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    >should the recipe for uum uranium be added back to the game?

    Yes, it should ^_~
    I've never used this "exploit" because it's too much maintainance required. But there are should be an option to do that.
    What i really don't like in the reactirs - that scary CASUC reactors... Aren't they too unbalanced?

    Well, about the speed ability, i think it is not compared to minecarts. I think, ppl build minecarts systems because they like them. I like minecarts too, but sometimes i'm too lazy to build a railroad, and, with IC, you need iron for many things, an now, with IC2, you need gold for the cables. Did you ever had enough iron and gold to build a long railroad? Yes, you can use bronse, but gold... every elevation of the railroad eats a lot of gold. But railroads ar still cool - you just jump into the minecart and relax. ^_~
    So, i think we shouldn't nerf the quantum suit, we should buff the railroads! Honestly, we have a lot of cool industrial stuff, but we use that old, primitive minecarts.

    About energy consumption... Maybe it should be increased, because it looks like it is the same as the consumption of old Advanced Nano-Suit from IC, but QS stores much more energy. But remember - recharging the QS pieces is not too easy.

    One more thing about traveling. I'd like too see an efficient flying device. Pegasi like flying! *flapping wings* Jetpacks are cool, but slow, and have a short runtime.

    I was afraid that if there was something in the batbox's inventory slot, the next item that randomly and accidentally trying to go into the batbox would drop out of the pipe instead and decay after 5 minutes. That might be what happened to the missing bucket, I assumed later.

    No, it shouldn't try to go into the occupied slot, or occupied chest - if wooden pipe is right next to the batbox, and there are any item in the batbox slot - items should ignore this split.


    Hm but if I connect a wooden pipe to the input side of the iron pipe, something still needs to toggle the iron pipe's output, preferably in a controlled manner :) I couldn't think of something simpler and more compact yet, though I will be revising the opposite side of it.

    Yes, you need a controller, but it can be a single toggle latch (This item is AWESOME - T Flip-flop in the size of ONE block!)


    The explosion.. hm still a mystery, someone suggested it was because the MV Transformer was not connected to an MFE and could not discharge, therefore it exploded. I'm pretty sure I flipped the lever so it would collect EU and send a MV pulse out the 3-dotted face, and I was overly careful while placing it :D ... it was so cool in slow-mo, that I added that scene to the end of the video, and my slow-mo laugh sounds evil :P

    It seems strange... I've never heard about the "transformer overload" issue...
    Aeyup, that scene was cool. ^^

    Oh my, awesome dreams, awesome storage room, and awesome turbine!

    But... About that issue with the batbox... You can just put something in the batbox slot, so buckets won't go in it. Actually, this happened automatically - the bucket was in this slot, and there are no way to put the second one into that slot.

    About evenly-splitting scheme - do you know, that the iron pipe can't output items to the wooden pipe? So, if you'll replace the pipe just next to the input of your iron pipe, you won't need the complicated (or not very complicated) scheme with the counter. But, there are may be an issue with the pipe connection - your system is too compact ^_~

    Also, funny explosion ^__^ Can you do that? can you explode twice? ^_~
    I think, that was a pump explosion - transformer charged up, and emited the MV to the copper cable... For the purpose of safety, you should use the set of transformers, and never connect the copper cable and your machines to something, that even theoretically can emit the current, that machines can't handle... I've blown up my machine room because i connected the LV transformer to the HV transformer, and once, when HV transformer was charged up, i've switched the EV-mode off. HV-transformer emitted HV to the LV transformer, and it exploded. I'm not sure, but may be the induction furnaces are exploded too...

    Yes, it does, but... Well, if the plating can't transfer heat to the HD, removing the cells causes to heat accumulating by the plating. And then the HD can suck up to 6 heat from the plating.
    And about the damage bar, simple example: in this case the HD has the health bar: