Questions about IC2 texture packs

  • I have seen texture packs that change IndustrialCraft 2 textures, so how do these texture packs work, how do you install them, how do you create a working IndustrialCraft 2 Texture Pack, and why are they called Texture Pack addons?

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  • The original textures are in the industrial-craft-client- x.xx jar, but the textures are loaded into the minecraft texture files on mod initialization. the ic2 texture packs can go into the ic2 jar or(?) the texturepacks folder with another texture pack (2nd one might not be true, the first one works for sure.) To create a new texture pack you need an archival program like 7zip, if you don't already have one. Then you need to go into the ic2 jar and find the ic2/sprites directory (file) and copy the contents to another location. You can now alter the COPY textures within something like or photoshop (the program MUST support transparency). Once you've changed the textures you can distribute them here. They are addons because they add new textures :P

    Hope this helps :D

  • what you need to do is copy the contents of the mod texture pack into whatever you are using for a main texture pack.
    for example I use misa's 64x64 realistic texture pack and and in my textures for all my mods. then I choose that texture pack.

    Of course any textures above 16X need MC patcher or optifine. Keep in mind Optifine does not always work with all texture pack features though. Misa's is one of those. you can customize any texture pack with an edittor that supports transparencies. gimp, photoshop and MS paint does not support transpariencies but does from what I have been told. Gimp is free and well photoshop is costly to say the least. Misa's texture pack has a lot of alternate textures you can use if you don't like her originals. for example she has 5 different textures for iron, diamond and gold blocks. 3 or 4 different obsidians and the list goes on. I always change her base terrian file so suit me ...

    you can put the files in the mods jar, but you have to make sure you have the hd texture support first. some mods like mightypork's backpack mod requires the texture in the jar.