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    InfiTech 2 includes Applied Energistics 2, right? You can pipe fluids to a Matter Condenser (or is that disabled in the modpack?). Also, I imagine suggestions in this thread would be for GregTech 6, while your mention of the fusion reactor implies you're using the fork known as GregTech 5 Unofficial, maintained here by Blood Asp.

    I was not aware that the fusion reactor was in a separate fork, and I also did not know that the matter condenser could accept fluids, so I appreciate that. I suppose if it is intended that the matter condenser from AE should be used in GT packs for voiding liquids then there is no need for the liquid voidinator. But it will live on, in my hopes and dreams.

    I suggest adding a method to void liquids. I am playing infitech 2, and make tons of extra oxygen I don't need while making deuterium & Tritium for the fusion reactor. I have filled muliple bedrockium drums of oxygen and the only method I can find to empty them is 40 mb/t emerald extraction pipes from BC into void pipes (10 mb/t) from BC.

    Add a Liquid Voidinator machine!! :D


    I have a Large Plasma Generator set up on Infitech 2, with a large naquadah alloy turbine and a zpm dynamo hatch using Helium Plasma as fuel.

    1) Will this setup explode if the turbine runs out of durability?
    2) Is there a way to monitor the turbine durability remotely? I tried the Gregtech Sensor with an advanced information panel, and it gave me some info on generator efficiency but nothing about turbine durability.
    3) Is there a way to remove the turbine with pipes? I tried an ender io item conduit but it was not able to extract the turbine. (Reason would be to set it to extract when turbine durability low)

    Thanks in advance for any help. I have learned the very very hard way that gregtech machines can and do explode if you are not careful!