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    so snyke care to share what upcoming features you have planned for this addon?

    He's not going to add anything. You guys didn't want him to do that. Look at the rage over AS's version. He's just maintaining this. Also Solymr I noticed you don't respond to


    And also, this guy didnt have zipps permisssion either, so you are contradicting yourself Qweets. Zipp didnt have any copyrights for AM so pretty much anyone can make their own version of AM

    Thanks for bringing the originals back. Maybe this will stop the complaints. I personally liked both versions and will keep to the new edition because I like the new modules. I *love* how AS and Snyke cooperate and don't fight. Yet the users complained about the AS version despite not having to use it.

    I think he refers to the server gui issues. Where the machines didn't work. Pwnedgod does the client you posted fix the majority of bugs and make em workable in server? Also are we using the 3.2 beta 2 server? If not wheres the bukkit download?

    Hmm seems to work better than last time. Tested it and Singularity compressor and centrifuge extractor works. The macerator keeps crashing my minecraft. I've tested changing the gui ids with no such luck. I'vent seen any particles but I bet thats just me. On servers when you first put a lever next to a Adv machine it starts building up heat but doesn't show it's activated stage until you either turn off the lever and then its shows the activated state. You can then turn on the lever build up heat and it'll show. Thanks for making some of it work for servers! Also how do you change texture and sounds?

    Who needs tons of pipes, "bucketfillers" and all of this stuff? You even don't need to waste any tin!
    Presenting RedPower2 geothermal station! Just supply the tank with some lava and gain power!

    Could you give me a more detailed tutorial how to set this up because I don't really know how to use redpower2 mod even thought I do have it

    Weird I did that combining with miner but it never seems to work even with lava right in front of me. I usually use it on lower levels is that not allowed? Also I noticed your pump's water bar thing on the right isn't full which mine always becomes.

    Can someone explain and show how to please? I tried using it alone and with my miner. Alone I put it over lava put a rebattery in the bottom slot and empty cells in the top. I see a water bar fill up On the right but doesnt do anything. Same results with my miner and I cant get anymore diamonds cause lava but pump wont work. I even put a chest next to it. Please help! Thanks for everything in advance!