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    well, flans mods has some flying vehicles i used to use in my ic2/ bc worlds, but atm its a hassle with the ugly block id´s... even with the id resolver its impossible to get it working y-y

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    connect the reactor to a iron tank (larger the better) it will dump ALL its steam into one by just 1 face connected to 1 valve block, you can then pump out the steam using autarchic + gold pipes or valve pipes + industrial steam pipes (denpipes addon to BC)

    this also allows you to run a high end microcycle, fill up the tank at like 4000 steam / tick for as long as the reactor wont overheat or the tank gets full and while the reactor cools down your turbines work thru the massive burst of steam that got dumped into the tank, if you balance it right just as the reactor hits 0 heat you're almostt out of steam ready for another huge burst

    easy EFF7 without Lapis or coolling cell exchange.

    well THATS an idea!
    i will try it out too =)
    turbines directly attached to the reaktor works very well by the way.
    but the suggestion is still awesome XD

    The problem is that those Pipes MUST not connect to each other, making golden ones a disadvantage. I think placing the Reactor right adjacent to the Turbines will also work, as it does that with Boilers too.

    jeah, i know, i have 14 seperate pipes, who are not connecting to each other. hm, steam turbines direkt attached to the reactor? dunno, ill try, but my ideo would allow some interesting setups =)

    Okay, i love the option for steam produktion for the nuclear reaktor.
    problem is, you cant add enough pipes to the reactor, because it has not enough faces to add pipes! (you need 4 per steam turbine, to produce 100eu/tic)
    my suggestion is:
    if you want to produce steam with your reaktor, you have to improve it, without a change in the config.
    the reaktor and chambers will be the same, but add an additional block...
    "high pressure reaktor containment" (short HPRC)
    :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating:
    :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating:
    very simple.
    add them around the reactor chambers.
    in order to create a steam producing reaktor, you have to cover all sites of the reactor with those HPRC blocks. (or 2 layers, for more maximum pressure)
    now, you can pipe water into the reaktor containment and when your reaktor has produced enough heat, steam get produced for your turbines.
    more heat = more steam, but with too much heat, the reactor will explode ofc
    additional: used steam will reduce the heatlevel of the reactor. you have to balance the heat at a good level, so the reactor produces enough steam for some turbines and dont explode ^^´
    and you HAVE to pump out the steam, when too much pressure is inside the reactor, it will explode too.
    why someone should build a steam pressure reaktor in the first place?
    its way more efficient AND the steam useage will redúce the heatlevel too, so whole new reaktor setups are possible.
    and ofc, its more believable, when the reaktor has water, to produce steam XD
    okay, start flame me now XD

    hi there =)

    first of all: iam from germany, so pls be gentle with my english writing =)

    i know this idea was posted before, but denied because of lag issues.

    idea to change the ground idea:

    radiation will "infect" sorrounding material.

    and: when you have depleted uranium cells and you refill them with coaldust, you recieve additional "radioactive scraps"

    additional radioactive pollutet blocks give only radioactive scraps from the recycler.

    with that scrap you can build a "radioactive containing barrel" which emit alot radioactivity and you have to hide them somewhere save. (disposal sites)

    when you throw those scraps or any radioactive block away and they despawn, they will infect surrounding blocks. (when you burn them too)

    on radioactive dirt grows radioactife food, which increase your radioactive level.

    swimming in radioactive water also and standing on high radioactive ground too.

    for example:

    the reaktor is covered in water, the water will get radioactiv.

    higher reactor power -> higher radioactivity

    the radioactive pollution have "levels" for blocks (water/dirt ect) and humans.

    but this levels are "invisible" (include the geiger counter for seeing them?)

    it could work like the heat, but it will do damage on higher levels and "pollute" the player (debuff, like poison ect).

    with diffirent effects like faster hunger and slower self healing. with alot radioactive, you will die.

    when you fill the cooling water around the reactor with dirt (or something else) the heat and radioactivity of the water will pass ower to the new blocks.

    the reactor emit even radioactivity, when the reactor is offline

    uranium cells should emit alot radioactivity, when there used, but when there inactive, there dont emit alot.

    uranium ore emits not much radioactivity.

    when you put uranium or radioactive pollutet stuff inside a chest, the chest will get radioactive.

    to shield from radioactivity, you can use special panels you can craft and build around the cheast/reactor block. these shields should work like windows in minecraft (not glass)

    they should NOT replace the actual reinforced stuff, they should support them.

    okay, new recepies:

    refined uranium:

    uranium ore inside an extractor

    uranium cell:

    3 refined uranium

    diamond dust:
    diamond in a macerator = 5 diamond dust

    radioactive shielding:

    imp. reinforced stone staps:

    r= reinforced stone d= diamond dust

    =8 imp. reinforced stone staps

    that processed inside a compressor and done.

    geiger counter:

    g= gold cable e=empty cell c=circuit r=rubber




    additional ideas:

    radiational resistance:
    most blocks get an % resistance, which indicates, how fast they get a new lvl from radiation.
    the radiation "flows" from block to block, it "fills" a block up level for level, after a certain level, an additional block will level up.

    glass: 5
    wood: 7
    cobblestone: 15
    Stone: 20
    water: 25 (STILL water, no flowing to prevent cheating)
    reinforced glass: 30
    obsidian: 40
    reinforced stone: 50
    reinforced door: 50
    iron block: 65
    radioactive shielding: 80
    diamond blocks: 100

    geiger counter blocks:
    those blocks have diffirent resistence depending on there crafting material.
    when they reach an changeable radiation level, they emit an redstone signal.

    r: redstone m: changeable material g= geiger counter c: circuit


    ofc we need a suit for protection:
    just like the normal armor just with rubber and one radioactive shielding.
    but the health of the amor will reduced when the armor is effected from radiation.

    thats the reworked idea

    i hope its doable, i would love to see radioactivity inside this awesome mod =)

    MfG Mile