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    I just posted a port for 1.4.6. (totally untested)

    I literally never visit this forum, so your best bet to get my attention is pretty much anything but posting in this thread. PM, Minecraft forum , IRC (#PluginsforForestry on, or Twitter will actually get you a response.

    I quite frankly have no interest in this mod. I was not planning on continuing it, but a barrage of PMs convinced me to at least port it.

    If someone else wants it the source code is freely available on github. Otherwise I'll keep porting it as-is.

    Lovin this mod :Industrial Diamond::Industrial Diamond: , is there a chance of a Coke Oven recipe config in the future? that would make this mod complete for me lol, epic mod.

    I'm sure I can work in a coke oven handler.

    OK, so nobody give me a answer. I will not include a ERROR LOG, because I tested WITHOUT PFF AND NOT CRASH, and the addon STILL NOT WORKS. So, this is a non-crash error, please, helpe me. I use a 1.2.5 version that you send to me. She needs an additional file to work???

    PS: I ALSO TRY WITHOUT nothing else than CMR, Industrial, EE2, and Forestry. I NEVER HAD a problem with your PFF, but this add-on...

    The 1.2.5 version doesn't require anything else to work (denLib didn't exist in its current form back then). The config files should generate when you first load a world. If it doesn't you can just create one. The file was called recipes.txt IIRC. The recipe syntax was way different than it is now, so you'll have to dig up my old posts to find it.

    I don't support 1.2.5 anymore, so that is all the help you're getting. Sorry.

    It seems to have a 1.2.5 version (I take a search by sites, and many say 1.2.5, CMR, blabla, and link to this thread). But when I come here, no 1.2.5 version avaliable. Please can anyone post the download link? Thanks.

    Grr. Stupid forum keeps eating my links.



    denlib 1.0.4 is installed did i screw up something?

    Must have. denLib goes in the mods folder along with CMR. Can't confirm any problem with CMR 1.0.4 and denLib 1.0.4. Just did a fresh install to double check.

    edit: I just changed the download link so you can download copies with denLib built in. If this causes any issues in the future you can override the bundled version by installing the standalone denLib jar in the mods folder.

    That it definitely a denLib error. CMR 1.0.4 requires at least denLib 1.0.4.

    The error Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: buildnumber is from when I added a version check in 1.0.4. Newer builds will have a very specific error message when you have the wrong version (i.e. denLib is out of date. Please update!)

    Works fine for me. Check to make sure your item ids are correct.

    Hey Deno :P is there maybe a chance of getting a option to deaktivate all UUM recipe except Iridium? :D it would be cool :P

    I have no idea if that is possible. I'll look into it though.

    I will test this and get back to you after class.

    I Await with great anticipation.

    Edit: After fiddling around with it a bit, you might consider adding the ability to have multiple inputs for macerators/extractors/compressors

    # Syntax: tag=input_id, input_meta, output_id, output_meta, output_amount
    instead of this
    # Syntax: tag=input_id, input_meta, input_amount, output_id, output_meta, output_amount
    something like this

    How'd you get the mod before I posted the new download location? I haven't officially released anything, but that is definitely copy/pasted from the new config files. I haven't even posted the code to Github yet... I can only figure you guessed the dropbox folder and caught me testing Jenkins.

    Anyways... I made that change across all Ic2 machines. Editing the op and thread title for actual release now...

    Edit: Released. Check the first post.

    Edit: Fixed a potential crash bug. Updated the link in the OP.

    CMR is back, and it learned a few new tricks while it was away...

    (Before anyone asks, the green bar in the fuel slot is a Radioactive Waste Bar from PFF)

    It isn't ready yet, but its coming. Here is the important stuff:

    denLib has been split from Plugins for Forestry into its own jar. Why is this important? CMR and PFF won't conflict during updates anymore, and CMR can use the PFF config system.

    Support for the following:


    Mass Fabricator
    Scrap Box

    Blast Furnace

    Future Plans:


    Assembly Table

    It really isn't a ton of work to add things, I've just been wrapped up in PFF development and running a server.

    I've poked around a bit at the requests though. Adding "energy items" is impossible as it has no interface or list to reflect into, so I guess its just a single if statement somewhere in ic2. (hint hint ic2 team). Mass fab amps are possible. The others still need looking into.

    I'll definitely add custom smelting since that will be easy. Workbench recipes might take a bit more work, but its mostly figuring out a good recipe format that isn't a pain to use.

    Is it possible that this mod could be disrupted by other mods? Like your Plugins for Forestry?
    Because I'm not getting a config file in the folder.

    There does seem to be a minor derp with the recipes file generating with PFF installed. I wrote this mod before I wrote my generic config system that PFF uses. If you install this mod first, run minecraft once and load a world, and then install PFF it will generate correctly.

    If the recipes file is missing you can just create one. Its just a blank txt file named recipes.txt

    I'll have that fixed in the next version along with a revamp of the recipes file. There will also be a plugin version of this mod bundled in PFF that works with Forestry machines as well. (The standalone version for ic2 isn't going anywhere)

    I will look into these. What do you mean by "energy items" though?

    Seems to be a good Addon, what's about adding Default-crafting/smeltingstuff too, to make it complete? (So that i dont need more than one Addon for that)

    I will look into it.

    Hello everyone!

    This addon allows you to define your own recipes for machines in config files.

    The mod generates its config folder and file on the first run. The folder is in config and it is named "denoflionsx/CMR" and each machine has a .cfg file.

    Supported Machines:

    Furnace (The furnace is not meta sensitive for input items. Nothing I can do about it. input_meta parameter will be ignored)

    Mass Fabricator
    Scrap Box

    Blast Furnace
    Coke Oven

    denLib 2.1

    (The source code on Github )

    If you run a server: The client jar IS NOT REQUIRED for your players unless they want it for ssp!