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    No way. Three cells in a row will generate 48 h/t minimum.
    Outward cooling - max 26h/t. (you have to attach a cable to the reactor, so, 25 water blocks + 1 (reactor itself)) And you will have only 15 available slots in the reactor grid. So, you can put no more than 15 coolant cells (even less, because you need a way to distribute the heat between those coolants), so inward cooling less than 15 h/t, and you will have more than 7 extra heat per tick.

    Miscalculated. With two additional cells heat balance would be +/- 0, not -4, because you cannot surround these cells with four other elements. it still be Mk.I ^__^

    You can use this one. It is Mk.I B

    Water cooling, Efficiency 2, output 20 eu/t. Heat balance -12!
    So, you can add uranium cells to the empty spaces to increase the output to 30 eu/t And the heat balance will be +/-0. But it is not very efficienn (Efficiency 1.5)

    Well, it is simple.

    Output - 50 eu/t Efficiency - 2.5, heat balance +5 (water cooling). I think, it can run through 8 cycles without overheating. And interesting: Instead of cooling period, you can run it with only three uranium cells! just replace the fourth one with the cooling cell and heat balance becomes -10! However, efficiency would be 2.33. output 35 eu/t

    And the next one. "The Elements of Harmony". Water cooled Mk.I-O Efficiency - 2.33 Seems like heat balance is perfect (+/- 0), but not sure about heat distribution. Can somepony check it out?

    Yes, you can use that crazy Mk.V, but... I don't know, it is not a reactor, it looks like a nuclear bomb to me...
    The cooldown period of that Mk.II is the fair price for the efficiency (you can just run it with the RedPower Logic controller, to give it a 20-second cooldown each minute, that results in the average 40 eu/t and no extra heat), but this one... I don't know. I don't want to use it...

    So, you mean that i should heat up reactor hull AND coolant cells? Hmmm... it makes sence! But may be it takes a lot of time to warm-up... But it will generate some energy! Anyways, thank you very much!

    Well, idea is simple. Heat up the breeder with the lava., and build the heat-neutral system inside.
    But! There are several problems.
    1) HD's. They are trying to cool down reactor hull So, i have no idea, how to deal with it, and i'm trying to avoid using HD's
    2) Outward cooling. Chambers are providing -12 h/t total. well, it's simple. Just add 8 blocks of water, and put two uranium cells, without any surronding elements.
    3) Plating. It is not so easy to build heat-neutral system, using only plating. So, some of my coolants are taking the extra heat.
    So, here it is.

    Looks crazy... Heated up by the six buckets of lava. Yes, some coolats are overheated, but i believe, i can enrich two or three cells before they will melt down.

    But... Is there are any way to build breeder with HD's and don't feed it with the lava all day long?

    Interesting, but... Well, efficiency 3 is good, but... What cooldown period you need to restart this reactor? I mean, if you running MK.I reactor - all you have to do is replace the uranium cells, when they are depleted, and still have the constant energy flow. With this reactor, you wold gain more energy per uranium cell, BUT less energy per second, because of the cooldown...

    OK, let's figure it out.
    Some nuclear questions:
    1) (The stupid one) Does outward cooling affect only reactor hull? In other words, should i use the HD's to get acces to otward cooling?

    2) About the HD's
    Are they taking all availabale heat from the other elements? For example, we have HD next to the two coolant cells. Each of those cells recieves 4 heat/tick. And there are two other elements next to HD. Does it take 2 heat from each cell and distribute 4 heat between other elements? Or it takes 3 heat from each cell (6 heat total), distribute 2 heat between other elements, and 4 to the reactor hull?

    The example

    I believe it is the Mk.2 reactor with efficiency 2.
    How does the HD's work in this case? I mean, there some cooling cells with two HD's next to it...?

    Interesting, that reactor ran through about a half of the cycle, and there are no significant heating of the components... looks like the heat distribution is perfect...
    Let's calculate again...
    Outward cooling:- Water cooling, 6 chambers - 2*6 + 20 = 32 heat/tick
    Inward cooling: 30 coolant cells - 30 heat/tick.
    Heat generation: each cell pulses 2 times, generate 6x2 = 12 heat/tick x6 - 72 heat/tick

    10 heat/tick remaining... Oopsie. But there are a lot of the elements in the reactor... I believe this heat is distributed somewhat evenly between them...

    Hmm, interesting fact: Instead of building that Mk.II reactor, you can build three of this Mk.I reactors with the same efficiency. In the terms of the resources it would be approximately the same.

    One more interesting fact: You can craft uranium from 6 uu matter. If you use amplifier to fabricate it, it will cost you about 1000000 eu. So, if you running the reactor with efficiency > 1, you will get more energy than spend ^__^

    And yes. With the same shape of the elements, you can make Mk.I reactor with three chambers and 40 Eu/t output. Heat balance is -1 h/t, Efficiency is still 2

    I haven't figure out the nuclear power yet, so i just tried one of your designs in my test world, The "Mark II-0 CB Reactor"... And it exploded at the very end of the cycle (generated about 11kk eu, and then melted out the heat dispensers)
    Is it just as planned? ._.

    And i am trying to run it with the RedPower Logic controller, that gives a one-second cooldown period each minute, but it is going to explode again... I've increased the period to 5 seconds, but it looks like it wouldn't help. May be it is too late ^^

    - Can you do that? Can you explode twice?
    As expected, it exploded again. I know, this is the design for IC2 v0.9, but maaaybe my experiment will help you a bit. ^___^

    Guess the pump is too slow. Will be fixed.

    may be this won't solve the problem.

    I observed this and it is seems something like this:
    1) Miner mines lava
    2) Pump is starting to recharge.
    3) Miner tries to start mining next piece of lava - no recharged pump next to miner - miner stucks.
    I think so, because in the setup
    Pump1 Miner Pump2
    Miner with a regular drill can harvest all the lava, and all the lava cells are produced by pump2. So, it can recharge with the speed of the mining.
    In the setup
    Pump Miner
    Miner stucks.