How to use Pumps?

  • Can someone explain and show how to please? I tried using it alone and with my miner. Alone I put it over lava put a rebattery in the bottom slot and empty cells in the top. I see a water bar fill up On the right but doesnt do anything. Same results with my miner and I cant get anymore diamonds cause lava but pump wont work. I even put a chest next to it. Please help! Thanks for everything in advance!

  • On it's own the pump will only collect liquids from the block directly below it, i.e. it's only useful for getting water from an infinite spring, not lava. To collect lava, combine it with a miner like this:

  • Weird I did that combining with miner but it never seems to work even with lava right in front of me. I usually use it on lower levels is that not allowed? Also I noticed your pump's water bar thing on the right isn't full which mine always becomes.

  • The bar on his Screen isn´t full, because it´s an animation to show you how the pump works up pressure to extract the next block of fluid it finds.
    ie. It gets fom empty to full, pumps 1 Block of Lava/Water into a Cell, jumps to empty and then beginns the circle from new.

  • Yep, when you first place the pump the plunger will rise to the top (even with no water present) and stay that way through the cycle. Once it actually hits water or lava, the pump will start spitting out filled cells and the animation will start again.

    You of course need power, which is represented in batteries in the diagram but 2 copper wire along the back attached to a geothermal is an excellent means of power too. You’re likely to get lots of lava cells if you hit the right spot.

  • Just mind the fact that if you attach the Pump adjacent to the Geothermal Generator, the Pump will prioritize the generator over filling up cells, which may make it a bit rough when your Geothermal Generator is full up with energy.