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    Bad news: I can't beat up 128 blocks limitation. It seems, that at that distance tile entities unloaded from client world. I must use something like a "world anchor" to outflank that limitation, but i still dunno how. I'd better make entity on batteries to dig holes any deeper.
    Good news: Ldog, you have your "reverse mode" button in gui. Download the new version.

    I think it's fine as it is. Without some method to automaticly suck up the blocks (basicly making this a horizontal quarry) it would probably be bad to leave this thing running for longer distances with a chunkloader (and that's assuming you can autoload in more stacks of mining pipes with a hopper/tubes/ducts/etc but I haven't actually tried). Having to move it every 128 blocks really isn't too much of an ordeal.

    It would probably be easier (and less performance impact) to make the unit itself mobile (like the railcraft tunnelbore)

    Retract works. Loses a few pipes when you wrench the unit, since it seems to always leave 1 or 2 out. I was trying at first to wrench the shield, which didn't work. I stumbled onto something, if you place the shield while the unit is in retract mode, it will place the shield on the wrong (opposite) side of the unit. Wrench works as expected on the base unit (rotates, rotates opposite with shift, picks up unit and contents). Oh, and the fixed placement facing works. :)

    Ldog, i make a code so, that when you disassemble base unit using wrench, shield item spawned on shield last position. Shaft parts (mining pipes) should do a same.
    May be better to spawn all items in one place, what you think?

    I can do that.

    Best in same place. Pipe in a stack(s), would probably be less laggy than spawning as many as 129 seperate item entitiys at once (although I'm not a programmer so I'm not sure how much difference in performance impact vs how much effort to code). I don't know how much trouble it would be to make it retract pipe the way the miner does, but that would be pretty cool. You would have to add the shield in the way the drill goes into the miner. Again I don't know how much trouble that would be to code, I'm just throwing ideas out there.

    Thank you, but i forgot to add 128 block limitation in 441 version, so beyond that point render problems still be occuring. But, i've got ideas, how to make shield work infinitely deep. Maybe next version i can fix that up.

    Would be nice if you could add the ability to retract the pipe and disassemble the shield with a wrench when you are done too.

    Also, this is kinda minor since by the time you are building this an electric wrench and power shouldn't be a problem, but the base unit always faces the same direction when it's plopped down. Should face you. Like I said pretty minor, but it's a suggestion if you're looking for those small touches that polish a mod.

    Still eating blocks. This is with 441. Didn't try 43.
    AHHHHHHHH.....FFS.... I just realized the issue isn't your mod, nothing is dropping blocks.
    I've been dinking around in creative in a lab world for the last few days, testing out new IC2 production chain setups. So I hadn't noticed the issue outside of your mod until tonight.
    Having a hard time isolating what caused it. Tried forge 1079,1082,1084. God only knows which mods I've changed around in the last few days. It's bad enough I have to do change control at work, I'll be damned if I am going to come home and do it for a game.

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Extrautilities pr5 was the culprit. Your mods working like a champ :D

    Forge 1080 & 1084, IC2 477, IHL 41.
    I'll try the new version out shortly here and edit the post.
    Must be the Forge version, still no blocks.
    I'll try 1079, but I can't go any earlier because of BC I believe (although I am about to ditch BC again, I think the autocrafting table is about all I'm really keeping it for at the moment....Tubes mod FTW!)
    Edit 2
    Still no blocks. Must be something they changed. I'm sure you'll figure it out. Let me know if you think logs or any other info will help you.

    Oh, and I hadn't seen this when it first came out, but I liked the functionality added to the treetap instead of a new tool, for the same reasons you did it that way in the first place, too bad everyone else likes everything overly complicated.

    Very cool mod.
    I've got a problem though, the shield is destroying all blocks instead of dropping them.
    In your screenshots I presume the scattered blocks all around are being dropped by it.
    Was this an intentional change or a bug?

    Some of us have been here a long time and have low post counts becasue we dont feel the need to comment on everything.

    As for the wiki complaints, Al probably wrote it himself, since that is his general writing style.
    He likes to inject a bit of humor and he likes to see people figure out how stuff works through playing so he is vague.
    And no, I don't know Al, this is just general observation.

    You'll probably average about 5 fish per shot if you fish in the middle of the water, or around 3 from the shore. (It's relative to the number of water blocks in a 9x9 plane around you. No bonus for deeper water, although it will check downward a bit if you're sitting slightly above the water.)

    Oh good to know. I was fishing from the shore, and like you said about 3 on average. Now I know to get out my waders ;)

    Considering they still haven't fixed the 4096 items issues or added anything interesting (I don't play SMP...I suppose the fixes are interesting for SMP players) it really doesn't seem like there is any point updating.
    I woudln't blame every modmaker for sitting this one out since you know next week you will just need to update everything all over again.

    Oh, sweet. Glad it wasn't intentional
    I went to drop some redstone in to macerate coal to make RE batts so I could macerate my generator materials and it threw me for a loop.

    I guess it was tied to:
    - Slots to charge/discharge batteries and other items are now limited to what can they stand

    I've had wind generators mysteriously stop producing power. The only "fix" I found was to dismount them all then reattach them and they then start producing power.

    I've run into this quite often. I understand that there are going to be no-wind times but in the middle of a thunderstorm?!?
    Removing the cable does not work. Only removing and remounting the generators does the trick.

    Well as silly as this sounds just because you have the ability doesn't mean you have to abuse it.
    I use IC2, BC, Forestry, Minecolony, EE, Thaumcraft, Twilight Forest, Railcraft, Steves Carts, Powercraft, various and sundry addons for those and some other mods (and only 1 block id to spare or I would have more).
    I don't build 15 square chunk megafactorys. On the other hand, I've got so much stuff I have barely scratched the surface of most of it. Some of the mods are almost redundant but I still havent decided which I like best (IC2 and Minecolony are must-haves for me, Twilight Forest adds another dimension even if I haven't gotten around to exploring it, Powercraft redstone logic is a must since I don't use Redpower) I can't decide if I love or hate BC, Forestry rubber tree plantations alone make it a keeper but there is a lot good to say about it.
    EE I haven't gotten around to learning the new version but it seems it has been rebalanced a lot and it is cool and unique.

    So anyway, Thaumcraft. I like it. A lot. The ability to have multiple portal networks alone makes it a keeper. The other stuff I haven't had a chance to get into much but they sound good on paper, the mod is pretty unique and well done (although I have to say that about most of the Forge mods in general), my major annoyance (getting pwned by wisps constantly) has been fixed, and the next version is in the works so it is still being added to and improved.

    So yeah, it is definitly worth downloading.

    Of course Robinton needs to make 4096 block ids 1.1 compatible still...

    It does seem to me though that a lot of modders went to using more metadata tags and cut their block counts with 1.1
    I am using pretty much all the same mods I was before (EE just got updated today and still waiting for Minecolony) and I used to have 2 blocks left.
    I have about 24 and while Minecolony uses about 10 I don't think there are 12 blocks in EE, let alone 12 ids used. Not to mention I just added modular forcefields.

    Last I knew, SSP active chunks is a 15x15 square centered around the chunk you are in.
    So anything further than about 120 meters (exact range depends if you are closer or further to the edge of the chunk you are in) is going to unload.
    With Optifine you can extend this range out about 3x further, but it adds a lot of overhead.

    Rather combine the openage with a specific item ^^ Aka, module wrench thingy.

    Sort of complex, but if somebody wants to code something like this (directed at alex and my team), wouldb'tmind adding it.

    Please! No more tools, unless you are going to increase the player inventory slots while you are at it.
    I have too much stuff to carry around already lol