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    Last I knew (which was before the iridium shard was added), iridium could only be found in dungeon and stronghold chests, not abandoned mine chests.

    However, several IC2 addons provide alternate ways of getting iridium:
    1. Iridium Mod
    2. Advanced Solar Panels (using the Molecular Transformer)
    3. GregTech - the rare Platinum mix vein in GT5u/GT5e (which presumably also exists in GT6) includes iridium ore, and there is small iridium ore in The End. Also, if using version 5.09.14 or later of GT5e, you can centrifuge platinum group sludge dust for a chance of tiny piles of iridium dust (this was migrated from IHL, but versions of IHL old enough to still include it are no longer available from the IHL thread)

    Ok thanks ;) Gonna check more dungeons I guess. And if it gets too complicate will check those addons

    I just went to the 3 Strongholds in the World and none of them had Iridium on the chests.

    Is there any other alternative?

    PS: Also visited around 6 Mineshafts in a TF-Tools dimension and got no lucky on those chests.

    There's not multiple tiers, just the geothermal generator is a tier 1 generator, like the normal one is and solar panels are. Kinetic Water/Wind Mills, for example, are tier 3 generators so can output up to 512 EU/t.

    The configs were originally designed for the Nuclear Reactor because people saw them as under powered, and because they can go all the way up to something silly like 8192 EU/t, it never really mattered how high you set it. But with things like the geo-gen, even 1.6x tips it over the 32 EU/t limit it has. It's just something you've got to be careful of changing the outputs.

    Great to know, thanks a lot, gonna do some Windmills then, I though they weren't much better, but knowing they can output much better EU I'm gonna do them, plus I think they are really fun to build and they look awesome.

    Thanks ;) Happy New Year.

    If you've got a tier 1 generator but make it generate more than 32 EU/t, it will fill. There's no way to increase the tier/actual maximum output of the generators purely because they're not meant to generate that much in the first place.

    Didn't know there are other tiers of Geothermal Generators, will have to check that.

    Oh ok, so I should adjust the multiplier to make it match the max output at 32 and no try to take it to 100 I get it ;)

    on your point of "purely because they're not meant to generate that
    much in the first place" well, no, but the config was there, I thought
    it would be ok to tweak it to taste :P Problem is that I'm having some
    issues trying to keep a Mass Fabricator fully powered without draining
    the MFSU that fast, that's why I took a look at the configs and see what
    can be done from there.

    If they wanted to make it so it could devs could add and upgrade slot to generators. The transformer upgrade would work great for increasing the output. Would especially work well for Geothermal Generators.

    That would be great, maybe I'm wrong but 20EU per tic doesn't seam a lot and while some machines like Compressors, Macerators and even recyclers can be powered "almost" with no problem. I'm using 24 Geothermal Generators and they not enough to keep the Mass fabricator going. I know this is something more end game, but anyway I would like to be able to power them this way if possible by the configs.

    I will also be checking some Solar Panel add on mods and check the Wind generators, but not sure how those will perform, long time since I last used them.

    I'm having a problem when trying to make the generators produce more energy.

    For example, on the Geothermal Generator, with the multiplier on 5.0 it's producing 100 EU per tic, but the problem is that apparently it's not leaving the generator fast enough

    I have made some tests with a single Generator, an HV cable and a MFSU the generator keeps filling the internal buffer making it, once it's full turning on and off constantly.

    Is there any other config I should modify in order to fix this, or it's a bug?

    Thanks a lot.