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    Hey, guess what? The current version works fine with 1.110. :) Also, most mod devs are usually aware when a new version is posted and don't really need to be reminded. If there are issues with a mod after an update, the mod dev is probably already on top of it. Just sayin. :)

    The only thing that is not working for me is that you crash when wrenching the machines, I belive this is due to the API change.

    It means that Player has fixed the issue, and most likely will be released in the next update.

    ok, i'm using Buildcraft and the beta of IndustrialCraft2 for 1.4.5 and when i try to build items for BC i get IC items even if there is no relation. e.g trying to make a wood gear gives me a red stick with no name and if i try to use that red stick as a wood gear to complete the recipe for a stone gear i get a nuke, if i use the nuke and put iron around it as i wood if it were a stone gear to make an iron gear then i get industrial TNT. All the IC recipes work normally, but ALL the BC ones give me something random from IC as above. thoughts? suggestions?

    Your Item Ids are most likely conflicting?


    After quick test, I have a request for Varya:

    It's great tool for quickly removing massive amounts of blocks, but it really fails on the precision territory. So why not make it when you are sneaking, it only mines one block at a time (you have to press mouse button for each block). That way you don't have worry about mining half of your house, because you hold button 10ms longer than needed.

    Or possibly add in different Modes similar to the Mining laser:

    - Half Speed? (Advanced Diamond Drill)
    - Full Speed (Instant Break)
    - Single Block (1 Block per Click)


    Found a minor bug with the config file where it does not generate the information for the items.

    Have you tried using the arrow buttons that are on the side of the slider?

    I agree and I assume this will change in 1.95 but the author is MIA. So
    unless someone has permission or has been given permission in the past.
    We can't do shit all :(

    He does state in his OP:


    Porting - You may freely port this mod to any platform that I
    don't make releases for (e.g. Bukkit). If I'm unusually busy and don't
    update it fast enough after a new IC2 release, you may (if you're so
    inclined) make an unofficial port of the mod to the new version of IC2
    and link it in this thread.

    Mod Seems to work Great so far.

    Only thing i came across is that the item IDs in the config do not seem to work. the default ones are interfering with the steves carts mod.

    I am trying to assign them at 31500 so they come after IC2, if that matters.


    I Personally like the way that advanced machines are right now :thumbup: . I thought they were a bit overpowered before, now it seems they are a lot more balanced.

    I did discover a slight dupe bug when creating Ref. Iron Dust.

    When you macerate Iron Ingots with Coal you get 2 Ref. Iron Dust when you should be getting only 1, as you do when you only macerate an Iron Ingot. Not a Overly huge deal, but it does throw the game out of whack a little bit.


    Found a small bug with the Nuclear Reactor Containment field where the texture is messed up when using the Better Grass mod built into OptiFine HD.

    It is using the correct texture for both the top and bottom, but the sides it is using the iron block texture.

    This is not a big problem, but if it is an easy fix that would be appreciated as i personally like using Better Grass.