[REQUEST] Defscape 64x texture pack for IC2/BC3.1.2/RP2/Railcraft3.0

  • I am looking for someone to build a texture pack addon based on Defscape 64x for:
    -Advanced Machines v3.x (addon and not updated as of yet)
    -Thermometer (addon and not updated as of yet)
    Buildcraft 3.1.2
    -AdditionalBuildCraftObjects (sub mod)
    Redpower2 PR4d
    Railcraft 3.0
    Wireless Redstone

    http://defscape.tumblr.com/</a> Link to defscape texture pack

    I tried putting my knowledge of photoshop (certified) to use and make the texture pack additions on my own, but I haven't had any success at making them seamless lol. I guess I should just stick to restorations.

  • I know my IC/BC textures are designed for misa's but my server admin uses a custom pack I make for him that is a combination of misa's and defscape. all of the IC/BC textures are mine based of of misa's and work well with defscape. I have the crops to finally finish before I reupload for distrubution again.