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    the exploit will only work with MFSU's, because batbox connected electrolysers will give you only 14000@cell and at a 4eu/t rate
    MFE 16000 at 8eu/t so only the MFSU is usable (still you need a LOT of materials for such a low energy profit)

    :p o and I thought about this math a long time ago, it was just because I saw this thread I actually calculated the profit :)
    (searching for a new energy exploit :D)

    also your MFSU's need always have some energy in them and never more than 25%! so some other mod's need to be used for control (which could also use energy and by doing so negate some of the profit even more)

    well next math gave me some nice free energy:

    (at least)
    1 MFSU
    1 electrolyser (ic2)
    1 transformer from HV to MV
    1 gregtech electrolyser
    some other mod to pump watercells and electrolysed watecells between the two types of electrolysers.

    1. insert first some energy into the MFSU
    2. insert some watercells into the gregtech electrolyser (which is conected to the transformer that is connected tot the MFSU
    3. let the system pump the electrolysed cells to the ic2 electrolyser
    4. wait some time to uncharge the cells
    5. pump the watercells from the ic2 electrolyser to the gregtech electrolyser
    6. repeat until no energy is needed anymore.

    math used for this:
    creating 1 cell in a gregtech uses 16384eu
    unloading 1 electrolysed cell into ic2 electrolyser connected to an MFSU (only if connected to the MFSU!) gives you 18000eu @ 32eu/t
    so for a full setup without wait times you will need 4 ic2-electrolysers, 1 gregtech industrial electrolyser and some pumpung system

    -> overal profit:
    4 * ( 18000-16384 ) = 6460eu @ 11.48eu/t
    [if you used an MFE] 4 * (16000-16384) = ENERGY LOSS!!

    no yet tested with the full automated setup, but its nice to know you win energy by charging and uncharging water :p

    maybe for the v3 version the working of the machines could also be set as a module?

    for example no more separate machines just start with a machine frame (a machineblock with some wire's crafted into a that machine frame block)

    if you click it you get the module gui, here you need to add a machine module (for example a extractor module)
    also a motherboard module like the v2 will be added.)
    after you added the setup module's you can click the machine on (I think for turning the machine on/off and reaching the upgrade module gui there should be an special item) you get the normal screen of a machine but with the extra upgrades.
    (in case you inserted the extractor module in the upgrade module this machine will now be working like an extractor.)

    later alternative energy sources could be also added (and for making use of them you need to add a energy source module into the setup gui)

    It's a block ID conflict. Hence why it says "Slot 201 is already occupied by...MissileBoosterBlock...when adding...BlockPlanter" (some bits cut out)

    In this case, it tried to add Forestry's BlockPlanter but RS's MissileBoosterBlock was already using that ID!
    Change the ID in Rocket Science's config and try again.

    did that, but I think the config file isn't really in use, because whatever number you set as an block id for those blocks it doesn't change :(
    Kentington: please can you check this out, because I can't change my other mod's id's

    indeed I'm a bit late with updating :/ thanks for the update (mind to share the code with me, I had an accident and my backup's are gone :s stupid mcp)
    I also think of creating a bit of an extra functionality once bc3.x.x is semi stable (or if requested bc2.5.0) for extra cooling functionality)
    but for this weekend I should have enough spare time to implement/test some of the code (also as you would have seen my code isn't really best practice code)
    EDIT: never mind found another backup (partly graded)


    this item can when it gets heat transform this heat back to eu's
    yea you read it good now even you heat is eu's worth.
    (it only can transform 2heat points into 1eu every reactor tick so don't think this is magic)

    this is the description of that element,
    so you => every 2 damage of the item will be converted to 1 eu,
    (if you use heat dispensers and manage the outward cooling to 0 then you nuclear reactor can function as a geotherminal generator and change very lavacell into 20k eu with the risk of blowing your reactor if you put to much of them at once :p)

    :p well nice to mention that design,
    with next version it will be even possible to create more designs for breeders because the basic package will be able (if configured) to warm the reactor from the outside.
    I know it will also create a cheat version of the Geothermal Generator if you have installed the Iridium Nuclear Items Pack :/

    FourFire: can you send me some test results? then I can start reviewing the found bugs/adding new content.

    love the use of eu for cooling idea,
    and no I'm fine with getting idea's, I'm not so creative myself so you ideas will help to create items,
    any idea if you want them as separate mods or added to another itemPack
    next update of my op posts will contain the extended heat Pack (the heat absorb plate and the advanced heat sink will be into that) and the already existing Iridium Items pack.

    nice idea, but should it be cooling itself ?
    I think if it's has that amount of heat storage it is already a great addition,
    and for the sprite -> I can't sprite so well so that was indeed a copy of the lavacell, but I will try to change the image (it did bother me too :p)

    also that adv. heat absorber would it only exchange heat with plating and heat dispensers? or with other cooling elements to? (it would be a bit overpowerd if it did I think, so I'm currently programming it to only interact with platings and heatdispensers)

    :p someone could make a addon for this early easy because the functions for this to add without changing base classes are already implemented.

    just 1 line of code and you can add cactus to extractors/compressor/macerator recipe list

    nice, just what I was searching for
    will try you mod directly

    found something odd, if you place the regulator after the cables are already in place you need to replace those cables to get contact with the regulator (not visible contact, but working contact)

    Wow that is pretty cool: I am very excited about what other things may come of this!
    I forsee much easier creation of perfect breeders with this
    how much health (heat capacity) do each of the items have? is it 10 000 like the default items?

    the iridiumNuclearItem pack uses the same default 10 000 heat points for an item, but everyone can create it's own items with custom damage values :)

    and about your not error error I will add that into the OP so nobody will have to miss understand my anymore

    possible items you can add:

    you need the CustomNuclearItems pack for every addon, this because it modifies the ic2's basecode of the reactor and also add some stuff to ic2
    if you have made some custom items and want to post them send a message and I will add you custom item(s pack) to this post