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    I am wondering if this system will work for charging crystals etc:
    :Iridium: :Iridium: :Iridium::MFE-Transmitter:
    :Coal Chunk: :Coal Chunk: :Coal Chunk::Cable: :Coal Chunk: :Coal Chunk: :Coal Chunk:
    :Iridium: :Iridium::Iridium: :Cable:
    :Reactor: :Cable: :Cable: :MFE-Transmitter: :Cable: :Cable: [MF]
    Where [MF] is a mass fabricator, the MFE at the top is where you would put your crystals to charge, Iridium is empty space, and coal chunks are flooring, most of the system is underground
    Would this system send power to the MFE at the top to charge and otherwise send power to the Mass Fabricator? If not, how can I change the system to do so?
    EDIT: revised system

    when do you remove the uranium? also do you keep the center one there?

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    Is anyone of you able to explain how this scrap machine actually mines the generated cobble?

    I can explain the whole system!
    It works by exploiting the behavior of the miner:
    What the miner does is it is above a cobble generator next to a ore block. The miner sees the ore block and mines through the cobble to get to the ore. the cobble is put in a chest. the water and lava make a new cobble block before the ore block can be mined so the miner mines that cobble again. he has it set up so if the miner accidentally mines the ore the whole system is shut down.
    meanwhile the cobble goes into a nearby chest, then goes through buildcraft pipes to a recycler. the scrap comes out into an automatic crafting table, making scrap boxes.
    with the new system you could even wire it to a dispenser to automatically turn the scrapboxes into items, then suck them up with an obsidian pipe!
    Ingenious system BTW. how do you turn the system off if the ore block is mined?

    I didn't understand transformers until now! :thumbsup:
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    The mistake you purposefully made:

    I am not sure where this goes but...
    I played IC1, and I know quite a bit about it. However, I am confused about the changes to IC2.
    So, in short, could someone make a tutorial detailing all the changes between the two versions and what new blocks do etc?