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    what you need to do is copy the contents of the mod texture pack into whatever you are using for a main texture pack.
    for example I use misa's 64x64 realistic texture pack and and in my textures for all my mods. then I choose that texture pack.

    Of course any textures above 16X need MC patcher or optifine. Keep in mind Optifine does not always work with all texture pack features though. Misa's is one of those. you can customize any texture pack with an edittor that supports transparencies. gimp, photoshop and MS paint does not support transpariencies but does from what I have been told. Gimp is free and well photoshop is costly to say the least. Misa's texture pack has a lot of alternate textures you can use if you don't like her originals. for example she has 5 different textures for iron, diamond and gold blocks. 3 or 4 different obsidians and the list goes on. I always change her base terrian file so suit me ...

    you can put the files in the mods jar, but you have to make sure you have the hd texture support first. some mods like mightypork's backpack mod requires the texture in the jar.

    OK. I have brought my texture pack up to date for IC2 and BC and additional pipes.

    The MC forum post with download link is here:…onal-pipes/#entry11814094

    I will be working next on Iron chests mod and then will start the long trek into Red Power.

    Misa's Original pack

    " You're free to distribute this work so long as I'm credited for my work
    (link to my main thread) that's used, and no money is made off of
    it(, donation buttons, etc). -Misa"

    I took a bit of a break from my teextures since the crops were introduced and I am trying to finish up my tecture pack. I saw in the begining of this forum a png with the older plants names witch helps a bit, but is there a compiled list of what soem of these plants do and what the new texture are so I have some idea to make realistic textures for them.

    I am sorry, the server I played on was taken down and another type was put up. once IC2 gets updated all the textures will be updated. and I will most likely be doing RP now as the frames are done and in the next release

    Sorry i stepped away because I wanted to play the game since as an artist I suck and take a LONG time to make them. the origional work took almost 3 monts of non stop work when I was not at my normal job. I needed time to enjoy the game

    I had the same issues with wanting textures to match Misa's ... well now that I am done ... you can find my MC forum post here where you can download my textures for IC2 / Buildcraft and Additional pipes

    I will be adding support for Power converters and I am thinking about adding support for red power. I am not sure I will be doing EE though.