storage multiblock)
    • New Nuclear Power Systems
    • New Nuclear Fuels
    • New Recipes to make Fuels
    • New Backpack items
    • New Custom Fluid Pipes for GT to suit Nuclear applications
    • New Radioactive Materials
    • More New Materials
    • Better GT 5.9 Support
    • More x-mod compat
    • Added fluid cells through IC2 for every new fluid I made
    • Multipickaxes like the Tunnel Digger, just for lower tiers and from lots more materials

    the output is better. one can get tons of stuff from the oil in D. tower, not just fuel: plastic, explosives and such things. 5.9 makes things more difficult and it gives a reason to have technologi-progress regarding the generators.
    Btw. Wind is boring and OP:P

    Hmm, probably will require a bit of minetweaker maintenance on behalf of everything else tweaked. New technologies means other things can be retired (Refinery as an example)
    But wind is so cheap, while I am oh so poor D:< (Plus, They're a tad modded as a result of my meddling so they degrade quicker and produce less KU/KE. (Not sure if it's units or energy it's measured in))

    Still, I'm contemplating upgrading to .9 though.

    Can I not just use a BC refinery on the oil?
    Don't need charcoal, I run on the power of the wind. ;)

    I'm asking more of a technical question still;
    What benefits does having Forestry 4 API support bring? :Plantball:
    5.9 Supports it from an early changelog however 5.8 doesn't at all yet works fine (Though I imagine Bees will/are/were broken as a result but that's one of the few things I didn't test)

    Recipes can and probably will be changed, but the other changes about efficiency were still nice to know about. :)

    yes .9 works with both BC and forestry 4.2, in fact there are GT bees.

    Not what I want to know, I read the changelogs and am quite aware..

    I'm asking should I bother with the update? .8 is working fine on my test server without the Forest 4 or BC 7 support.. (Though with The latest versions of each respective mod)
    Just wanting to know what the benefits are and if I should change it before going live with the latest update for my pack which is moving Forest and BC to their latest versions up from F3 and BC6.

    There is one way. Overmind hacked the Enum using Reflection to add his own stuff. No Idea how he did that and also no idea how long he takes to reply to things if you ask him.

    Will have a look & see if he can be found lurking. Ty for the heads up Greg.

    Any good servers still alive? I want to see how others progress and have set-up to help figure out the point 9 branch and some of the higher aspect in general. Also is they a gt machine to work with ic2 fluid reactors to generate either power or steam a bit more efficiently?

    I'll be updating my Gregtech server to the .9 branch once I can confirm it's where I should be.

    So my question is simple:
    If you've got the latest versions of Forestry and Buildcraft, I Should update and
    be using the GT5u 5.9 branch instead of the BC6/F3 GT5u .8 branch, Correct? As the latest version of JasonMcRay's Infitech2 pack
    from github had .8 but .9 has support for the new APIs. (Tested his pack and it works fine so I only ask if it's worth updating my own) Simply
    wondering, thanks.